Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Review and Swatches

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Peripera Airy Ink velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink #5 Elf Light Rose #7 My Brown Coral
Yes, you've most likely read a dozen of review about this lip product already but it wouldn't hurt to see new ones, right? Since it's my first post of the year and also the first one after almost a year and a half long hiatus, thought I'd share my opinion on this very famous product from Peripera.

Peripera Airy Ink velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink #5 Elf Light Rose #7 My Brown Coral

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Review
 9,000 krw 

"This lip tint glides on smoothly, offering vivid color and a soft, velvety texture to your lips. The enriched formula keeps your lips moist and glossy without feeling sticky."

Peripera Airy Ink velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink #5 Elf Light Rose #7 My Brown Coral
Currently available in 10 colors. The first 5 was released in the first half of 2017 and the remaining colors was revealed last autumn. You will definitely find a shade you like because of the wide color selection. Not to mention, these shades are very wearable no matter what the occasion is.

01 Heart Grapefruit
02 Pretty Orange Pink
03 Sold Out Red
04 Beautiful Coral Pink
05 Elf Light Rose
06 It Brown Orange
07 My Brown Coral
08 Glimpse Brick Brown
09 Legend Brown Red
10 Dry Rose Brown

Peripera Airy Ink velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink #5 Elf Light Rose #7 My Brown Coral
The shades I will be reviewing are Pretty Orange Pink, Elf Light Rose and My Brown Coral.
I find it fascinating how my preference in the shade of lipstick or just any lip product in general, change over the years. If this was released 5 years ago, I am 1000% sure that I'd pick up the red and pink shades. If it's 3 years ago, you bet I'd get more coral ones. Can you guess what color I am usually gravitated now? MLBB shades. Hence why I opted for 5 and 7. I'd buy more but the thing is once I liked something, I'd use it over and over until I get tired of it or until I find a new shade to obsess over. Rinse and Repeat. Tell me I'm not the only one like this. Haha

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet #5 Elf Light Rose Review and Swatches
It is the same design as the other products in the velvet line, the only difference they made is the Airy Velvets are in a frosted plastic bottle. Probably to make it easier for everyone to differentiate the 3 types of tints in this line. Though they most likely ran out if ideas on how to make the Cloud Velvet stand out more or appear differently than the other two because it is strikingly similar to the Ink Velvet. With the Cloud velvet, they just made the ink splattered design at the front of the packaging look matte whilst it is more on the glossy side for the Ink Velvet. If you're new, here's the order of release of the products I mentioned: Ink Velvet, Airy Velvet and lastly Cloud Velvet. I'm lowkey wondering if Peripera will be adding another one to this line this 2018 and if they are, how will it be different than the previous ones but above all, I am the most curious about what will they name it. Haha

Peripera Airy Ink velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink #5 Elf Light Rose #7 My Brown Coral
L-R: My Brown Coral, Elf Light Rose and Pretty Orange Pink
Peripera Airy Ink Velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink Review and Swatches

Peripera has stated in their website that to achieve an even lighter finish there is an air passageway in the wand and it is exclusively made for the Airy Ink Velvet. There is indeed a hole in the middle of the applicator but it isn't really visible unless you remove the product the wand picked up. Now, I'm not really sure how that air passageway works but I'm thinking it's probably just a gimmick and this isn't really something a lot of people care about. lol
The applicator works well, it can reach the corners of the mouth perfectly and it picks up the right amount of product but I prefer the finish when I use my ring finger because it looks softer and more toned down while when applying using this wand offers more vivid color to the lips.

Peripera Airy Ink velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink #5 Elf Light Rose #7 My Brown Coral

Swatches above may not be accurate or look different in real life. I'm not exactly sure why but the color of the swatches looks different in every device I use. It looks perfect in my laptop but looks dark on my phone.

The texture is definitely thinner and lighter. I prefer this over the Ink and Cloud Velvet when it comes to texture.
The scent of these tints doesn't really bother me. I guess I just have a bad sense of smell but I can't really smell anything unless I get a sniff on the wand itself. Strange how each shade almost has a different scent though, My Brown Coral has an artificial floral scent, Elf Light Rose has a strong detergent scent while Pretty Orange Pink has that mild bar soap scent. Again, it doesn't bother me because the scent fades away really fast and I can't almost smell it when I apply it on my lips. However, if you're sensitive about scents, you may want to delete these on your radar as it may put you off.

