Etude House Pink Skull Collection Fall 2016

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As a makeup junkie, I'm sure you're excited to see new products from different brands but don't you get nervous for your money whenever the season changes? New season, new collection, time to kiss your money goodbye. lol
Since autumn is almost here, let me ask you the most important question, are your wallets and bank accounts ready? Because Etude House's Fall collection for this year is here! It was actually released a few days ago but I kept on forgetting to publish this post because of my sched. 

If it isn't obvious enough on the picture above, their newest collection is called Pink skull. I'm loving the color combination they used on the skulls, black and pink. Make 'em whistle like a missile bomb bomb. (only kpop fans will understand lol)
Here is a BTS (no, not Bangtan) of the photoshoot they did with IOI's Somi for this collection. CLICK

The full collection has a 8 different products, eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, perfume, nail polishes, etc.
In all honesty, I think the packaging looks quite tacky but I personally really like the colors of the nail polishes in this line and as weird as it may sound, the 2 palettes are also calling out to me. Normally, I would talk about how I want the lip product but I'm not really feeling the Twin Shot lip tint because it's shimmery.
Anyway, I'm gonna quit rambling and show you all the products included in this line.

Pink Skull
Color Eyes 1gx9

Available in 2 palettes with 9 shades each.
1. Lovely Skull
L-R:  Twinkle Pink, Antique Brown, Romantic Brown, Lovely Pink, Sugar Skull Pink, Velvet Brown, See Through Beige, Rose Pink Brown and Leather Brown.
2. Funky Skull
L-R: Romantic Plum beige, Vintage Rose Beige, French Metal Brown, Skull Pink, Kissing Red, Funky Brown, Pendant Pink, Velvet Red and Choker Black.

They didn't include an applicator. Boo!
Lovely Skull is perfect for daily use while Funky Skull is more suited for parties or girls night out.
Kissing red is such a beautiful shade but it's also something I wouldn't dare to use. Which shade do you like the most?
These palettes costs around $17 and is currently on 10% off in Korea.

Pink Skull
Curl Fix Mascara 8g

Available in two colors:
Clear Black and Funky Pink Brown

Their Curl Fix mascara claims to lasts for as long as 24 hours.

Pink Skull
Curl Fix long Lash 8g

A product that can help hold your curls and make your lashes longer. It is waterproof and sweat-proof.

Pink Skull
Cream Blush

1 Skull Rose
2 Funky Pink

It has an elastic puff which claims to make it long lasting if you use it in applying the blush?
This is actually similar to the Berry Delicious blush that I love. The packaging needs some improvement though because it looks cheap but I guess we can't really get a beautiful packaging if the blush is only $8.
Pink Skull
Twin Shot Lipstint

PK003 Pink Pumpkin Shot
RD304 Funky Skull Shot

I have tried the first Twin Shot lip tint. If I remember correctly, I got OR302 and RD302 and I must say I love the color combination as well as the gradient effect it gives. The packaging was meh but because of all the complaints about it, Etude decided to change it which is a good move from them. The product wasn't really great but I love the colors and was actually thinking of purchasing some more because I figured they will add some fall shades. My expectation was crushed instantly when I saw the swatches Etude House provided because as some of you probably already know, I'm not a fan of glittery lip products.
It resembles a lip gloss instead of a tint in the photo but Etude said it is a "moist colored tint" or "pearl tint shot" that is meant to be applied on the inner part of your lips to improve the lasting power..

I don't know what to feel about this..

Pink Skull
Play Nails 8ml

1, 2 and 4 are so pretty! *-* Don't you guys think they already released 2 and 4 before though? 2 in their Disney princess collection and 4 in the Aurora something nail collection? I could be wrong though.

Pink Skull
Nail Sticker

01 Brilliant Skull
02 Chic Skull

Pink Skull
Colorful Scent
Eau De Parfum 50ml

Here are the looks you can achieve with these products.

Left is Lovely Skull look and right is Funky Skull.
Can you spot that new brush liner on FunkySkull look. I think they haven't released it yet.
Did you also notice how different the colors of the lip products are in the promotional photos and this photo? XD

You can get these products here:
Etude House,
Jolse, BeautynetKorea, W2beauty, Ibuybeauti, bbcosmetic, Beautyboxkorea and TesterKorea

What do you think of Etude's fall collection?
Do you like it or do you think they could have done better?
Which product caught your interest?

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