Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream & Stick Concealer Review

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Another Aritaum product review! This will be the last Aritaum product review for this month. I've been trying out Aritaum products lately. The very first product I have tried from this brand is their famous Wanna Be Cushion Tint, I bought three shades and yes, I haven't reviewed it yet. They actually already upgraded it. LOL I also purchased their Mono Eyes single eyeshadow but I haven't tried it yet so I can't say when I'm going to blog about it.
Aritaum's Full Cover line has 5 products: 
BB Cream, Liquid Concealer, Stick Concealer, Cream Concealer and Make Up Fixer.
For now, I'm going to review two products in their Full Cover Line.

Flawless Skin
HD Focus Powder absorbs sebum effectively and provides high coverage to conceal skin's imperfection.
Zero darkening and perfect sustaining power all day long
3 in 1
UV Protection, Whitening and Anti Wrinkle
 Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream has 3 main ingredients: 
Rose water, Macadamia Nut Oil and Collagen Extract
Rose water = skin's vitality, moisturizing and nourishing
Macadamia Nut Oil = forms protection layer for the skin
Collagen Extract = firming and moisturizing

I personally like the packaging. It is covered in plastic to ensure that it hasn't been opened. (See the second photo above.) The bb cream is in a squeeze tube which makes it hygienic and each tube contains 50 ml of product. That's a lot, I bet it will last for a long time even if you use it daily. Manufacturing date and other info can be found at the back of the tube. This bb cream only has 2 shades available, Light Beige and Natural Beige.

You're probably wondering (or maybe not lol) why I decided to try this out. When Aritaum released this, they showed us photos of a woman with a troubled skin and all her skin flaws disappeared when she used products from this line. Click THIS. At first, I didn't really believe it. "It's a fraud, just an ad to lure people into buying it", that's what I said, but there was even a video of it which made me intrigued and think it might actually work. I also saw one positive review about this and I was pretty amazed about the outcome that I even told a friend about it. lol A product than can make your skin look like it has zero imperfection! Who wouldn't be tempted, right? :P
Now, you're probably curious (no?? okay. lol) if it really works, right?  lol
The bb cream has a powdery scent which I love. <3 It's faint and dissipates quickly so no need to worry if you don't like scented products. It's quite thick but very easy to blend out, however, it has a tendency to accentuate dry patches. It is moisturizing but might not work well if you have very dry skin. The finish is slightly dewy but looks natural. If you're not a fan of dewy finish, you can always use powder on top. I believe all products in this line has yellow undertones which is perfect for Asian skin.
About coverage, as you can see in the photos above, it works well with redness and it's good at minimizing pore size as well but does not fully cover dark spots and the coverage is actually sheer to medium and not full like what Aritaum claims. Sheer if you use your fingers in applying it and medium if you use an air puff. I haven't tried applying this using a brush, I still think that using an air puff is the best method to get nice coverage. This also evens your skin tone well. As for layering, I'm fine with just one layer but you will need to layer it more if you have more skin problems for better coverage. I did try applying 2 layers of the bb cream a few times before and it doesn't look cakey and doesn't feel heavy too. Oil control is okay, I think it controlled oil for about 3-4 hours. Overall wear time for me is 5-6 hours, might not last as long in humid weather.
This is an okay product for me, not really impressive tbh so I will switch back to my cushions. lol
Covers skin flaws; perfect coverage for imperfection
Achieve a natural finish with the concealer brush
Contains Rose Hip Oil to keep skin from dryness all day long
The Full cover Line has 3 concealers, cream, liquid and stick type. According to Aritaum's website the stick concealer will be able to help conceal dark circles, redness and lip line (for gradation lips). Aritaum gave this a 4 star in coverage and 3 stars for moisture while the liquid and cream type both got 5 stars for coverage. The liquid concealer is the best among the three, I would've chosen the liquid one instead if only I knew about the rating Aritaum gave, silly me didn't do research first. lol
This is dual ended, stick concealer and brush on the other side. 
The concealer only has two shades, Light Beige and Natural Beige. Light Beige looks a little yellow in person, the color in the photo seemed too light probably because of the lighting. As for the brush, it is soft and makes blending easier.
This concealer glides on effortlessly, it feels like it slightly melts once it gets in contact with the skin. Like the bb cream, this also has yellow undertone. It's more yellow than the bb cream. Scent is similar with the bb cream, faint powdery scent, it doesn't linger for long so you will not have any problems with this either if you don't prefer scented products.
As for the coverage, it's okay with redness but not so good with dark spots. It gives less coverage if you use the brush it came with but the good thing about it is that it gives you a soft natural finish. Applying using fingers is the key if you want to get higher coverage. Don't expect too much though because like the bb cream, this also gives sheer to medium coverage. Lasting power is average. Might not work with people with extremely dry skin despite the moisturizing claim. Still, I think this product is good for it's price. This is only 6000 krw in Korea.

Get yours here:
Aritaum Full Cover BB cream SPF50+ PA+++
The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest

Short review. Just because I'm not feeling well today, I feel like I'm going to get a fever. OTL
Anyways, concert organizer finally shipped my ticket for The Red Bullet. I will probably receive it after 2-3 days. So excited to see Bangtan perform live, there's a high touch event too. I want to bring a dslr in the concert so I can take hq photos but I highly doubt I can sneak it in because they have detectors in the concert venue and even if I successfully brought it in there is also no guarantee that I won't be kicked out if I get caught taking photos using it. LOL If anyone here is going to watch the concert, please do let me know. :D

Have you guys tried these products? What Aritaum products have you tried?
Oh, Etude House has a new version of their cushion! Have you guys seen it? :D

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  1. The design of the Concealer Stick looks very innovative! ^ w ^

  2. You're going to see Bangtan!? SO JEALOUS! <3

  3. I have never seen and tried the brand Aritaum. But seeing the BB Cream, I think I'll find it through some pre-order in some online shop.. ~GIG

  4. how are you feel in, dear? hope you are better. i am sad that these products would not match my dark skin tone. O_o oh well. thanks for the review though.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  5. I love the idea of a concealer stick. Seems like it would be very easy to use. xoxo giglove

  6. I'm pretty interested in the bb cream after seeing so many positive reviews. I have dry skin so hopefully it will last longer on me! Thanks for your amazingly detailed and honest reviews xx

  7. The concealer stick looks cool. I personally prefer medium coverage products even though i have acne marks. I feel they look more natural.

  8. The packaging looks great for concealer having dual types of application, too bad that they don't last long. ~ gig

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  13. this is seems great product!
    must try it.. but never heard of this brand before..
    thank you for sharing..

  14. never tried this brand before! but i'm actually "outgrown" bb cream as i find them generally too heavy for my skin. i prefer cc cream now. :)

  15. I've been wanting to find a stick concealer for so long. This product sounds amazing!

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  21. Great that both the products worked! I do love the concealer but not sure if I'd find the brand here!

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  22. I would love to see a full coverage bb cream. I have some scarring so bb creams are just not an option.

  23. Love your beauty review as usual! So detailed and informative :D:D btw get well soon babe!

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  27. waah I want that cover stick~ thanks for your review. ^^


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