Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick Review

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  If you're a Korean drama fan, I bet you have already watched or at least heard of "That Winter, The Wind Blows", which was aired last year. In that Kdrama, the female lead, Song Hye Kyo, who is also the main model of Laneige, used the Silk Intense Lipstick in a few episodes. When the name and shades of the lipsticks she used in the drama was released to the public, it was immediately sold out in ONE DAY everywhere in Korea and the lipstick itself gained a nickname which is "Song Hyekyo lipstick".
A few months back, Man From the Star or My Love From Another Star, a romcom kdrama about a hot alien (if all aliens look like him then I bet we would all want an alien invasion loljk) Do Minjoon and famous actress, Cheon Songyi took Korea by storm. Same incident happened due to the drama's immense popularity. Almost everything Jun Jihyun, the female protagonist, used in the drama became a trend there, almost everything is sold out especially cosmetics. If you watched the drama then I'm sure you already know that the main focus of Cheon Songyi's make up is her lips. She wore a lot of beautiful shades of lipsticks in the drama and the most popular one is actually the Iope Water Fit in No. 44 Forever Pink. I wanted to get that one but I know it's not currently possible so I opted for the Laneige Serum Intense lipstick but still, I wasn't able to get a hold of the shade I like because every shade I want to try is sold out. This is how popular the 15 second fairy is. lol
According to her make up artists, the color of her lips can't be produced by just a single product but in one episode, ep 12 if I'm not mistaken, you can see her using the Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick in Neon Orange. Since I'm sure that particular shade is already OOS, I decided to settle for YR329 Peach Flash instead.
Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick

Product Benefits
① Superior moisturization and glow as if you've put on serum
② Detailed realization of ultra-vivid color
③ Serum element bursts out upon application, maximizing cushion-like soft, bouncy texture
cr: LaneigeKR

Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick is also known as LED lipstick, claims to be enriched with 35% moisture serum, delivers vivid colors and makes your skin look radiant. I wasn't able to find the full ingredient list for this but from what I've gathered, the main ingredients are glycerin and squalane, both are known as moisturizers. Unfortunately, this isn't paraben free so I wouldn't recommend this if you're a bit iffy in using products that contains paraben in it.
Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick has 20 shades when it was first released last year. 6 new colors has been added earlier this year for the spring season.
Laneige doesn't really change the design of their cosmetic boxes, same color, same pattern, shade name and code on top, Laneige logo plus product name, product description on both sides and url at the back. Not that it's a big deal. I'm fine with it as long as the product works for me. :P

The lipstick is housed in a silver casing which is reflective btw but you can't clearly see your reflection in it. The cap itself doesn't attract fingerprints because it's plastic, however, you will start noticing fingerprints when you twist up the lipstick, again, it's not really a big deal. The packaging is sleek but quite common, imo.
Just like any other lipstick, shade code and name can also be found at the bottom.
L-R Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick, Laneige Serum Intense Lipstick
There isn't really a huge difference between these two in terms of packaging. The Silk Intense Lipstick was just slightly taller, has a wider inner tube, has a transparent and shorter cap. I personally prefer the packaging of the Serum Intense Lipstick because it looks more sophisticated than the other one.
This is the full length of the lipstick. I was a little surprised (more like terrified) to see tons of micro glitters in the lipstick bullet because it wasn't visible in the promotional photos. I was fooled. lol If you've read my lip product reviews from before then I'm guessing you already know that I'm not really fond of lip products or any cosmetic in general that has glitters in it. I don't hate it but I just don't like it either. Another thing you might notice is that the bullet is kind of sweaty. lol It's because it was really hot when I took the photos. I was a little scared that the bullet will suddenly melt and break while taking photos of it, just like what happened to my EH Sweet Recipe Jelly Lips Talk. lol Fortunately, it didn't happen with this one although the tube got a little messy from twisting it up and down because of minimal melting due to hot temperature and exposure to sunlight.
I have tried sniffing this a lot of times but I still couldn't distinguish the scent because it was very faint. I'm sorry. I think it has either floral or sweet/candy like scent. I even asked my brother to help me figure out the scent but he said he can't smell anything. This isn't very helpful, isn't it? #epicfail lol I kind of wish this had the same scent as the Silk Intense lipstick because it's amazing, I can smell it all day everyday 24/7. loljk People who prefer fragrance free products will like this though.
Left - 1 swipe; Right - multiple swipes
Indoors - 1 swipe; Outdoors - multiple swipes
It's buttery and glides on effortlessly making the application easier! It's feels like it melts the moment it makes contact on your skin/lips and becomes creamier and glossier as you swipe it without giving a sticky feeling to your lips.
Swatches in person and promotional photos are not alike at all. This particular shade is a little more brighter in person. Though I have to admit that I had a pretty difficult time in capturing the real color in the swatches because I took photos of the swatches around 3-4pm in the afternoon. It's actually rosy coral on your first swipe then leans more to coral shade when you swipe it multiple times. The color payoff is good and micro glitters aren't noticeable on the lips, fortunately.
Overall, it's really a moisturizing and pigmented lipstick. I did notice that it slightly brightens your complexion and makes your lips look a little more plumped but I still think that this is just an average lipstick. Why?
The lasting power is just average, it transfers very easily so it wouldn't last very long especially when you eat or drink. Micro glitters aren't that noticeable on lips at first but becomes fairly visible once the lipstick wears off. You don't really want people asking you why you have shimmers on your lips, do you? Or is it just me? lol Micro glitters are quite a pain to remove. This lipstick will sink into your lip lines and accentuate dry parts of your lips so if you have a dry, chapped or flaking skin on your lips, I advice you to exfoliate and moisturize it prior to using. Aside from the colors being a tad bit brighter in person than promotional photos, I also noticed that it has a different finish in person, I expected this to be a lot more glossier.
Honestly, this is quite expensive so I think there are much better and cheaper lipsticks than this one and I think I'm the only one giving this product a slightly bad feedback (#sorrynotsorry loljk it's not really bad) but if you want to try this then I won't stop you. I think this lipstick has such a great range of colors and what doesn't work for me might do wonders on you. We have different preferences so if you really really want to give this a try then I would say go for it! It's not really that bad.

