The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell 01 Radiant Beige Review

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As some of you may know almost all Korean brands have released their very own cushion face products. These cushion products are such a huge hit in Korea that some brands even released different versions like for example, Mineral Melting, Long Wear and Watery Glow. Yes, Innisfree I'm talking about you. lol 
The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell is the newest addition to this cushion craze, this was released last February, if I remember correctly. Though this isn't the first cushion product from them because they already released a sunscreen cushion before.
This is actually my fifth cushion and I haven't reviewed 2 of them yet so I'm thinking of doing a comparison review of all the five cushions I own by the end of the month, hopefully. I can't promise that I can post it by the end of the month because I still have quite a lot of products to review but I will try. Comment down below if you want to see a comparison review, if you don't want it then it's okay too. LOL :P

01 Radiant Beige
15 g /0.52 oz
26,000 KRW
This multi-cushion makes skin look clear and smooth with it's light, refreshing texture.
5 in 1 
Anti Wrinkle
UV Protection
Enhanced Coverage

Available in 2 shades:
01 Radiant Beige and 02 Natural Beige
The in-depth information on the box were all in Korean but you can see the product description, directions, precautions, ingredient list, etc on the left part of the box..
When you look at the right side of the box you will see "Open" at the lower part of it, if you cut it open (you don't really need to, you can still see it if you peek inside lol) you will see an instruction on how to detach the screen cell from the case but the step by step procedure is in Korean as well. Worry not, it's very easy! I will discuss it later so keep on reading. lol Brand name, product name and shade can be seen on top like always.
 Full ingredients list
What a long list!  Most ingredients were labeled with green icon, meaning they're low hazard but a few were also labeled with yellow. I entered all these ingredients in cosdna website, check it here.
You will notice that the 5 columns were all blank for Lilium Tigrinum Extract, the main function of that ingredient is for skin conditioning. Please also do note that this product contains cetearyl alcohol. It is actually considered safe, however, people with very sensitive skin might still want to be a little careful because it may still trigger acne breakouts or cause irritation.
The product is housed in a bulky pearly white plastic compact. Cushion compacts are bulkier than normal compacts but don't fret, it's still travel friendly, it will fit in your purse without a problem.
I tried comparing it to Amore Pacific cushions, I'd say this one is almost of the same size. The size is more on par with The Face Shop Face it CC Creams, the shape of the bottom part is also similar. As for the weight, this one is definitely lighter than TFS CC creams.
Name of the product, shade and expiration date can all be seen at the bottom of the compact. This product is good for 12 months, starting from the day you opened it. I believe this is also has refills so that you won't need to buy the whole thing again and you will save money too. I tried putting this on my other cushion case but it doesn't fit. lol This is too big for Amore Pacific's cushion cases. XD
Here's how it looks like when you open it.
It has a built in mirror bigger than the TFS CC cream and an air puff which is especially made for cushion products. It has a second cover that holds the puff. Make sure to close it tightly to keep the air out of the second compartment to prevent the cushion from drying and the moisturizing ingredients from evaporating.
The puff
This is the air puff. It soft, flexible and picks up an adequate amount of product and helps in giving you more coverage if you use light patting motions when applying the product on your face. Usually, you can feel a slightly cooling effect when you use the air puff but I didn't feel such thing with this. Air puffs has a cons too. Using the same puff couple of times is really unhygienic, you can clean it but cleaning air puffs is really difficult so if you don't want to go through that trouble make sure you have a few spare air puffs ready.
You will see the peel off sticker when you open the second lid. All brand new cushion products has this to retain the freshness and avoid the cushion inside from drying.
 The Screen Cell
This is what makes this cushion especial. I believe this is a first, usually when you peel off the sticker you will see the cushion soaked in foundation or bb cream.
This screen is made of white fabric and is said to be 0.028 mm thin! 
What are the benefits of this screen?
First, this screen is detachable and washable. It also contains anti bacterial properties. Plus it doesn't make direct contact to the cushion because of the screen making it more hygienic than other cushion products. Second, aside from the cover this also keeps the cushion from drying. Lastly, the 0.028 thin screen cell claims to help in filtering and distributing the product to achieve an even skin tone and "perfect" coverage.
 This is how the screen looks like when it's completely soaked in cream.
First, you need to take out the cushion holder on the case by pushing the bottom part of it. When you've taken it out completely, remove the ring part that holds the screen then you can now take the screen out and wash it if needed. I haven't really tried washing the screen yet because detaching it can be really messy, the cream transfers all over the case it's quite annoying. lol AND I heard washing the screen can be a pain too. /sigh XD
 Close up of the cushion soaked in cream. I haven't seen the full size of the other cushions I own but I thought this one looks tiny. It has a lot of product though and will last for a long time because you won't really need to use a lot when applying.
Applied and blended using fingers
L-blended R- not blended
It indeed feels light and the cream is watery. This contains 100% Lily Extract instead of water for long lasting moisture. I admit I'm not a huge fan of dewy finish but this one looks really nice and it contains mirroring complex which makes your face look radiant so I immediately fell in love with it. It makes your skin look glowy and healthy. Oh, this might feel slightly sticky at first but the stickiness fades away quickly.
As for the scent, it's kinda like powdery/perfume-y scent. I'm really bad at explaining scents, I'm so sorry. lol I assure you that the scent is really faint, you can barely smell it. With that being said you will still like this even if you're more into fragrance free products.
Color - I chose Radiant Beige this time. I have tried The Face Shop's Natural Beige before and it doesn't match my skin tone at all. It's darker and looked very yellow on me. Radiant Beige, I think this shade will work for people who are NC20 or NC15 shade. This suits my skin tone better and doesn't cake when layered a couple of times to achieve more coverage.

