Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew Review

6:25 PM

If your complexion is quite dull or lifeless looking, wouldn't you want to have a brighter, blemish free, clear skin? Well, I certainly do, which is why I wanted to try the Original Essence White Plus Renew! It is listed as Laneige's top best seller and has received a few global awards too! Seems promising if you ask me, keep reading if you're curious on how it worked on me. :P

Product Decription
For all skin types
Whitening Essence that mildly renews skin to be radiant and clear.
A whitening Essence with low viscosity 4 free formula that comfortably embraces your skin and feathery smooth suppleness to restore the naturally bright complexion.
A whitening essence that melts on the skin for a cool and refreshing texture that leaves smoothness an penetrates quickly for a smooth skin texture and an even skin tone.
"in just 2 weeks, find solutions to 6 whitening concerns with gentle whitening that excludes 4 mild ingredients for a complexion 2 tones brighter."

As we age, our melanin self decomposing capacity decreases resulting to dull skin.
This is where Laneige's innovative Melacrusher technology comes in. It inhibits melanin synthesis, block bridge and restores our melanin self decomposing capacity.
Melacrusher decomposes melanin debris in your skin and clarifies the melanin factory to leave your skin flawlessly radiant. As Laneige says, you will be able to achieve 2 tones brighter skin in just 2 weeks of usage. That's a pretty strong claim!  
The Original Essence is suitable for all skin types, yes, even for sensitive skin because this is mild and free from Paraben, animal originated ingredients, artificial colorants and mineral oil. 
This also claims to have this 6 functions: luster, moisture, brightens, evens skin tone, slows melanin rate and reduces dullness.

Laneige conducted some tests before releasing this product and most of them have noticed that the bumps on their skin and blemishes are reduced. They also experienced brightening effect and skin feeling moisturized.

How to use:
Pump once to apply as your regular serum every morning and evening.
Apply on your cheeks, forehead, nose, lips and neck and gently press with your palms for penetration.

It comes in this blue and white box. There's not much to see here. lol There are no English translations, whatsoever considering that this came from Korea. You can't see the ingredients on the box as well, even on the pamphlet! Boo! Anyways, Laneige products that are available outside Korea has English translations and I believe the ingredient list are printed on the box itself too!
Water, Butylene Glycol, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Squalane, Dipropylene Glycol, Dicaprylyl Ether, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,  Niacinamide, Silybum Marianum Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Yeast Extract, Broussonetia Kazinoki Root Extract, Ginkgo Biloba, Resveratrol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter Extract), C14-22 Alcohols, Inulin Lauryl Carbamate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Propanediol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Xanthan Gum, C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Stearate, Carbomer, Stearic Acid, Hydrogenated Lecithin,  Ethylhexylglycerin, Tromethamine, Polyglyceryl-3 Methylglucose Distearate, Disodium EDTA, Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate, Methyl Methacrylate/Acrylonitrile Copolymer, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance
Not sure if anyone cares about the ingredients but it's important so I'll try to discuss some of it. lol
If you check the box, you will see Camellia Sinensis Leaf and Yeast Extracts. Camellia Sinensis Leaf (green tea) extract has a lot of function, it acts as moisturizer, antioxidant, emollient, astringent and sunscreen. Green Tea is said to be Asia's leading whitening ingredient, it is mild on the skin yet powerful for whitening. The whole Laneige White Plus Renew line has green tea for whitening and it's also used to inhibit melanin generation and block the melanin bridge. As for the Yeast Extract, it is originated from mushroom and it's a new concept whitening technology that restores the melanin self decomposing capacity of your skin for flawlessly bright complexion.
As for the other ingredients, I entered everything at Cosdna to check if there are any harmful ingredients and fortunately there aren't any red flags. Click THIS to see. I always see Squalane in Laneige ingredients lists, it's known as a moisturizing ingredient, according to cosdna it also serves as Antistatic, Antioxidant and Emollient. I also searched on google and from reading in a few websites i've come to know that Squalane can also reduce wrinkles, eliminate scars, reverse UV damage, lighten freckles and erase skin pigmentation while fighting free radicals. Another notable ingredient here is the Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 which has a variety of benefits. It can improve your skin's texture, it can treat aging skin and stimulate the dermis to produce more collagen to give you a firmer skin. The anti-flammatory properties of Niacinamide can also treat acne.
What's in the box
You will see the product and a pamphlet inside. I forgot to photograph the contents of the pamphlet. OTL It has a few information regarding the whole Laneige White Plus Renew Line, product description, the order of use, when and how to use it.
Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew comes in this pretty ombre plastic bottle with a plastic dropper. I have only tried 2 products that includes droppers (Mizon & OST) and both of those brands packaged the bottle and dropper separately. However, it's different for Laneige, not that it's a big deal. If you look inside the bottle, you will see a seal of some sort, not really sure what it's called, which I guess is there to prevent spillage when you take out the dropper from the bottle. The design is pretty, it won't break even if you drop it because it's made of platic, it easy to control how much product you use and it's also hygienic and the bottle is unexpectedly very lightweight. I personally like the packaging for those reasons. Even so, there are still some cons about it, it's hard to know how much product is left because the bottle isn't transparent and you won't be able to use it to the very last drop because the dropper won't be able to reach the remaining serum at the bottom, quite inconvenient.
 The dropper is slightly slanted. Using a dropper is hygienic because you don't make any contact with it (if hygiene is your concern, I think a product with a pump is even more hygienic than this) but I dislike how I can't get the remaining essence when the bottle is almost empty. I already finished everything in the bottle and I had to pour it in my hand just so I don't waste the remaining essence inside it.

