January Getsu Box Unboxing and Review

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January 2018 Getsu Box Unboxing and Review

Subscription boxes is something I haven't tried in the past because I`m afraid of not knowing what I will get and then end up being disappointed because it didn't meet my expectations making me think I wasted money over something I shouldn't have bought in the first place.
Let's be real, there are tons of monthly boxes available but not all of them are worth the money.
I have a growing interest over Japanese beauty products in general and my curiosity made me look into some beauty boxes related to it. However, I've noticed that most of them does not include known brands. That could also be a plus because you may unintentionally discover something that works well that isn't yet known to others. Even so, from the past boxes that I've seen that other companies that specializes in Jbeauty monthly boxes have provided, most of the products included are unfamiliar and cheap. 
There's always a product description on packaging but not all of us can read Japanese or has a friend that can help us translate, now visualize getting a product you can't find any information about on the internet. Imagine paying for a box worth $30 and you only get products that can originally be bought for $1-$5. Disappointing, right?
If I pay for something, I would like to be able to use it and not just toss it somewhere because it's not up to my liking, can't find any info about it or feel like I got scammed because I paid for it for double the price. The only exception are my kpop albums, I like them but I only flip over the photobook once or twice and never touch the cd. I already quit in buying albums but somehow Wanna One made me do it again. Don't judge me though. HAHA
 I'm going to stop talking about this for now because the possibility to stray further away from the topic is very very high.
I sound like I'm so against subscription boxes, what made me purchase Kirei Station's Getsu Box?
The service and contents. I've purchased from them a couple of times before so I have already built trust in them, not to mention that they are credible and helpful. Their monthly box also includes products that are included in Cosme ranking and that's one of the things that drew me in. 
They're still new to this venture as they only started November last year but have released 4 boxes in that short span. Why 4 boxes when it should've been 3? They had 2 versions, skincare and make up, in their first release. Not gonna lie the skincare version was kinda lackluster. 
Here's some info about the box from their website.

What is Kirei Station Getsu Box?

Kirei Station Getsu (monthly) Box delivers unique Japanese products to you on a monthly subscription basis. All products are from a wide range of Japanese brands. There are a lot of Japanese products that works really well and are raved by the locals, some of them are often very affordable and convenient to use. Unfortunately, these products are not very easy for people overseas to get their hands on, hence the reason we decided to offer subscription boxes in our shop. Mainly to spread awareness of different brands and help other beauty enthusiasts find interesting and sometimes cute Japanese beauty products whether it is from a popular or  an unknown brand and also to make purchasing these products more accessible for anyone at a low cost. You might also find your holy grail products through our Getsu Box!

Price and Shipping
Each box costs $30 per month.
Deadline is every 20th of the month and it will be shipped on the same month.
A notice will be sent to you once the box has been shipped to your respective country.

You can get discounted boxes when you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months

    1 Box = $30
    3 Months = $85.50 = $28.50 per box
    6 Months = $162 = $27 per box
    12 Months = $306 = $25.50 per box

SAL - Free
Registered Airmail - $4.50
EMS - $22

Here are the contents of January Getsu Box
January Getsu Box Review and Unboxing
Argelan Body Soap in Moist and Refresh Series 
Damask Rose Germanium and Tea Tree Grapefruit
Konbucha Tea and Rice Crackers

It was sent via Registered Mail which costs $5.
Date shipped: December 22, 2017
Date received: January 10, 2018
Registered mail usually takes 10 days to 2 weeks to arrive but we have to take into account that this was held at customs possibly because of the supplement and it was also sent during holidays which made the waiting process even longer.

A total of 8 products in this box! 
4 full sized products, 2 sachets of body wash, 1 trial size, 2 sachets of tea and 1 pack of rice crackers.
There is supposedly a product info sheet included but I didn't get any. Not sure if it was taken out at customs or they have forgotten to pack it alongside the items.

Canmake Secret Beauty Powder
Canmake Secret Beauty Powder
A translucent skin powder for use at any time of day or night
You can even wear it while you’re sleeping! Use it as a translucent powder in the day and a night powder overnight.
This is most likely the star product for this month. I love me some Canmake products because I love their cutesy packaging and I adore the Marshmallow pact and cream blushers from this brand. Though I have to admit I was very taken aback by how tiny this pact is! I almost mistook it as a sample and not full sized product because it's not even half the size of the Marshmallow pact. I will take a photo and post it on my IG for you to see the difference.

Barrier Repair Sleeping Pack
Barrier Repair Power of Rice Sleeping Pack
Applied at the end of your skin care routine, this intensive sleeping pack helps care for skin disrupted by lack of sleep, stress, and a hectic lifestyle. When you wake up, you will find this gel pack has left your skin refreshed, helping your makeup go on more easily. Made with a Rice Milk Complex from the super food brown rice, with a high concentration of rice fermentation extract. For luminous, hydrated skin. The "wrapping gel" seals freshness into the skin, locking in the beauty serum ingredients while you sleep. 

The second product I'm most excited about! It's been a long time since I used a sleeping pack, I am sleep deprived and under a lot of stress. my skin is as dry as the Sahara desert and dull as always, yes, this product is exactly what I need. Rice fermentation goodness! I have 10 days to try this out and I'm gonna add the full sized version of this in my cart and click check out in a heartbeat IF this works well on me.
Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask Yuzu Scent
Megrhythm Steam Eye Mask Yuzu Scent
New formula. Heats up more quickly with a new formula. This eye mask warms tired eyes with comfortable steam. The pleasant steam reaches a temperature of about 104°F/40℃, and continues for 10 minutes, gently soothing the eyes and eye area. 

