Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack Review

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Hey guys! First post for the month of July! :D
This is my second sleeping pack review, the first one was also from Laneige, the very famous Water Sleeping Pack. If you haven't seen that one yet just click THIS
Firming Sleeping Pack is actually an upgraded version of the Water Sleeping Pack. this new version still offers intensive hydration like the older version and as the name suggests, it can help you get a firming effect overnight. Both products are popular and the new version is said to sell one every 30 seconds. *-*

For all skin types

A supple and resilient sleeping pack takes care of your sleep line and the potential wrinkles that are formed while you sleep. 
Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack relieves skin wrinkles and fortifies skin barriers by preventing skin damage during daytime. This light gel type pack contains Sleepscent that relieves the skin from stress; it is applied on the skin before going to bed.

Like the Water Sleeping Pack, this also has Sleepscent, an aromatic essence for deep relaxation to promote good nigh sleep. Sleepscent is exclusively developed by Amore Pacific's independent technology and is composed of essential oils from Orange flower, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, etc.
Another thing that Amore Pacific developed is the SleepPOP.
SleepPOP is said to relieve wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and restore sleep lines. It is responsible for fortifying the skin barrier to prevent skin damage during the day. It contains polianthes tuberosa polysaccharide that hydrates the skin and works as a filler with low molecular collagen peptides.

How to use:
After cleansing, apply toner and emulsion.
 Take an appropriate amount and gently apply on your face. 
Go to sleep after the product has been fully absorbed and wash it off in the morning.
Use once or twice a week, you can also use this with the water sleeping pack alternately.
For concentrated firming care, double the amount of usual application.
This sleeping pack is also ideal for neck care.
No ingredients list on the box again. XD I believe the ones that can be bought in other countries has the ingredients list in English. There is actually an ingredients list in the pamphlet that's inside the box but it's in Korean. Aside from the pamphlet that contains a bit of information and is translated to 3 languages, it also includes a small blue spatula. Don't dip your fingers in the container, it's unhygienic and may cause bacteria build up.

As you can see, the Firming Sleeping Pack is smaller and the container is in a darker shade of blue. Both are made of hard plastic and has a spatula included in the box. The two containers are sturdy but I think only the Firming Sleeping Pack can be easily brought if you're going to travel because it's smaller in size and not as bulky as the WSP. Water Sleeping Pack contains 80 ml of product while it's only 50ml on the other one. The Firming Sleeping Pack is more expensive than the WSP despite having less amount product.

Manufacturing date can be seen at the bottom of the container and the shelf life is 12 months.

When you open it, you will see a Laneige sticker/seal on top, it is to indicate that the product is brand new. Don't use it if the seal is broken or not attached properly.

You will see a white slightly yellowish gel when you remove the seal. This is a memory form gel, once you stir it, it will go back to it's original form within a few seconds. Cool, right?
This actually reminds me of a gelatin or pudding. It still feels very light even if it is thicker than the WSP. It also melts when you spread it on your skin plus the absorption time is much faster than the Water Sleeping Pack. And like what I said in my previous review, you will only need a little amount when you use this. Laneige said it's better to use this 1-2 times per week. I tried using it that way but I've seen better results when I used it more than that, it depends on you on how many times you want to use it and you can use the WSP with this alternately for intensive hydration.
 I didn't feel any cooling effect with this one and this is a little sticky. The stickiness isn't really a problem because it's not that super sticky, you will only feel a very slight stickiness when you touch your face but like what I said, no need to worry about it as it disappears the moment the gel is fully absorbed. It is recommended to wait for the product to be absorbed before sleeping for better results. This also wouldn't leave any stain or transfer on your pillow case as well because it becomes matte when it dries. This sleeping pack has a mild floral scent to it that dissipates once you get it out on the container. Like the WSP, the scent isn't as noticeable as it is when smelled on the container so I don't think you will have any problem with this unless you're extremely sensitive to fragranced products.
I personally like this one better than the WSP. It has same effects, just that the FSP has that additional firming on it's list. This is hydrating too but like WSP, it isn't enough, you will need to use other products that can help maximize the hydrating effect to fully get rid of dry patches on your skin. I don't really think this will work for people with extremely dry skin when used alone. Good news to those who have normal skin as this will work just fine. When I woke up I only noticed a bit of oiliness on my nose which is great and like what I've said, the fun part of using sleeping packs is washing it off when you wake up because that's when you will see the effect. My skin was supple, plumpled and hydrated the moment I rinsed off the sleeping pack on my face. I also did notice a little brightening and my skin is so soft and smooth, it feels really pleasant to touch! This is my second favorite, the third is the Water Sleeping Pack. XD If you're curious what my favorite sleeping pack is then please wait until Saturday. lol 