Product name and manufacturing date can be found at the bottom of the bottle.
The scent is quite similar to other Laneige products. Scent may come off a bit too strong for others when smelled on the bottle but it dissipates quickly when you apply it on your skin so I don't think people who are sensitive with fragrances will have any problems on this essence since the scent fades really fast.
The essence is milky white, it is runny but not as runny as water. It is pretty lightweight and it gets absorbed quickly plus it doesn't clog pores. My skin feels fresh and moisturized after using and it doesn't leave any residue.
I already finished the essence and I used 2 pumps day and night for about 1 month and 2 weeks. I felt like it ran out really fast, I expected it to last for like 2-3 months so I was a bit disappointed because it's expensive for a 40ml product. I don't really want to spend that much amount every month for an essence, well unless it works really great on me. I like how the scent isn't overpowering and I also like that it is very lightweight and get absorbed really fast without giving you a sticky or greasy feeling. My skin feels fresh and moisturized after using but the moisturizing factor of this is quite lacking, it's not enough to make dry patches on my cheeks disappear, though it did help in lessening the dry areas. I used this on it's own (oh I did use my Missha Pore Correcting Cleansing foam with this) for 2 weeks and I did get pimples but I still kept on using the essence, sometimes getting pimples when using a new skincare product is inevitable and fortunately, my skin did get better as day passed, I noticed that there were less bumps on my forehead too. My skin pretty much adjusted to this after a week of usage so I didn't get any breakouts after that. As for the "2 tones brighter in just 2 weeks" claim.. I can't say it's true because honestly I didn't see that much difference in my skin tone. lol I'm not really aiming to achieve the 2 tones brighter thing because I'm already white enough, I don't really want to look extremely pale, I just want my dull skin to look healthier and for the dark spots to fade. Luckily, after 2 weeks of usage, I did notice that my skin is less yellow although there really isn't drastic changes. One thing I'm sure of is that it makes your skin soft and smooth in just 1 use. Another notable result is that my nose is less oilier. YAY! My nose usually gets oily after applying skincare but I noticed that my skin only gets slightly oily in the afternoon after using this essence. I know it doesn't have any claims about sebum control but I think this is the reason why my nose is producing less oil than the usual because this is the only skincare product that I use aside from my cleansing foam. This is so awesome, it's enough reason for me to repurchase this. lol Btw, I have no way of figuring out if it did slowed down or decreased the melanin rate, you need a machine for this so I can't comment on the melanin part. After the 1 month and 2 weeks of usage, I did notice that some pimple marks slightly lightened and there was less redness and my skin was less yellowy and more radiant and healthy looking than before. However it felt too long to see the results and since I already ran out of this essence so my skin went back to being dull which is really disappointing. Perhaps I need to use the whole Laneige White Plus Renew line if I want to get better and long lasting results. I still think this is pretty nice though and I'm planning to repurchase along with other products in this line.