I've seen this product being raved by Youtubers and bloggers alike but haven't really personally tried it. Staring at my laptop or phone for hours causes my eyes to hurt and I'm also having a hard time sleeping at night so this will definitely come in handy! I have also seen some KPOP idols use this on the plane during long flights! If you guys have heard of NCT, Johnny shared a snippet of what happened when he used this and why he won't ever use this again. Basically, he used this then his vision became blurry after and it scared him. Haha I'm laughing now but I'm wishing I won't share the same fate as him because I want to love this product. lol
DHC Placenta Supplement 60 Tablets for 20 days
DHC Placenta Supplement 60 Tablets for 20 days
Supplement contains placenta extract and added tocotrienols, super vitamin E, and processed into a easy-to-take capsule. Using pig-derived placenta.

I am all for having a younger skin but still torn whether to take this or not. I haven't really seen that much info about this is English aside from some shops that sells it but they just mentioned that this has to be taken 3 times a day, possibly at night time before going to bed.
If you have know where to find the ingredients please let me know!
Yuskin Hana Deep Moist Hand Cream Yuzu Scent
Yuskin Hana Deep Moist Hand Cream Yuzu Scent
This cream has a rich texture that maintains its moisturizing effect, yet it does not leave a sticky feeling on the skin, allowing you to use it any time of the day.

We can never have too much hand cream! Loljk I don't use hand creams but I really need to start incorporating it in my daily routine because no one wants dry wrinkly hands! 
I believe this same hand cream albeit in a different scent was also included in the November Getsu Box. I think it would be nice not to have repetitive products in any subscription box, no?

Argelan Body Soap and Konbucha Tea
Argelan Body Soap in Moist and Refresh Series 
Tea Tree Grapefruit and Damask Rose Germanium
Made in Japan with organic raw materials from India. Soap nuts are the primary ingredient in this wash. The pulp of these nuts produce a lather when it comes in contact with water - nature's soap! Argelan uses nuts procured from the world's largest organic farm in Southern
 India to create this all natural body wash! This body wash will clean your pores of dirt without stripping your skin of natural oils. It's safe to use on sensitive skin. This product does not contain silicones, sodium laureth sulphates, animal derived products, mineral oil, paraffins & no artificial colours.
Konbucha Tea

I've tried the body wash already, it's nice but there are better body wash out there. The tea, I have yet to try, I'm not really a tea type of person so this was kinda meh.
Rice crackers
Rice crackers
This is too salty for my liking, probably should've tried it with the tea but I don't drink tea.
That sudden change in mood though. lol

Time for a price breakdown!
Prices below based on Amazon JP
Canmake - 918 JPY
Barrier Repair - 281.25 JPY
Yuskin Hana - 593 JPY
DHC - 662 JPY
Megrhythm - 362 JPY
Argelan - 65 JPY
Total - 2881.25 JPY - 25.96 USD

Prices below are based on Kirei Station's website

Canmake - 14.60 USD
Barrier Repair - 3.92 USD
Yuskin Hana - 14.56
DHC - 13.62 USD
Megrhythm - 10.58 JPY
Total - 57.28 USD

The retail prices on their website are undoubtedly inflated and that is because they already added the shipping fee on the price of the product plus the tax. Their prices are still better than ebay though, the lowest price I found for the Canmake powder with free shipping was $19.80. It's 8.90 on Global Rakuten but the estimated shipping fee for US is $18.
I can't find the price for the rice cracker and konbucha tea but you get the gist of it, these can be bought in Japan for a lower price but considering that the rice crackers and tea are not included in the 1st price list, it could've been even more closer to $30 which is not bad. They basically have very little profit out of this box  if you take into consideration that we pay $30 for each box, they will shoulder the shipping fee if people decide to go for SAL. 

Overall, I like the variety of items included in this box. I just wish they won't add a product that they have already included in the previous boxes and the box it came with can be also still be improved. I wasn't able to take a photo of it but the box was in white with their logo on the sides and a "especially for you" text written on top. It will be nice to have a themed box as well. But still, I think this is a good way to discover products and I unintentionally got to own some of the items I've been meaning to try so it's all good. i'm looking forward to their future boxes!

They are currently taking orders for the February Box, if you're interested in getting one click this [Feb Box] and you will be redirected to their website. It is a one time purchase, if you plan to subscribe here are the links, [3 Months] [6 Months] [12 Months] 
Have you tried any subscription boxes before?
What do you think of Getsu Box? 

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  1. Very pretty subscription box, I wouldn't mind receiving that every month. Interesting goodies too.

  2. I love Japanese skin care products because they were engineered to fit Asian skin! So no breakouts for me!

  3. Ooh this looks fab! I've seen a few of these Japanese boxes, I've never tried one but I love all of the different products especially the skin care ideas!

  4. I like my monthly box which is why Im on my second year. I do agree with you some of the products are hit or miss. I hate getting the same product every month too.

  5. you can definitely get these for a cheaper price in Japan but if you're from abroad then I think this box may be worth the price. beautiful photos by the way!

  6. I have been hearing a lot about subscription boxes, I wouldn't mind receiving them every month

  7. I never heard about this subscription box before, but yes if i keep getting the same product every month then its not my thing :)

  8. I can't say I've heard of this kind of subscription box service before, and the audience is quite niche. However I have a good friend who would love to receive a box like this, as she's really into Japanese products (she recently got married in Japan). So your post has given me an idea for her birthday gift :) x

  9. This box is super cute like everything else that comes out of Japan! What a great detailed review :)

  10. Great subscription box review. Looks super cute.

  11. That sounds like a subscription box for me. I'll definitely check them out :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  12. There's a nice variety of things in the January box, but I can't help to notice that most of them are lower end? It would be nice if they had a middle ranged something, or even better, something from the high end spectrum. But that's just wishful thinking, haha!


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