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It's a bit disappointing that Etude House didn't release a Spring collection this year but at least they're back now with their summer collection called "Lock'n Summer". If you're an Etude House fan then you probably can still remember their last summer collection called Bling in the sea. To be honest, I think their summer collection for 2014 isn't really that interesting or eye catching or maybe it's just me. lol Lock'n Summer has a total of 6 products and I will be introducing it all to you in this post along with the other products that Etude House released recently. :)
I will start with the star product of this collection.
Lock'n Summer Proof 10 Cushion Lock'n Liner
프루프10 쿠션 락 앤 라이너 2g
Yep, it's an eyeliner in cushion form. :P I was excited when I saw Iope released a cushion blusher over a month ago, I even tweeted about it because I love their Air Cushion. Then when I first saw the teaser vid for Lock'n Summer few weeks back I was surprised because I never thought that they will come up with something like this, cushion eyeliner. lol I told my other friends that I wouldn't be surprise anymore if South Korean brands release a cushion version of almost every cosmetic. Let's all be prepared for it. Haha!
The packaging is similar with cushion foundations minus the mirror. Fortunately, this cushion eyeliner includes a small brush so yay we won't have to purchase it separately although I have a feeling it won't work that well. I searched for reviews and idk but this a bit sheer. I gotta try to find out I will post a review once I get a hold of this.
This cushion eyeliner is available in 5 shades, BK801 DJ Black, BR401 Peace Brown, RD301 Scream Red, BL601 Go Blue and PP501 Rock Purple. You can also purchase refills for 5000원.
Lock'n Summer Cushion Blusher
락 앤 썸머 쿠션 블러셔 5g
Iope is not the only one with a cushion blusher in their product list from now on and I believe other brands will release theirs soon. The packaging is totally meh. =_= Why didn't they just make the packaging same with the cushion eyeliner? This looks similar to the packaging of the samples for cushion foundations. This also comes with an air puff and unfortunately this isn't available in refills. Their aren't really that much reviews on this on Korean blogs yet but I found a review with a swatch and from what I found this is sheer like it barely shows up on the skin. This is only available in 2 shades, PK001 Hey Yo! Pink and OR201 Shake it! Coral.
Lock'n Summer Lash Perm Proof Shockcara
래쉬펌 방수 쇼크 카라 10g
According to Etude this is a super waterproof mascara that can last for a long time and you won't experience any smudging. This product didn't really catch my attention tbvh not only because I don't like mascaras but also because of how fake the result is, the model is obviously wearing falsies in the photo and I think a lot of people complained about it and now Etude removed the third photo in their before and after shot. XD  I have the Shockara they released last year, the pink one but I'm not really a fan of mascara so I'll pass on this. XD
Lock'n Summer Precious Mineral Proof Any Cushion
진주알 맑은 프루프 애니 쿠션 SPF50+/PA+++ 15g
 Another cushion product! This is especially made fro summer, sorry for stating the obvious. lol This is supposedly more long lasting because of the Summer Lock System. It has SPF50+ PA+++ and it controls oil and has niacinamide fro whitening. Basically this is better than their old Any Cushion. XD This also has 2 shades, N02 Light Beige and W13 Natural Beige.
Lock'n Summer Face Conditioning Fixer
페이스 컨디셔닝 픽서 80 ml
This provides a cool calming effect. The aloe vera extract will give you enough moisture and make your skin feel more relaxed not to mention this can also make your make up last for a longer period of time. That was short, I don't really know how to react to this product and I'm not expecting this to work because I've read negative reviews on Etude's face conditioning cream. XD
Lock'n Summer Color Lips Fit
컬러 립스핏 10g
I'm pretty sure a lot of you are familiar with this. I was really looking forward to the lip product in this collection because I was expecting something different so yeah I think I'll just have to admit that I'm a tad bit disappointed that they just changed the packaging of Color Lips Fit. They should've made something new. Why didn't they make a cushion lipstick? loljk Anyways, a lot of people doesn't like Color Lips Fit and of course some love it. As for me, I don't hate it but I don't love it either. lol Check out my review of Color Lips Fit here: CLICK
This is available in 5 shades, PP501 Brave Fit Berry, OR203 Live Fit Orange, PK004 Pretty Fit Hot Pink, OR204 Slush Fit Tangerine and OR205 Love Fit Coral. The name of the shades though......

Aside from the Lock'n Summer collection, Etude also released other products that are perfect for summer. 
Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Band
I think this is an upgraded version of what they released last year.
Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Toner
Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Mist
Ice Shot Patch

Aside from the Ice Shot line they also have the Sparkling Toc!s line which I think is consist of 3 products. They just haven't released the last product to the public yet.
Sparkling Toc!s Scrub Foam
Sparkling Toc!s All In One Gel
I always try to stay away from Etude House skin care products because it doesn't really work on me but I seriously want to give this one a try. I'm just going to hope I won't get any break out from this once I try it. XD

They also released sheet masks!
 Take care of my skin mask

and of course they have new nail polishes too!

Melting Summer Nail
Melting Summer Nail
Melting Summer Beaded Ice Cream Nails
1. Cotton Candy 2. Chocolate Vanilla
Bunny Nail
I want red carrot bunny and mint gold moon bunny. *-*

Alright, so that's it! I'm already looking forward to their Fall collection. lol
I won't be reviewing everything that is listed above but I will most probably review some products from Lock'n Summer line.
I know I'm not really active in blogging now because I've been really busy I don't have that much time to blog BUT I'm back now and you will see more posts from me starting this week. :D

You can get all the products I mentioned on these shops:
Jolse, Beautynetkorea, Ibuybeauti, Gmarket, W2beauty, Testerkorea

What do you think of Etude's summer collection? Will you be purchasing some products listed above?

All photos are from Etude House and were edited by me. 

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  1. They had all my attention when released the nail polish collections and the toc's. Lock'n summer it's not attractive to me, despite cushion in eyeliners and blushers are something I've never seen before. Maybe, only maybe, I'll purchase the refill of any cushion, only because it's waterproof and need that for summer. The nail polishes I'll buy, loved a few.

    Thank you for this article ^^

  2. Thank you for writing so much detail about everything! I'm most interested in the Lock'n Summer eye liners and the Bunny Nail polishes. I think they Lock'n Summer packaging could have been nicer, it's a little blah in my opinion.

    Pnk Cynthia

  3. ohmaigoshhh~ I love them all... *lovey dovey eyes*
    air cushion liner..that's a first :3

  4. I'm really tempted to try the melting nails and bunny nails....... Even though I'd probably do a bad job of painting my nails with them, haha! The cushion eyeliner seems interesting, too

    Violet Donut


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