Etude House Berry Delicious Collection Spring 2016

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Not sure if your wallets are prepared for yet another cute collection from the brand that seriously has no chill when it comes to releasing new products, Etude House. lol
It might be better for you not to read this if you're currently on a strict no-buy this month because I can't guarantee that you will not be tempted to purchase anything. However, if you're positive that you can resist the urge of buying the products you are about to see then proceed. Good luck!

It's all about strawberry!
Their spring collection has your full face make up covered (JK they didn't include an eyeliner or eyebrow product here lol) as they unveil a cushion with 2 new strawberry themed cases, 2 new palettes with 6 gorgeous shades each, 3 cream blushers, 2 mascaras and 10 new shades of their Color in Liquid Lips - Juicy, which I'm guessing they reformulated. And of course, Etude made sure that applying your Color in Liquid Lips will be a breeze as they also added a lip scrub and lip treatment to get rid of those dry patches. They also have a tint called lip jam which is quite similar to their pudding tint.
For those who like painting their nails, don't fret! They didn't forget about you, changing colors anytime you want won't be a problem because you have 10 different colors to choose from plus you can decorate your nails with their nail stickers too!
And as if those are not enough, they also decided to add a perfume, body scrub, body milk and an adorable bread sponge. OTL
You did a berry good job, Etude. Well done! /claps

Berry Delicious
Color in Liquid Lips Juicy
The moisturizing strawberry moisture softly melts on the lips, with the sweet and sour color expressing juicy, wet lips.

RD304 - Berry Apple Grande
RD305 - Berry Berry Much
OR207 - Berry Orange Drink
OR208 - Berry Mango Tango
PK013 - Berry Banana Homemade
 GR701- Berry Kiwi Talk Talk
PP502 - Berry Beet Dancing
PK014 - Berry Cherry to go
PK015 - Berry Tropical Dream
RD306 - Berry Plum Squeeze

Berry Delicious 
Lash Perm Curl Fix

This is a curl fix mascara that completes powerfully curled up fine eyelashes with its strongly adhering Curl 24HR Technology™ on drooped lashes.

1 is Crisp Black and 2 is Strawberry Choco Fondue
How to apply:
1. Organize lashes with the flat jelly part of brush starting from lash roots, brushing in a zigzag motion.
2. Complete curled up, 360 degrees spread out fine lashes by gently brushing lash’s upper, lower, front, and back parts with the jelly dome part of brush.

Berry Delicious
Any Cushion

Berry Delicious
Any Cushion Case

Berry Delicious
Fantastic Color Eyes

 This is a 6 color eye shadow palette that comes in trendy colors and various textures for fantastic expression of the eyes for different occasions.

Strawberry Mojito

Strawberry Fondue

Berry Delicious
 Cream Blusher 6g

 This is a moist strawberry colored cream blusher that flushes cheeks for a lovely look.

1 Wild Strawberry

2 Strawberry Cream

3 Grapefruit Strawberry

Berry Delicious
Strawberry Lip jam Scrub

The lip scrub makes the lips feel smooth and soft by gently removing dead skin cells from the lips with sweet sugar grains and strawberry seeds.

Berry Delicious
Strawberry Lip jam Treatment

The concentrated nourishing balm makes the lips healthy by forming an instant moisture film over dry, chapped lips with a transparent firm texture that feels like strawberry flesh.

Berry Delicious
Strawberry Lip Jam

The tint lip balm softens and moisturizes dry, lifeless lips as it sweetly melts like Strawberry Jam.

Berry Delicious
Strawberry Body Milk

Berry Delicious Strawberry Body Milk Lotion makes skin feel soft and moisturized like strawberry milk

Berry Delicious
Strawberry Body Scrub and Wash$11

The strawberry jam body scrub & wash contains strawberry seeds and natural scrub particles in viscous texture, resembling strawberry jam full of strawberries.

Berry Delicious
Bread Shower Sponge

Body shower sponge shaped like cute crunchy toasted bread. 
Berry Delicious
Play Nails
Strawberry Souffle Nail

1 Strawberry Latte
2 Strawberry Yamyam
3 Wedding Peach Ade
4 Berry Kiss
5 Mojito
6 Sly Strawberry
7 Strawberry juice
8 Strawberry Jam
9 Orange Lemon Tea
10 Strawberry Leaf

Berry Delicious
Play Nail Sticker



#1 Perfect your lovely nails with sweet strawberry French stickers
#2 Mini-strawberry stickers help finish your sweet nail look with a
lip-smacking strawberry dessert theme

How to apply:
1. Remove desired design that fits fingernail size with tweezers or fingertips.
2. Apply to nail as if pulling while pressing thoroughly starting from the nail edges.
3. Remove remaining part by holding enclosed mini file at a 90 degree angle with fingertips and gently scratching.
4. If needed finish off with topcoat for long-lasting quality.

Berry Delicious
Berry Fruity Perfume

Phew! That's a lot of products.
I'm still showing no improvement in applying eyeshadows but I might grab the Strawberry Fondue palette and the cream blushers. Oh, the bread shower sponge too! *-*

If you want to get some products but have no clue where to buy, here's a list of shops:
Etude House Official Shop
Etude House Gmarket

All photos and information are from Etude House

Btw, just in case you missed it, I became a part of Etude House's Pink Bird Program.
I reviewed two Pink Boxes so far.
Pink Box 1: Snowy Dessert Collection (CLICK)
Pink Box 2: Play 101 Stick (01, 11, 13 and Contour Duo) + Brush (CLICK)
Also, don't forget to join my giveaway (CLICK)

Fancy anything from the products above? What do you think of this collection?
It's berry cute, isn't it? lol

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  1. I ordered quite a few things from this collection. I really want the perfume, I just haven't been able to find it thus far. I'm going to look in those links that you shared with this post to see if someone out there has it!

  2. The cuteness is strong in this one!!!

    I love how they have pics of two types of application on the lips

    And those blushers look fantastic

  3. I love all of their collections! I really want to try everything ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette

  4. Nuuuu~ My bank is gonna break! The eyeshadows are so pretty like all the colours are wearable and not too overwhelming as well as compliment each other really well. The cushion packaging got me; red and berries are like soul stealers for packaging lovers like me >.<

  5. the packaging is really cute and sweet. Im curious with the perfume

  6. I love the strawberry packaging! I would love to try out the green liquid lipstick and the lip scrub. That bread sponge and jam body wash is too adorable! Etude House stop taking my money!!! hehe <3

  7. I didn't know the collection was this big! I only ever saw the lip colors and eyeshadow palettes. Now I want that mascara in Strawberry Chocolate Fondue! The Curl Fix mascaras have been on my wishlist anyway, and that color looks so gorgeous and suitable for natural makeup. And the name. The name! <3 Thank you so much for posting all this information!

  8. this looks so cute! I gotta try it out <3 <-

  9. Such a cute collection! Will you be reviewing any of these? :)

  10. I am dying of curiousity to try some of Etude House new berry delicious collection. The products look cute as usual. <3

    I really want to try the Strawberry lip jam and the Strawberry fondue palette. :D

    I really like your blog will definitely be looking forward to follow you. <3


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