This failed big time on the coverage part. Honestly, I'm not really looking for something that offers amazing coverage but I think any customer would be disappointed if a company claimed their product to have this and that but doesn't really live up to it. I'm really quite disappointed because they said this product can give perfect coverage. lol This only offers sheer coverage to medium, enough to cover skin redness but won't work fully on dark spots, you will need a concealer for that.
Overall, I love cushion products because it's much more convenient and saves you a lot of time. You don't need to use fingers or brushes just to blend it, all you need is your favorite cushion compact then a few pats here and there using the puff and you're done! 
I like this for the fact that it is lightweight, looks natural on me, evens out my skin tone pretty well and makes my skin look radiant. This also blends rather quickly and as the name suggests this has a very high SPF which is SPF 50+. Oil control is just okay too. For people who doesn't like the dewy finish, you can use powder on top of this. However, this isn't perfect, this also has a few cons like every other product. First, it settles into lines, as you can see in the swatches and coverage test photos. It sinks into your pores as well, you might not notice it at first but you will see it if you look closely. Aside from the fact that it sinks to pores, it also makes them more noticeable which sucks because I hate my pores and I don't need this product to remind me that I have large pores. lol This also clings to dry patches, I didn't even know I have dry patches on my cheeks but now I know, thanks to this product. I need to give extra care to my cheeks now. lol Exfoliate and moisturize. Haha As for the lasting power, it's summer here so this doesn't really last very long but still pretty decent like 4 hours or so. You can always reapply it because it's in a compact, easy to bring around but I don't do it because it's unhygienic. I like using these cushion products to newly washed face or after applying skincare products. XD

Rating: 3.5/5

natural looking
evens out skin tone
radiant and dewy finish
high SPF
coverage is buildable to medium
didn't break me out
has a screen (which makes it quite more hygienic than other cushions)
clings to dry patches
makes pores more noticeable
puff and screen are difficult to clean
coverage (doesn't live up to it's claims)

This could've easily been my favorite if only it doesn't accentuate dry patches and makes pores noticeable. With that being said, people with very dry skin and large pores might want to stay away from this product but I think you might get this to work on you if you exfoliate and moisturize your skin really well and use a primer that can cover pores. This product also isn't recommendable if you're looking for something that has a high coverage.. well, you can use concealer. lol I think this cushion will work best for people with normal skin that only has slight problems like minimal redness and light discoloration.

You can get this at Ibuybeauti for only $23.99 with free shipping. This retails for 26,000 KRW which is roughly $26.
I hope this review is helpful! orz
You can also see this review at Beautifan which will be launched really soon. :)
VDL Metal Cushion Foundation and MULE Ice Founcealer intrigues me a lot. They're also different from other cushion products.
Have you tried other cushion products? Which one is your favorite? :D

The product mentioned was sponsored by Ibuybeauti.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest

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  4. i've always wanted to try out cushion products but most of them have ~wet~ finish which i avoid. i guess i should wait until an ultra matte finish makes its trend to korea so then they will start creating products with ultra matte finish (i heard that this is a trend waaay back!) - belinda

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    Lucy Hart <3

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