Aritaum Honey Melting Tint Lady Dessert and Pink Lemonade Review

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Hello! I'm back after a loooong hiatus. lol There are a lot of reason behind the lack of update in this blog (typhoon, no electricity, no internet for over a month, laptop broken, bad lighting, busy sched, etc). But I'm back now! Yay! Still busy but I think I can update twice a week. I have a lot of products to review, both purchased and sponsored but for now I'm going to start reviewing sponsored products first. I still haven't taken photos of some of the products I bought because I can't seem to find a place in the house with a good lighting, weather just won't cooperate. I tried taking photos in our front yard because that's where I can get the perfect natural lighting but people are so nosy though. lol They will ask "What are you doing? Why are you taking a photo of a box? Why are you taking a photo of a lipstick?". Their questions are endless and I want to say "please let me take photos at peace" but I don't want to be rude. OTL I've been telling myself to buy some lighting equipment so I can still take photos even if it's dark or raining but it's really hard to save money, whenever I see something I like, no matter how useless it is, I will still buy it. LOL I will stop talking now. You see, I kinda missed ranting here. Haha! :D

Lip Balm + Tint! 
Honey ingredients melts onto lips like a lip balm
Collagen wraps lips as preventing smudging around edge of lips
Natural floral ingredients are used for making pigmentation, which is for making long-lasting vivid lips.
The packaging is really plain and simple. Plastic casing with twist up bottom, typical lip balm packaging. Product name and shade can be seen at the cap. Size is pretty much the same with Nivea and Maybelline lip balms. The bottom part is black, manufacturing date, shade name, number can also be found there and the color of the cap is pretty much the same shade of the lipstick inside. It doesn't come with a box but it has a sticker seal on the side to ensure that the product is new. 
These tints are really popular in Korea. A lot of Korean bloggers have reviewed this product last summer. There were only 10 shades when they first released this but they added an additional 6 shades probably because of the product's popularity. Most Aritaum lip products are actually popular in SK. I wonder what they're going to release next, I'm really looking forward to it. :D
Rose Water, Sugar Syrup, Strawberry Chips, Raspberry Cake, Apple Tart, Tomato Stew, Coral Candy, Grapefruit Soda, Peach Crumble, Bitter Rose, Mango Smoothie, Orange Sherbet, Ruby Grapefruit, Pink Lemonade, Fruit Bubble and Lady Dessert
To see shades, click HERE.
The scent is amazing. I'm bad at explaining scents but Lady Dessert has a mild rosy scent while Pink Lemonade has a fruity scent. It actually doesn't last long, you can't tell it has scent to it unless you smell it directly from the tube so you don't have to worry if you are sensitive with scented products.
It doesn't have shimmers. YAY! I have issues with promotional pictures/swatches.
I don't think you guys understand how disappointed I get whenever I see official swatches and it it doesn't have shimmer in it but when I try the product myself I always get taken aback because the bullet has tons of shimmers and I'm like "Official swatches, why did you lie to me? WHYYY" I'm happy Aritaum didn't lie to me. lol Can you see how sweaty Pink Lemonade is? I was afraid it will melt instantly because of exposure to sunlight and the name "melting" but luckily it didn't. lol
Left - 1 Swipe ; Right: 2 Swipes
I wiped the upper part in the 4th and 5th photo to show you if it stained my arm.
Blogger always makes my photos low quality. =_=
It has a glossy finish and quite moisturizing. Glides on easily if you don't have chapped or dry lips. Exfoliation is a must if you have chapped lips because most lips products accentuate dry parts of your lips.
Pigmentation depends on the shade of the product. Here, Pink Lemonade is much more pigmented than Lady Dessert. You need to layer Lady Dessert multiple times to fully cover your lips.
Pink Lemonade is cool toned kind of pink and Lady Dessert is a very pretty coral shade which is somewhat similar to Innisfree's Color Glow Lipstick in Autumn Rose. Autumn Rose is just a little darker than Lady Dessert.
The lasting power is average. The glossiness doesn't last for a very long time as well, probably a max of an hour or two. I'm more disappointed with Lady Dessert though. I absolutely love the shade, it's the perfect everyday shade but it fades so fast and doesn't even leave a tint on my lips. Pink Lemonade did stain my lips but it's nothing outstanding imo. You will definitely need to touch up and you don't want to eat or drink when you're wearing this because it just won't last and it transfers rather easily too.

Wide selection of shades
Nice scent
Glides on smoothly
Pigmented (depends on the shade though)
Glossy Finish
Average lasting power
May accentuate dryness and sink to lip lines
 Transfer easily
Get yours here:
 The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest

I think the quality is okay for its price. This is pretty affordable in Korea and is usually on 1+1 in Aritaum stores and Gmarket.
Hope this helps! Some photos aren't HQ and it's all because of Blogger, they always lower the quality of photos. =_=
Anyway, who watches Mix & Match here?? It's the final battle today but the members of Ikon will be decided on the 30th. I'm really hoping it's going to be OT6+Chanwoo. I love OT6 and I just have a soft spot for Chanwoo, the kid is adorable. lol
AND guess what? Bangtan will have a concert here on December! ASDFGHJKLJDHAS I already bought a ticket and I'm at the second row. I'm so sad I didn't manage to get to the front row. ;__; oh well.

Have you guys tried this tint yet? What are your thoughts about it?

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  1. Ohh I missed reading your posts~ ^ ^
    Welcome back! ^ - ^

  2. these look very moisturizing, something like the revlon butterglosses maybe?
    lovely shades!!!
    Alice|Alice's Beauty Madness

  3. Pink Lemonade sounds like the yummiest flavour ever! :)
    If they sell these in the UK, I need to get my hands on some!

  4. They look lovely

  5. They both look lovely, too bad that they don't last long on the lips!

  6. Lovely shades n swatches.
    Sparkling's Makeup Blog

  7. Pink Lemonade is so pretty! I have heard amazing things about these lip tints !

  8. Amazing quality of photos and review! Unfortunately lip tints are not really my friend because my lips chap so easily, even the moisturising tints don't work well on me. I love the colour of Lady Dessert!

  9. Love that the caps have the color of the product! Lovely review! xo's

    Pink Frnezy

  10. Nice review, I like the shades - my fave is pink lemonade for sure!

  11. Never heard of this brand but the shades look lovely.


  12. I've heard a lot about this tint/balm from aritaum but have been wanting to read more reviews on it before I decided to buy it or not... But I think you've convinced me :) Thank you for the thorough review!

    Connie from theconbonz


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