Rating: 3/5

Suitable for all skin types
Makes skin soft and smooth
Quite moisturizing
Doesn't feel greasy
Absorbs quickly
Evens out and brightens skin tone
Makes oily skin less oilier
Doesn't clog pores
It may take long to see results
40 ml may ran out fast
you won't see how much product is left
dropper can't pick up all the essence

This may not be the best essence out there but I have to admit that I actually really like this even if the results aren't that impressive. Like what I've said earlier, maybe I need to use the whole line to get great results which is why I'm actually thinking of purchasing some products from the White Plus Renew line. I hope it will work and I do hope that the result will be long lasting and that I won't get my dull skin back when I suddenly stopped using the product.
Anyways, just a reminder that what works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

You can get the Laneige Original Essence White Plus Renew on for $44.99. They offer free shipping worldwide and you can't also get a tracking number if you add $2.50. :D

Have you tried this essence? Or have you tried something better than this one? Feel free to recommend me some by leaving a message on the comment box. :D

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  1. A pitty that the product doesn't last so long. I mean, if I pay that much money I want a product to last a bit longer at least. Anywaysm the product seems interesting, although I think I might skip it for now. Thanks for the review :)

    1. I use four droos only gor my whole face so mine might last longer. I invested so much money in this line I really hope it can fade away my scars otherwise Id be pissed lol

  2. Yay! Good thing we have Laneige here! I'd love to use this to also hopefully brighten my dark spots.

  3. I bought this while I was in HK and it was on sale, to my pleasant surprise. I have been using about 1-2 drops too each time but I have recently stopped using it because I felt it didn't completely absorb into my skin. I've found other products such as the Shiseido whitening jelly essence which has a thicker consistency but absorbs much better than the laneige whitening essence. I bought this essence to fade my dark acne scars. Though I try to deny it (cause I still paid quite a lot for it, despite the sale), I gotra admit it didn't give astonishing results. I'll stick to my Lush Aqua Marine cleanser, Shiseido whitening jelly essence and arouge trouble repair liquid. Used together, I seem to have become considerably less oily throughout tthe day. Highly recommend! Although the shiseido one has a very strong alcohol smell but I'm willing to look past it since iy absorbs almost immediately into the skin.


  4. Shame it runs out so fast! I would love to try this out though.

    Beauty Challenged

  5. I heard that you need to use the white renew line to achieve maximum result xD I just went to the counter last weekend cause my friend tried to brainwash me into getting the white renew line lol

  6. I've never really tried their products before, since I have sensitive skin =/ But you did a great job on this review =)

  7. I can't believe it was finished so fast! Not sure about splurging on this essence but I definitely want to try laneige's products ^_^ Thanks for the great review!

    changed my url:

  8. Its a big shame that you end up wasting product especially if it's so expensive. Other than this I would love to try it! Thanks for the review!

  9. omg i love laneige but i just tried their sample since it's super expensive
    nice review !

  10. Would love to try this but Laniege price mark up here is ridiculous! It's a shame that it's expensive and you end up wasting product.

  11. I have heard many good reviews on this products. But for that price and only for 2 months is way too pricey. I think most serum will last up to 3 months.

  12. Would love to try this but its just too pricey. D: lovely review though :)

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  13. I think I will give this a miss. It is expensive and plus it hardly lasts for a month. Your review was wonderful. Lots of GIG love :)

  14. So expensive and hardly lasts. Too bad. Laneige is usually pretty good with their products :)

  15. shame about the results. i still need to try their products

  16. aww, it doesn't make sense if the dullness comes back once we stop using the product, especially when it's so expensive.
    a really good, detailed review! appreciate all the info you've provided!

  17. We don't have Laneige products available in country but it results are not satisfactory at all :( But I love your photography skill <3

  18. this is a nice review..
    but it would be nicer if you could attach picture before and after used..
    so we can see how is the progress on your face! ;)

  19. ermmm i dun think ill get this seem doesnt produce good result..i jus got Laneige waterbank essence havent try it on yet..hope it will hv good result!!!

  20. Sounds like a good product, even though it may take long to see results.

  21. WOuld love to try this. I have a few acne scars that I'm trying to get rid. gig

  22. Wow - This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your thorough review & gorgeous pictures. I may need to track this down! <3 GIGLove

  23. Sounds like a nice product. And Ooooh, the packaging is lovely.
    ~Pauline @Aveeno Philippines

  24. Love love love laneige...known this product for 2 years now since they first launches in the Philippines...bought it nd never regret it...went to hong kong nd it was cheaper there compared to philippines...came to the US nd was excited when target carry there products but was disappointed coz they only carry certain ones...wish they have all the product line nd there make up too...its kinda weird nd flattering when people came up to me nd compliments my skin how healthy nd beautiful nd ask me what beauty product im using...ehehehehe...this product is cheaper compared to SK-II which iv been wanting to try it but im totally happy with of this day im gona go to korea will buy nd try all there skin care beauty products..cant wait for it...

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

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