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Today, I will be sharing this little Japanese cosmetics and skincare haul I made last March. I did buy some other stuff but since those are personal items, I wouldn't be including them here. lol Before this, I also made a slightly bigger haul which has around 15 items, all Japanese products too, will post it after fixing my queue posts.
For those who are wondering, I used to really love Japanese cosmetics. I still recall being all excited about new releases especially Dollywink products. If I remember correctly, that was around 2010-2011. I still use products from Japanese brands even after developing a strong liking towards Kbeauty, in fact, my all time favorite cleansing water and liquid liner (that I don't use often lol) are both from the land of the rising sun.
The problem is purchasing products from Japan is a little difficult for me, it's not as accessible as Korean cosmetics because most Ebay sellers that sells the items I want don't ship to my country. =_= Fortunately, there are a few Japan based online shops now which made shopping easier. Though I have only tried two so far and for now, I will be sharing my experience from buying from Kirei Station.

Here's a little timeline:
Feb. 19 - I sent my payment for my order.
Feb.24 - Delivery attempted. They had a problem with shipping.
Feb. 26- My order was shipped via EMS.
March 9 - Order received.

Customer service is top notch, they reply really fast and are very accommodating. They answered all my questions nicely and were really helpful. You might not see the items I purchased on their website because I got it all from Amazon Japan. If you want to do the same thing, all you need to do is get the url of the product you want to buy there and e-mail it to them, after that they will purchase it on your behalf. You only need to pay for handling fee of 700 yen if you want to purchase from Amazon. If you want to purchase from Rakuten and other shops, you need to pay for the handling fee and also for the domestic shipping.
 For purchases that are not made in their website and were only sent via email, they will send you an invoice after confirming your order. You can send your payment via credit card or paypal, I used the latter.
I'm satisfied with how how they handled everything but if you really must know if I have a complaint, it would probably be about the packing of the items. While I was searching for reviews about them, I found out that they don't really put bubble wrap on the products when they ship it to you so I requested them to add some bubble wrap, unfortunately, only 1 item was wrapped. lol The items I ordered aren't really fragile or anything but since some are really careless in handling the box during shipping (my boxes are wrecked most of the time lol) it would be really nice if all items have bubble wrap on it. Other than that everything went smoothly.
But overall, I was really happy with my experience with Kirei Station and will definitely recommend them to everyone who wants to get Japanese products whether it's cosmetics or not.
They're having a promo at the moment, you will get free shipping if you purchase five products. I guess i'm gonna have to shop again. lol

RMK Gel Creamy Foundation
I was looking for some foundation but I can't really remember why I picked this. I have only tried this once a couple of days ago and even though I absolutely love how natural it looked, I can't help but be disappointed with the coverage, it is a foundation after all. Anyway, I will have to test it more for me to be able to give a better review on it.

Pair Acne Blemish Cream
The reason I bought this is because I keep seeing this on Amazon Japan, it's always on the top spot with that gold crown in it and has a lot of reviews. Do you know how tempting it was? I just had to get it and I bought this thinking it was really good but now that I have it I can't really tell if it works.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Premium Moist Lotion
Most of you probably already know how well loved Hada labo products are. Initially, I was thinking of grabbing the regular one but since this one is fairly new and it's "premium" (lame excuse I know lol) I decided to get this one instead. I still haven't opened it despite having it for almost 2 months already but I will use it soon and let you know how it worked on me.

Rosette Ceramide Lotion
There's no particular reason why I bought this, I just thought since I'm getting the gel, which you will see once you scroll down, I should also get the lotion to boosts the effect. lol

Rosette Ceramide Gel
A lot of people have nothing but praises for this and I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it too so I did. What I can say it is it really works, dry patches have disappeared after a few days of using this but I can't really consider this as an HG product. Review for this and the lotion will be posted soon.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara Super Film
Speaking of HG, this has got to be the best mascara that I have ever tried, not that I've tried a lot. lol JK
Never have I thought that I would eventually like wearing mascara and its all thanks to this one. My friends know that I don't really like using mascara because I don't like how fake my eyelashes look and I also don't like the feeling when I have it on. However with this one, my eyelashes still looks very natural. I love this mascara a lot and will talk about it more on my review. lol Oh, they recently released a new film type mascara and I'm so tempted to get it.

These are all the cosmetics and skincare that I got from Kirei Station and like what I've mentioned above, they currently have a promo wherein if you buy 5 products you can get free shipping so I will be buying from them again, I just need to list the products I want to buy. lol

Have you guys tried any of the items above? Or are there any Japanese products that you want to try at the moment? :D

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  1. Hello, how would you compare Rosette Ceramide Lotion with Hada Labo Premium Lotion, which one provides better hydration and long term effects?

  2. Great haul! I love Korean products too! xo, Susan Greenfield


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