Tonymoly Tony Tint Delight Review

6:27 AM

Merry Christmas everyone! Hohoho! lol It's just a week before Christmas! Yay!
I received a surprise package (which I assume is a Christmas present lol) from Beautynetkorea last last week. If I remember correctly, they sent me a total of 7 products and some eye and face masks. I decided to review this tint first because I think it's been a year since I reviewed something from Tonymoly. lol

Vivid color making lips look lively
98% water based
Sweet fruity fragrance
No Benzophenone, animal content and talc
Main ingredients are rose hip oil, jojoba oil and argan oil which helps in preventing moisture loss
Has 3 shades: Cherry Pink, Red and Orange Cha Cha

How to use:
Apply lip balm first
Use concealer if necessary 
Apply tint from the inner lip and use lip gloss for glossy effect

This is the third version of this tint. Please do correct me if I'm wrong. :P
The first one was the regular Tony tint which became popular because of Goo Hyesun. If you watch Kdramas, you will know that she said that this is the lip product that she used when she was filming for Boys Over Flowers/꽃보다 남자 as Geum Jandi and that was way back 2009. Most products that actresses use in a famous drama also becomes popular, perfect examples are Song Hyekyo and her Laneige Silk Intense lipstick, Jeon Jihyun and her Iope Water Fit lipstick and the newest is Han Yeseul and YSL lip products. XD Moving on, the second one is the Catchu Wink Tony tint which I think has the cutest packaging among the three because of the cat designed cap and the third is this one, Delight. Tony tint was also the first product that I have ever tried from Tonymoly because it was so popular back then and affordable. lol I have tried all three but I'm not sure what differences they have aside from the packaging. lol #sorry If there is a product that I will keep on purchasing from Tonymoly then I will say it's their Tony tint (except that this one was gifted to me lol). I don't really use this regularly but if you've been reading my blog, you're probably wondering (probably not. LMAO) what's the red thing I use for the coverage tests, it's the Catchu Wink tint. I'm almost done with it so I'm gonna switch to this soon. lol

At first glance, the packaging looks really simple. If you look at it closely, it's still simple. LOLJK You will notice that the top of the cap is actually heart shaped. I didn't really notice it at first and was actually a bit annoyed because it wont stay still when I was taking photos. lol I thought it was really cute because of the cap lol. It also has heart drawings on the bottle itself. If you own 1 and 2, it will be pretty hard to tell them apart because they have almost the same color, the shade name and number can be seen at the back and bottom of the bottle.

It has a doe foot applicator and it takes a lot of product so be careful when applying on lips.

L-R No.2 Red; No.1 Cherry Pink
Both shade looks red when it's freshly applied and not spread out, it's going to be quite difficult to tell which is which tbh. lol
Cherry pink looks more like reddish pink when swatched while Red (very straightforward name lol) looks more like red orange specially when it dries. Use this with caution because it is very pigmented. The color is buildable but you might want to spread it out on your lips as soon as it is applied because it stains lips really fast and it is HARD to remove. It will also stain your finger if you use it in spreading so I will suggest to use a cotton swab instead. The scent is very similar to a cherry candy but it isn't overpowering and you can only smell it when you sniff it directly on the tube or applicator. Texture is gel like but a bit runny. Most (if not all) lip tints are drying, this one is no exception despite the moisturizing claims. It's still best to exfoliate first to prevent making chapped lips even more noticeable and apply lip balm after to keep lips moisturized.
This stains really well which can be both pro and con because like what I mentioned earlier, it's stains well but it's a pain to remove. It will fade a little when you eat and drink and the color also barely transfers so it will last for a long time, no reapplying needed (depends on how much you applied actually), however you will notice how uneven the color becomes and how drying it is as time passes.  I love lip tints because it looks more natural and the famous gradient lips is easier to achieve but I wish they weren't too drying lol
I think this is pretty nice for $5 plus it has a lot of product that will definitely last for a long time.

Get yours here:
Tonymoly Tony Tint Delight 
 The product mentioned was sponsored by Beautynetkorea.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest

Thanks for reading this quick review. I'll be back with more reviews soon. :D
I don't really have anything to share at the moment. Haha! 

Have you tried this tint? What is your favorite lip tint?

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  1. I've wanted to try these for awhile they look really nicely pigmented~ Thanks for the review ^^

  2. Ohh I am not a big fan of Lip Tints~ ^ u ^
    These colours look beautiful on you though! ^ v ^

  3. Wow it's really pigmented! Seems like a great product on days you don't feel like reapplying lip product over and over lol. You can always apply a lip balm over it when your lips feel dry :)

  4. Both colours look pretty! The packaging is cute too, with the heart-shaped cap. :)

  5. I was curious to death with lip tint since I read about Go Hye Sun, but what to do, no store sold tint banck then. Sadly I still have no chance to try this tonymoly infamous tint;(

  6. I had a sample size from the old version of the tint and I liked using it, too. I like the cherry red shade, but both look beautiful :)

  7. I have this liptint in the cherry pink version and i agree to everything you said! It immediately stains but the color is so pretty! I regret not buying the red one though T_T

    By the way, I'm inviting you to Enter my giveaway here ♥ Have a nce blogger day, Marxie :3

  8. I like the colour of cherry pink :D Thanks for the review!

  9. if you look at it up close it's still simple HAHA the cherry pink is a color i might try out for spring! the red is a bit too fierce for me XD

  10. the tonymoly that you are using, is it original i mean did you bought it from a tony moly shop ?


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