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet #7 My Brown Coral Review and Swatches
#2 Pretty Orange Pink looks neon right off the wand but it stays true to its name once applied to the lips, orange with a hint of pink.
#5 Elf Light Rose is a beautiful rosy pink MLBB shade.
#7 My Brown Coral is a muted coral pink MLBB shade.
All shades are perfect for daily use.
I've used #5 and #7 a lot especially on the days when I'm feeling lazy which is basically just everyday, really. I love these two shades a lot, I feel like I made the right decision in purchasing it. But lately I've been using # 2. The way I like to use it is I apply it first then put MAC Kinda Sexy on top for that gradient effect. They look so good together, makes you look more fresh and radiant. Haha Sounds a lot of work, right? But that also means I am now less lazy, making an effort to achieve that nice gradient, oh I just ate a popsicle kind of effect. Haha Well, it's 2018. Time for a change. Zyro, if you're reading this I encourage you to give up the Lazy Queen title.
The texture felt very familiar. I kept racking my brain just to remember what product felt the most alike with this and I finally recalled it now while writing this review. It felt very similar to Nature Republic's Botanical Cushion Gradation Tint that was released last 2013. Soft, velvety finish but the Airy Ink Velvet is more comfortable, as if you've never applied anything. While swatching, I noticed that #2 looked more moist than the rest. I took a photo right after blending it so it may not look like it but these dry down to semi matte finish. There are days when I have slightly chapped lips, but that's not  a problem with this product as it doesn't really accentuate the lines of my lips that much, even dry parts of it. However, it is still better to exfoliate and moisturize prior to applying this.
I also noticed something, is it just me or have you ever felt like it's stinging your lips while you're spreading it out? It doesn't really hurt but this kind of experience is definitely a first.
As for the pigmentation, it's really good, just right up my alley. It's very easy to control, not to bright, not too subtle. If you want it to look more vivid, I suggest dabbing a bit of foundation to your lips so the color will show more.
The longevity is okay but isn't as good as Ink and Cloud Velvet. It transfers very easily because most of the product just stays on the top of your lips. A little tip, to prevent it from transferring I suggest after applying it, get a tissue and dab it over your lips to remove the excess product. Don't fret, it won't remove the color. There will be enough color left on your lips, just not as bright as it once was but it's pretty much still the same. But hey, at least you wont have to worry about it transferring anywhere.
Aside from that, it also leaves a stain. The brightness depends on the shade you used but the thing I don't like is that it leaves the same pink stain on the lips. It almost doesn't matter what color you use as it will leave the same tint. Also, if you have chapped lips, the stain it leaves on you is uneven and it does not look aesthetically pleasing. What do you need to do to prevent this from happening?
Repeat after me, exfoliate and moisturize! Haha

Wide color selection (but they kinda all look the same lol)
Glides like a dream
Does not sink into lip lines
Long lasting
Same pink stain in every shade
Uneven stain
Stings a bit when being applied
Transfers easily (can be prevented though)

Peripera Airy Ink velvet #3 Pretty Orange Pink #5 Elf Light Rose #7 My Brown Coral

This isn't really some miracle product, it's not perfect. It may be a waste of money for some but I do love it and I enjoy using it. I want to get more shades but if I do, the ones I have now will be put to the back burner and will most likely never see the light ever again.

I'm happy to be back and also excited to share some stories to everyone again.
I will be ranting about KPOP and Kdrama's again at the very end of the post.
If you guys have Netflix, make sure to watch Prison Playbook! It's very entertaining.
There's a group that I really love right now, Wanna One. Please don't judge their group name. HAHA They're really talented and all of them are hilarious. If you want to get to know them, start watching Produce 101 or if that's not the type of program you watch, I recommend Wanna One Go. 
If you're a Wannable make sure to let me know! Let's be friends. Haha
Btw, my bias is Hwang Minhyun.

