Innisfree My Lip Balm Wanna One Edition Review and Swatches

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Innisfree My Lip Balm Wanna One Edition Review and Swatches
WANNA ONE! Their group name doesn't really make a lot of sense, I cringed when they announced it around one in the morning. But believe me, it will grow on you. Believe me!
If you follow me on Instagram, you would already know that this is going to be my next post here on this blog and I also have announced in my very first post earlier this year that I love this boy group so much. I hope you won't be surprised if I mention them in almost every post. For those who don't follow KPOP, Wanna One (I love all of them. I know I already said it 0.01 millisecond ago but I love them a lot lol) became Innisfree's newest ambassador alongside with Yoona of Girls' Generation/SNSD. As much as I want to give you a timeline of how it happened and load you with tons of information about them with the intention of converting you into their fan, I'm afraid that it will take me a day or two, maybe even longer than that, just to finish the whole post so I'm going to try my best to keep my fangirling to the minimum.
Basically, what happened was these 11 boys were on a survival show called Produce 101 or PD101 as us fans like to call it, and Innisfree happened to be one of the advertisers in that show. During the show, Innisfree gave the boys a lot of products for them to use, it was just for product placement really. It was around the time when they were promoting the color clay mask and it blew up because the PD101 boys were hilarious. This show was very famous in Korea, btw.
When the show ended, they decided to sign an official contract with the winners aka Wanna One and their first project with them was the color clay mask. They had a promo wherein you will get a poster of the member you like if your purchase amounts to 20,000 won. Lo and behold, the first day was crazy, there was an extremely long queue in front of Innisfree stores in South Korea. I read a lot of anecdote and most of them were insanely funny. Most people who purchased from Innisfree forgot what they bought from the store but they didn't care because they got the poster of their bias. For Wannables, the poster is more important the the beauty products. Haha Some employees also posted on their personal social media accounts that their sales for that particular day was already a year's worth of profit. 
Because of that Innisfree decided to extend Wanna One's contract and they're back with a new product which is the "My Lip Balm". 
I still have a lot to say but I stopped  myself, I somehow managed to.
If memory serves me right, Innisfree announced about My Lip Balm last November it was set for pre-order to accomodate everyone and was supposed to be released on the the first week of January but was delayed to the 20th of that month because they received an enormous amount of order.
After the release, they decided to make a regular version of the lip balm because not everyone got the chance to purchase it during the pre-order period. There's Wanna One edition, which you can't buy anymore and regular edition.
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
10,000 krw
A hydrating lip balm in different colors and in tea scents.

Available in 11 shades
Green Peppermint Tea | Sky Vanilla Tea | Homemade Lemon Tea | Sweet Orange Tea | Wild Hibiscus Tea | Mint Earl Grey | Dried Rose Tea | Sun-kissed Cherry Tea | Very Berry Tea | Ruby Grapefruit Tea | Wedding Peach Tea

Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
The name of the shade is different in Wanna One Edition, the ones I got were named Ong Bead Hibiscus and Emperor Earl Grey. They were renamed in the Regular version as Wild Hibiscus and Mint Earl Grey.
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
The boxes from Wanna One edition is also especially customized as it have the faces and signature of the members.
The one on the left side is Ong Seongwu and on the right is Hwang Minhyun. My favorites along with Jihoon, my holy trinity. Haha Anyway, these two are the same age and they Korean Wannables gave them a nickname which is 개안즈 (gae-an-jeu), I'm not sure how it translates to English but I think it's eyecandy or visually pleasing. The photos on the lip balm tube doesn't really give them justice, I suggest you try searching their names on Google for a better look.
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
It came in tube type of packaging. 
I can't even remember the last time I saw a lip balm in this type of packaging. But then again, I don't really use lip balm that often nor do I update myself with recent lip balm releases so this type of packaging look quite ancient to me. 
It's very portable and longer than regular lip balms available in the market but you can't really see how much product is inside. Another downside of this packaging is that you have squeeze the tube to get the product and it forms a dent on oppa's face whenever I use it, why did you do this Innisfree??

Whoever designed this, send me an e-mail. We need to talk. 

lol Just kidding, okay maybe not.
Seriously though, you won't be able to dispense all of the product inside unless you cut it in half which is why I prefer the lip balm with twist up mechanism. My favorite is DHC Lip Cream, you should try it. It's cheap and most importantly, it works!
The regular edition doesn't have Wanna One's face on the tube, which I actually prefer. 
I swear I'm not lying. lol I'm not really the type of fan who collects everything with my favorite celebs face on it. I don't even put up posters on my wall but this lip balm I just really need to have. Haha I don't think I will be able to use this in public, unless maybe in their concert wherein I gloriously take it out of my bag and apply it to my lips to make others jealous because I have it and they don't. lol Then they're going to ask me, where did you get it? and I will be like "Oh I got it from Jolse, you want the link?" but it's already sold out by then because their concert here is in June. Haha

