Clio Mad Matte Lip in Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches

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Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches
Another lip product review, this time from Clio!
Honestly, I don`t think I'll ever get tired in reviewing lip products because if there's one make up item I can never live without, it has to be lipstick. 
Anyway, if you're  a kbeauty enthusiast then I guess it goes without saying that you are already familiar with this brand and you know how good their cosmetics are. Clio is Peripera's sister brand and these two make great lip products, in my opinion. With that being said, do check out my review on Peripera's Airy Ink Velvet HERE.

Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches
Bring pure color directly to your lips with fine micro pigments that promote intense, highly chromatic color pay off.
Hydrating on the inside, matte on the surface!

Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches
Here are the sides of the box with English description and direction.
The manufacturing date is located at the lower part
Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches
It's probably no surprise as you've already seen it on the title.
The shades I got were Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose.
There's a total of 18 shades in this line. They released 8 shades first and then the shades I got belong to the second release.

01 Pink Flush
02 Sunlit Orange
03 Red Supreme
04 Bloody Wine
05 Russet Rose
06 Sensual Pepper
07 Bare it All
08 Naked Coral
09 Mellow Rose
10 Crimson Rose
11 Dolce Rose
12 Perky Rose
13 Salmon Rose
14 Juicy Papaya
15 Berry Punch
16 Sweet Guava
17 Sour Lychee
18 Deep Cranberry

Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches
The packaging is very simple almost all black if not for the Mad Matte logo on the cap. When you remove the cap you will see a metallic part which I guess represents the shade of the lipstick?
Each lipstick contains 4.5g of product and will last up to 18 months.
Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches
Here's what the lipstick bullet looks like. It's round shaped and wide but I never had a problem when applying it onto my lips though there were times that I do mess up on the edges but that happens almost all the time.
Can you see my cat lying on the ground? He's probably thinks I'm taking a photo of him and not the lipstick. lol
Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches

I didn't realize these two were almost of the same color until I opened it. Not sure if it's just my computer setting but in the promotional photo Clio provided, Salmon rose looked more on the light pink side. Didn't expect them to be both orange tinted, Salmon Rose is still my favorite shade between these two nevertheless as it brightens my complexion naturally and it's perfect for daily wear. Dolce Rose can also be worn for everyday look, given that you tone it down because these lipsticks are very pigmented. I feel like this will suit those who are into mature look?
Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches

Apologies for the awful lighting in these lip swatches, I took this around 9am and it was cloudy that day.
They weren't lying when they said it has insane color payoff. I was taken a back by how pigmented it was, too pigmented for my liking but it's buildable so I only apply a bit and blend it. The thing is, it emphasizes dry patches and sink into lip lines when applied thinly. Take a look at the first swatch of Salmon Rose above, I had already exfoliated my lips prior to swatching. But I guess that's just how matte lipsticks are, but unlike others this one doesn't feel dry. It's true to its claims, hydrating on the inside and matte on the surface.
 Dry patches weren't too noticeable when layered though, it's so creamy, glides on like a dream and very comfortable on the lips!
Unfortunately, this isn't transfer proof. It won't survive when you eat and touch ups are definitely needed. If you're looking for something with transfer proof formula, you might want to look into the liquid lipstick version of this one. It was also highly raved by Korean bloggers.
If you're following me on Instagram, you might have seen my favorite lip products post? I might have to add this one to that list!
Oh, did I mention that it has a faint chocolate-y scent? Definitely deserves a plus point for that!

That's it for today, a short review of this great matte lipstick. 
I got this from Jolse btw, along with Innisfree My Lip Balm Wanna One Edition. Here is the LINK if you haven't read that one yet.
Clio Mad Matte Lip Salmon Rose and Dolce Rose Review and Swatches
If you like matte lipsticks, I would definitely recommend you to grab one of these!
You have 18 shades to choose from so I'm sure you'll find a color you like. 

Get yours here:

What's your favorite lipstick?

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  1. These look super nice! I love both colors but I think the Dolce rose has to be my fave!

  2. These are such pretty colors! I haven't worn lipstick in ages. I might have to start again. I prefer the dolce rose!

  3. Normally I wouldn't be attracted to this color, but I actually love it on you! Maybe I will venture out of my comfort zone with this one!

  4. I like best the salmon rose color, it would suit me perfectly! I think that the Dolce Rose is a bit too orange for me. I like the idea of the lipstick being creamy and not drying the lips.

  5. Those shades are so pretty! They are one of my favourites to wear in the warmer months. I really like the packaging too!

  6. Love the packaging and they look so creamy and moisturising when applied. I need to find me some.

  7. They are both great colors. I think I like the dolce rose the best.

  8. Dolce rose is such a pretty color! It's good to know that they're hydrating and not too drying.

  9. Those are nice colors. They remind me of Molly Ringwald in the movie, "Pretty in Pink."

  10. I love the colors, they're perfect for Spring and Summer! I also love how pigmented they are. They're truly worth getting.

  11. I am into matte lipsticks these days and I think these are awesome colors! I love the formula. I've never tried this brand but I'm looking into it now!

  12. I love the color! It screams Spring! I can't wait to check it out and grab mine! I've been looking for new colors to start new season in style!

  13. Oh now these are some amazing looking lipsticks, I have to admit I am really loving the colours I may have to treat myself.

  14. I love a good matte color. The salmon and dulce rose colors are going to be great spring lippies. Thanks for showcasing it with and without flashes!

  15. I love both of those colors on you. So pretty!

  16. I don't wear lipstick alot but this looks promising. Liking the shades available as well.

  17. This looks beautiful I love the colours with it can compliment anyone’s skin tone

  18. These are some pretty colors. I like the light peach color. I feel like these are super versatile colors. Thanks for sharing.

  19. These are some nice options for women. Personally, I prefer the natural look with some lip gloss, but with the right outfit, I can appreciate the color.

  20. This is a great idea to try out colors. Loving the Dolce Rose best!

  21. Both colors are really cute. But I must confess i love it more Salmon Rose~ Clio is definitely one of my favorite korean brands.

  22. good post 😊 would you like to follow each other? if the answer is yes, please follow me on my blog & i'll follow you back.


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