Laneige Water Drop Tint Review || Scarlet Red and Neon Pink

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Laneige Water Drop Tint Scarlet Red and Neon Pink Review
Hello lovelies! :)
Today I will be reviewing a lip product. YAY! I was going to say it's been a while since my last lip product review but then I remembered that I reviewed Etude's Color Lips Fit two weeks ago. lol I've been using lip lacquers lately that I have completely forgotten how much I like lip tints. But now, it's time to bid all my lip lacquers goodbye (well, not really lol) because I found my HG lip tint. *-* Seriously though, this is the only lip product I'm using now. I use this every single day, favorite lip tint. ;__;
Product Description:
A hydrating super glossy lip tint
The thin and soft water coating effect of water fitting formula.
With water fitting formula (Ethylcelluous), helps to maintain optimal hydration throughout the day, for a long lasting intense color.
Synergy effect between the oil of low viscosity and water fitting formula.
The high glossy silicon oil of low viscosity penetrating into the water formula produces a high shine. It also allows for easy application through one swipe without the stickiness.
-shamelessly taken from Michelle's (die hard fan of JYP) review lol-

The box
Unfortunately, there's no English description here. XD The tint is good for 12 months and the name of the shade can be found on top of the box. I just noticed that the boxes of Laneige lip products are all the same.
The packaging is really simple and sleek but a little boring imo. I know Laneige isn't like Etude House that makes cute packaging and I'm honestly not looking for something cute since it's Laneige we're talking about here but idk I feel like they could have done better? lol It comes in this white bottle with twisted cap. You can see the color of the tint at the bottom part so it's easier to figure out which shade is which if you own a couple of this. I don't like how I can see my fingerprints on the cap when taking photos. XD
Name of the shade and manufacturing date can also be found at the bottom of the bottle.
 The applicator is soft, small and slightly slanted, makes it easier to apply the tint on your lips especially on the corners!
I picked the main colors! Neon Pink and Scarlet Red.
There are 8 colors to choose from when they first released it but they added 4 new shades recently which in my opinion are really pretty. I'm so tempted to get more shades! 
See the beautiful glossy finish? It actually looks nicer in person. lol
I used concealer underneath neon pink that's why lip lines were noticeable in the photo. Scarlet red is more like red with a hint of orange in it.
It's basically a tint and gloss together. The glossy finish only stays for a few hours. I used to hate using lip gloss before because most of them feels sticky but this one isn't. It's lightweight, has a nice scent and unlike most lip tints, this one is more on the moisturizing side. It's not extremely moisturizing but it's the best among other lip tints that I've tried in the past. No wonder this is always sold out in Korea! It's also pigmented, stains well and true to color! People with darker lips may struggle a little in making the color show on their lips but you can always try to use concealer though to make the color pop.
Both shades look very natural, something you can use daily and it also lasts for a long time, around 6-8 hours without eating or drinking. Too bad this tint is too expensive, well, it's from Laneige anyway.

Glossy finish
wide selection of colors
long lasting
true to color
not sticky
boring packaging (lol)
photo cr: Laneige
The first four photos are the new shades they released recently. Raspberry Pink, Camellia Red, Orchid Violet and Apricot Orange. So tempted to get Camellia Red and Apricot Orange. *-*

Get yours here:
Laneige Water Drop Tint

Got these babies from Jolse last month. They have discounts on some brands and they also offer free shipping, you might want to check them out! :)
I've been eyeing on this tint since they first released it which is last year but I couldn't find a shop that sells it. Saw it on ebay before but I didn't get it because it's too overpriced, $27. lol Now you can find this in almost every Korean cosmetics shop but it's out of stock most of the time because it's so popular. :P
That's it! No mini rant or fangirling for today's post. lol

Have you tried this? What do you think? Do you love it too? :D
If you haven't tried this out yet then what's your favorite lip tint? :)

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  1. This is my all time favorite lip tint!! I have these two shades as well :) Just ordered two of the new shades. can't wait for them to arrive >.<

  2. wow look gorgeous on you !

  3. Ooh i think neon pink is very very good on you! It's a very fresh lip color :)

  4. I wish you hadn't reminded me how much I wanted this tint when it came out -_- maybe I just want the model's lips in the pics too, LOL. I seriously love the finish and all the colors.

  5. All of the shades are so gorgeous! I love the ones you picked. I hope the Laneige here has these!

  6. OMG these are soooooo pretty!!!! I wish we had it here!! Will check!

  7. I'm in loveeee >w< You make me wanna buy this too. Gorgeous!

  8. wow it look so pretty I like it!

  9. WOW this liptint is soooo gorgeous! Love it!

    I want to try one!

    Love Ling

  10. i haven't tried it.. i love the neon pink! :) i always like the lippies that last long =)

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  11. pretty nice blog, following :)

  12. WOW! I really love the two shades, so bright! I'm not sure they'd suit my skin tone but I love them. I doubt we have this brand in the UK, I've never tied it.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  13. I want to try them as there are lots of good reviews! But the price kinda high

  14. the neon pink looks really pretty! so tempted to get one now!

  15. I like the look of this as the pros outweigh the cons. I think if you like a product it's worth the extra money. Scarlet red looks a gorgeous colour. (Lorna mai GiG)

  16. LOVE the packaging for these - So chic and minimal. J'adore! <3 GIGLove

  17. i dont really use tints, I always prefer a more bold colour, but thats just me haha...great picks though hun!

  18. these looks really fun and cute- love the packaging..colours are nice too :)

  19. It looks really pretty ! I shall get it and this a try... Thank you for sharing... :D

  20. I prefer lipstains than lipsticks so this looks cool for me. Better ask namchin to get me some :)

  21. They look amazing! I love the shades you have. :)

  22. Looks so moisturizing! And I love the neon pink colour <3

  23. I like the packaging. It is simple but it looks nice. I wouldn't call it boring...
    Pink shade is lovely!

  24. Wow. Great products. I love all shade. Love how the neon pink looks on your lips.

    GIG Love,

  25. Laneige!!! i love thatbrand. it gorgeous
    gig love

  26. Loving the scarlet red much more than the other .. !! That brand seems good as well!

    GIG Love

    New Post Up - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  27. this is a new brand for me ... but the packaging is so pretty that its tempting me :) and the shades are just ah-mazing ... :)

  28. These look exactly like my kind of product. I love the packaging and the colours are so lovely are bright. <3 GIG

  29. Yay! New Laneige products! They've really pushed themselves this year with the packaging, it looks a lot more luxurious.

    Beauty Challenged

  30. Scarlet Red looks really pretty!


  31. the neon pink is definitely up my street but my lips are quite pigmented

  32. Scarlet red is so pretty on you. Have you try Etude Fresh Cherry tint? How are these compare with each other? Thank you.

  33. They look gorgeous!! I have to try them!
    I tried tony moly liptints. Are cute but just with 3 shades I don't have much room to play with.
    And look dull compared with this!


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