Anyways, you can't really see it on the picture but on the back of the tube it says:
Innisfree My lip balm - Wanna One edition then name of the color, weight of the product and expiration date. 
This lip balm is good for 12 months after opening it and the expiration date is on November 11, 2020. 
This product can last longer than their contract. /weeps
Just a little trivia, they're going to disband on December 2018. Watch me cry at the end of the year.
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
I don't really like this type of applicator because you will need to clean it after using or else it's going to be a dirty mess. The balm spreads on the applicator and it doesn't look very pleasing, at least for me. It still gets dirty even after wiping it clean because the cap has a stopper installed inside to prevent the product leakage but the balm sticks to it so whenever I take it out resulting it to spread in the applicator. It's annoying.
Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches
We have finally reached the end! Almost.  Haha
#5 Ong Bead Hibiscus / Wild Hibicus is bright coral when squeezed out of the tube and becomes a coral shade on the lips. 
#6 Emperor Earl Grey / Mint Earl Grey is more of a light brownish coral when squeezed out of the tube and light pink shade on the lips.
The swatches provided on their own website is very misleading because it's not as pigmented.
I'm sure the shades will change depending on your own lip color or how pigmented your lips are but don't expect too much on pigmentation as this lip balm goes on very sheer. It leaves a pinkish stain after a few minutes though it doesn't last very long and it fades unevenly. 
I like Hibiscus shade more than Earl Grey (sorry Minhyun, you're still my bias) because that particular shade brightens my overall skintone and it also look more natural on me. Still, both of these shades are nice and great to use on daily basis.
If you're looking for a lightweight lip balm you might want to give this one a pass because you can definitely feel it and you wouldn't really want to layer it too much because the balm just sits on your lips and doesn't really get absorbed. Apart from that, if you layer it too much, it will look like you ate something oily and it will transfer easily. 
As for the scent, this line supposedly has tea scent to make you feel refreshed. I'm not a fan of any tea, I don't drink tea. I thought it's only normal to think that I wouldn't like the smell of this lip balm. When it arrived, I dispensed the product and caught a whiff. I actually liked it, to my surprise. Ong's lip balm smells like floral tea while Minhyun's has more of a minty scent. I've never had earl grey so I'm not really sure what it smells like. It is very light and won't linger for too long, you will be fine even if you're sensitive to fragrance.
I have very low expectation on this product, I wouldn't even dare want this if not for my favorite group but it is moisturizing. Maybe I set my expectation too low for this but I'm really impressed at how it moisturized my lips and how natural it looked. 
You can definitely say goodbye to chapped lips when you use this but don't forget to say hello to uneven stain. lol

I hope this post is helpful especially to Wannables out there who wants to purchase this product.
You can no longer purchase the Wanna One edition in their official shop and it's hard to find now because it was set for pre-order but fortunately it's still available in Jolse, that's where I got mine! Check it now before it gets sold out!
For those who doesn't like KPOP, I hope this post didn't bore you and if you skipped some parts, let me just remind you that Innisfree released a regular version of this.

Innisfree My Lip Balm Wild Hibiscus Mint Earl Grey Review and Swatches

Get yours here:

Wanna One will release a mini album next month! I'm excited, it also means we're going to get another season of Wanna One Go. YAY! Are you guys ready? I'm really but my wallet isn't. lol
 Here's to hoping that YMC will only release one version of the album this time.
 Before I end this post I want to share some links to their songs. Haha
They're really funny but I chose to share this clip. English time lol
 ALSO, check out NCT U's Boss!
Are you a fan of any group? What did you like about them?

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  1. Very intriguing product to be released from a boy-band, but I guess Wanna One fans will buy it. I'm not familiar with this K-POP group, so I'll have to listen on Spotify. Thanks for introducing me to them!

    1. This is actually the norm in KR. Haha and yes, this brand has received a tremendous amount of pre-orders.

  2. I have to admit I don't know much about K-POP groups at all so I have no idea who it is on the lip glosses. I am sure there is some really excited fans about because of it though!

  3. I know alot about KPop groups so I isntantly recognise a few faces. These lip balms look so cute!!

  4. The packaging looks so cool! I love the colors and tints too!

  5. im a big fan of innisfree skin care but i have not tried their make up line! love their sheet masks! ill be curious to try this but not sure about the packaging...

    1. I do liek their sheet masks too! If you don't like this packaging, you can check out the regular edition. I left a link above.

  6. I've never heard of Wanna One but they sound like the next One Direction! The balm flavors sound so unique . . . I would love to try the Earl Grey one because that's my favorite type of tea.

    1. The name and the scent are all after tea flavors. I've never tried Earl Grey before, not really a tea type of person.

  7. I don't know about about k-pop groups. But A LOT of people think they're super great so I have to try it out. Also, I am a fan of Lip-Balm so I wanna check these out! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Packaging sama warna dari lip balm nya cantiik 😁 apalagi yg suka kpop pasti pengen punya koleksi dari lipbalm unik ini...

  9. I like Wanna One too so I am considering buying their lipbalm so it was helpful reading your review! I was also thinking of getting Ong SeungWoo's also haha Would you say it's worth buying though?

    1. I would say yes, it is worth buying if you stan Wanna One. Haha
      Like what I said above, I rarely use tinted lip balm and there might be a better and cheaper option than this however I still think this one is quite good.


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