See you in my next post!

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  1. Great review, love the colours and I like how they keep their colour. Plus they are really pretty.

  2. Those colors are gorgeous! Even with the flash, they still photograph well!

  3. Those are some really lovely colors. I really like how they come packaged in those bottles.

  4. Stings a bit when being applied? Are you slightly allergic maybe? I love the elf rose colour, I usually go for something lightly blushed rather than a bright bold lip. I love the packaging too, it reminds me of the old Lush lip bottles. :)

  5. Stings a bit when being applied? Are you slightly allergic maybe? I love the elf rose colour, I usually go for something lightly blushed rather than a bright bold lip. I love the packaging too, it reminds me of the old Lush lip bottles. :)

    1. i also felt the sting when i apply these peripera. Now i don’t want to continue using them. they might darken my lips

  6. Such cute beauty packaging! Thanks for the swatches and great product photos! xo, Suzanne

  7. These look like such lovely colors! I need to get a new lip color. I am a bit weirded out that it stings when you first put it on though.

  8. i love peripera products! i always find there packaging cute and the product good! i havent tried this one but now i want too! lol

  9. Lovely review! I have the pretty orange pink and love the texture. I want to get the elf light rose next. ♥

  10. I adore these products! The shades are super pretty as well. Thanks for the pretty review of pretty things.

  11. I'm clearly behind the curve, because I hadn't heard of these...but I am so intrigued!!! Love the cute packaging, and these shades (and the gloss factor) are TDF!!! I'm glad you like them well enough!

  12. I feel like it would be a waste of money for me. I always forget to put things on my lips, haha.

  13. Love the pics and all the shades. Really like the design aspect of your blog post. Good job.

  14. Light rose 😍 so pretty.

  15. results look really good. I never realize that with and without flash made such a big difference. Never even thought to post-pictures like this.

  16. These shades are all a fave with me. My grown daughters don't wear lipstick but they love products like this. I bet it would look great on them too.

  17. This is my first time hearing about this brand! They have a really nice selection of lip shades.

  18. These shades look soo pretty on you...I would love to try this brand :)

  19. I love the Airy Ink Velvet! It's lightweight yet highly pigmented and last long :) My favorite is the 05 elf rose shade.

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  20. I like the airy velvet and how soft they are but long lasting is not as good as the velvets :/

  21. They are so attractive with its cute packaging :)
    Shades looks great, i think it will be more bolder to me coz am acidic.

  22. Hi, dear! Great post, I'm in love with the pictures and products, and you have such a nice blog.

    I'm your new follower. I would be very thankful if you culd follow me, too, for some support? ;)

    You can check my blog here: MY BLOG

    Happy holidays! Kisses! :)

  23. Lovely pictures! Elf light rose is a nice shade suited for daily activities and boy the packaging is cute!

  24. I really like the tones that have some sort of orange infused with them. I feel like they offer a nice and bold touch. That sucks that there was a bit of tingling but I'm sure it's nothing.

  25. The packaging and the colours are lovely. I tend to go for a colour that's darker because of my skin tone, but beautiful nonetheless.

  26. I'm a huge fan of peripera's lip tints. Perhaps even more so than designer brands. Gotta check this new one out!

  27. Peripera Airy Ink Velvet looks like a nice product. I think my gf would really appreciate it.

  28. All of them looks so pretty! I just love ur blog! I´m following u now :) ☃ ❄

    Blog de la Licorne

  29. Awesome! This is a great cosmetic post .

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  32. Hi Marxie, finally I found a review that mention about their scent difference and that sting sensation lol.
    So I bought my first ink airy last month, it's shade #5 Elf Light Rose. Smells too srong for me but it disappear quite fast. The color turns out brighter on my lips.
    And I bought shade #7 My Brown Coral today. It does feel sting a bit when applied on my lower lip, glad I'm not the one. Did you also feel that sting on shade #7?

    I love the smell a lot, this shade has sweet and fresh fruity gummy scent. The color looks great on me.

  33. Your article had provided me with another point of view on this topic. I had absolutely no concept that things can possibly work on this manner as well. Thank you for sharing your opinion

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