Fast Absorption
Soft and smooth skin
didn't break me out

You can get this at Jolse for $35. Laneige is so expensive. ;_; Anyways, Innisfree sale at Jolse will end on Monday, you might want to check it out! They offer free shipping. :)

I like this than the WSP but I still think both are great sleeping packs. 
Have you tried this before? Which one do you like more? Water Sleeping Pack or Firming Sleeping Pack??

The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest.

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  1. For some reason I find scents with Ylang Ylang really interesting yet I've never smelled one XD The memory gel is an interesting concept! When I'm not broke, I really want to try out this sleeping pack :o Laneige seems to make really good ones.

  2. SO interesstin product. I want to try it. But price is realy big...

  3. It looks delicious! :D So rich and hydrating!

  4. this product is really interesting. I have always wanted to try Laneige's products but it too pricey for me. :/ Great review though!

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  5. Looks like a really great product. Thanks for trying it out and letting the rest of it know how it went. I like to use products I know other people have had success with, especially if I am going to pay $35 for it! Gig love :)

  6. Totally agree with you :D the only down sidr from Laneige product is just the price :D
    I always wanted to try Laneige T.T


  7. Love the way you edit the pics! ><
    Never heard about this product, in opposite I only knew water bank sleeping pack xD
    Seems nice! Thanks for sharing ^^
    Anw followed you via GFC :D
    Mind to followback? ^^ Thank you :)


  8. I have tried innisfree sleeping packs from a beauty box .. I loved it.. But it is so hard getting those awesome products here in India :(

  9. I think if the product really does firm your skin then the money's well spent. I think it might be good value for older women if they need extra firming.

  10. I'm dying to try this - Sounds pretty amazing, and I need all the firming that I can get!! <3 GIGLove

  11. Laneige is a rally great brand both for skincare and makeup! I've tried their products for both, and they never fail.

  12. I think Laneige is a really great product!! Love their products to the max!

  13. Great review.. Laneige has been so popular with their sleeping pack but I have yet to try.. now you make me wanna try so badly....

  14. i still want to try this! the little scoop spoon is cute

  15. really nice product and hygiene because the product come with the spatula in it ..
    really nice!

  16. this sounds amazing .... i love the color of its bottle .... i have yet to try laneige's products :)

  17. i love laneige but i jus feel sleeping pack makes me feel uncomfortable..the sticky layer...urghhh

  18. Love the packaging but I dislike the look of the product itself... this said, I would give it a try :-)

  19. Korean brands have some genuinely whimsical products. I'd love to try this out for sure x

  20. oohh a sleeping mask! i love using them, because they make my skin feel so good :) korean brands ftw

  21. This product looks great.. Never tried it before, but I should :-) GiG

  22. Very interesting, I haven't tried any of this brand's product. But this is a good review. :)

    GiG -

  23. I've been seeing posts about Laneige all over the place lately. I really need to find these products and try them! So far, I've heard great things about them.

  24. ive been hearing raves about this brand ...this product looks great

  25. Have heard many bloggers raved about this brand. But I haven't tried this because the beauty assistant of laneige recommends people over 25 y.o. to use this.

  26. Heard many people raved about this but I've yet to try it out. It's so expensive T_T

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  29. From where you buy this product? Is there any other website which offers great discountlaniege firming sleeping pack.


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