Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review

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Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review
If you have seen my review on Etude House's Play 101 Sticks (click here), I'm sure you remember me saying that my favorite was their contour duo. I even recommended it to my friends who are also new to contouring and highlighting. Yes, some of my friends are make up noobs too. Birds of the same feather flock together. lol 
I couldn't hide my excitement when I finally got my hands on this 3CE Duo Cover Crayon and because its from Stylenanda I had high expectations on it. Don't let the name fool you, it says Duo Cover Crayon but this one was specifically meant for highlighting and contouring!

Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review

Soft and smooth texture blends on the skin!
It has two easy to blend shades that can be used for highlighting and contouring. 

3CE Duo Cover Crayon has four different shades.
Below are the shades and what it's supposed to do:
#1 is for color correction and concealing blemishes.
#2 is for covering redness.
#3 is for covering pigmentation.
and lastly #4, the one I got, is for contouring and highlighting.

Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review


Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review

Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review

Front and back.
The packaging is very simple like all 3CE products. It's a very handy double ended stick that is easy to carry around as it's almost the same size of a pen. You can fit it in your small pouch and use it whenever you please. Stylenanda didn't say whether this needs to be sharpened but I'm guessing it's the only way to use all of the product because this isn't using the twist up mechanism. Believe me, I tried i almost broke it. lol
Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review
It has a sticker on the caps. Check it if it's there when you buy one just to make sure you're getting a new and unopened product.

Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review
Dark beige color that helps cover skin imperfection for darker skin tone and can also be used to enhance facial features by applying it on your hair line, cheeks and sides of the nose bridge.

Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review
Subtle mixture of fine gold and pink shimmers. This can be used to highlight your T-zone, C-zone, chin and cupid's bow.
Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon #4 Review and Swatches
I can't help but compare this to Etude House Contour Duo because I really liked that one and I must say I'm not so impressed with 3CE Duo Cover Crayon. 
It is indeed creamy and easy to blend however, the one that is used for contouring is quite yellowish for my liking and I'm afraid but this might not work on people with darker skin tone. Don't fret though, you can still use this as a concealer. The thing I like about this is how narrow the tip is. Drawing the line thinly is easier, especially on the sides of my nose bridge.
As for the highlighter, compared to the one from Etude House which is chalky and emphasizes dry areas, the 3CE one is creamy and a lot easier to blend, not clinging onto dry parts is just like an icing on top. You might be a little surprised but while I think the 3CE highlighter is a lot better, I still prefer the Etude House one because of how subtle the shimmer is. I have said this a thousand times and I will say it again, I'm not a fan of shimmery or glittery cosmetics. 3CE's highlighter can pass as an eyeshadow tbh. I would rave about this if only they toned down the shimmers..
Overall, this product isn't bad at all, it's just that I like the Etude House Duo Cover Crayon more.

You can get Stylenanda 3CE Duo Cover Crayon on Stylenanda's website.

Have you tried any product from 3CE? Any recommendations?

  The product mentioned was sponsored by BNTNews.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest.

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  1. I actually purchased the Etude House's Contour Duo! Glad this one is not your HG or something or else I would be regretting from purchasing the contour duo, lol. Meh, I'm not that big fan of shimmery or glittery products too so I'm glad now that I purchased the contour duo. haha. The one that is used for contouring is quite yellowish indeed o.o

    Thank you for the great review, Marxie!

  2. That is disappointing :( I will know not to pick this up from 3CE now because I have quite tan skin.

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  3. I must say I love the quality of your photos! (I came here after reading your air cushion review) and you keep to amaze me. I remember you on my blog, and I searched for you through all the comments section because I had the idea that you had a great blog with korean cosmetic reviews, which I love. So, here you have me, your new fan? hahaha wait for more comments, because I became your stalker! <3

    I'm really stylenanda biased, so I say "yes" to all 3ce makeup ;-; The size of it, as you say, is awesome to take with you whenever you are, as you sit in your class and use it as a pen as well, hahaha. I never tried something like that, so I can't say for sure how to use it, glad you didn't broke it, right? hahahaha ah~ I really like your reviews, you don't forget almost anything that we want to know; but as you say, maybe other ones are good jdshgkds someday I'll try it!
    have you tried the 3ce milk cream yet? I'm thinking of trying it but I don't know. And for their new stuff, I recommend those drawing lip pens, they're great ^^


  4. May I ask something? I already use 3CE duo stick but I do not know how to take out product from a stick. I don't know how to explain please check the picture (


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