wide selection of shades
very faint scent
glides on smoothly
makes lips a bit fuller
slightly brightens face
not paraben free
average lasting power
too much micro glitters
sinks into lip lines
accentuates dry parts
transfers easily

Rating: 3/5
Repurchase: I really want to try the Like Me Pink shade but still, I probably would not purchase. I think I can find a much better lip product for the price of this lipstick. :P
If you like lip tints, I highly recommend the Laneige Water Drop Tint. :)

This is actually an old review. I think I posted this review on Beautifan last April. lol
This retails for 22000 krw in Korea, that's roughly $22 but you can get this at Ibuybeauti for $25 with free shipping, just add $2.50 for a tracking number. The new shades are available now at Ibuybeauti!

Have you tried this? What's your favorite lip product at the moment? Mine is still the Laneige Water Drop Tint. Haha!

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  1. beautiful color <3

  2. a nice color, but I don't like the fact about the micro glitter particles. Nevertheless a beautiful review as always ♥

  3. i hate it when lipsticks transfer easily :( if i bought a lipstick with that price, i would expect it to be long lasting at least.

  4. The colour is so pretty! And so is the packaging! However there seems to be more cons to me than pros so I think I might give this lipstick a miss ^^" Thanks for writing such a detailed review :D

  5. This looks like an amazing lipstick! And the orange shade is so beautiful! :)

  6. It's expected that it would sink into the fine lines because it is moisturising. Pretty expensive orz

  7. I was really interested in this but may be not anymore if it accentuates dry parts :( Thanks for the review!

  8. It looks promising but it is just average.The shade is pretty though

  9. I don't have anything from Laneige because the brand is too dang expensive with so-so products. Pretty shade, though.

  10. the shade is really really pretty! but Laneige is too pricey. :/

    Siew Hui

  11. wow! What a beautiful shade. $22 is a lot of money for a lipstick. That is a shame!
    The Life of Leeshastarr

  12. Waw the shades really gorgeous.But a Little bit pricy.
    Miss Ika Blog

  13. The lip color is gorgeous but not pocket friendly. I guess I am going to skip this one. Lots of GIG love :)

  14. That is some amazing shades... I have been dying to try one.. now you made me want to try it even more...
    facebook/smallnhot | twitter/mysarah159 | BlogLovin/smallnhot |

  15. One of the most thorough reviews I've ever seen, thanks soo much for taking the time to post all these pics. Now you've just convinced me to buy one haha. '
    It looks so pretty!!!


  16. What a thorough review! thanks so much for sharing all these pics, this has been made me decide that I need to own one haha.

  17. Too bad the lasting power is poor. I expect this famous lipstick will be long lasting. I have heard how famous this lipstick is.

  18. love the colourrrsss but i dont like this type of packaging..i prefer the conventional type!!

  19. I have this in Neon Orange and Solar Orange!! I actually find this quite moisturising!! Except yes, it is not as long lasting as i expected it to be.

  20. i am in love with that shade! i need to try laneige products

  21. Havent tried their lipsticks but that shade you got sure looks like a winning number!

  22. I really don't like this kind of lipstick, I'm more into matte ones, and yes the price is expensive lol!

  23. Its a pretty color though!!

  24. Wow! Those colors are beautiful! This is my second time hearing about this brand, so I need to try them out soon.

  25. Pretty colour! Laneige is pretty expensive though isnt it?

  26. the color is so pigmented and absolutely natural..
    love the color because it prob you can use for daily look!
    so great

  27. I love love love this shade for this time of year!! So fresh and fun, it just screams great Summer weather! <3 GIGLove

  28. I wanted to try this long ago but alot places sold out already due to the drama fever :( I guess I shall try the water drop tint instead heh

  29. Hi :) Is the silk intense lipstick better or this one? Thanks!


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