Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer and Concealer Kit Review

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Hey! :)
Today I will be reviewing 2 concealers, both from Etude House. I honestly haven't tried any concealer before (lol noob sorry) and I actually wanted to try The Face Shop's concealer because of good reviews but it wasn't available that time so i decided to get these two instead, the Surprise Essence Concealer and the Surprise concealer Kit.

Etude House has 3 types of concealers available, the Surprise Stick, Surprise Essence and Suprise Concealer kit.
Both the Surprise Stick and Essence are available in 2 shades, Light Beige and Natural Beige while the Surprise Concealer Kit comes in 2 types, #1 Flaw Coverage and #2 Dark Circle Brightening.

Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer 6g
#01 Light Beige
 Round shaped applicator that is perfect for flaws coverage
Leaves moisturizing finish with honey nutrition essence
Fits excellently and easy to re-apply on make up
Long lasting and clean make up that resists against sweat and sebum
-taken from KoreaDepart-
2 shades available:
Light Beige and Natural Beige
The packaging was changed to this last 2012, if I remember correctly. 
Please do correct me if I'm wrong. :P 
There were a few changes in the packaging like the color and design, the first one looks plain and it's in brown color but  now it's in baby pink, very Etude House like packaging. XD It's simple but definitely looks much cuter than the old one. It still comes in a transparent plastic tube and contains the same amount of product.
The biggest change was the wand. The wand of the older version of this concealer comes in a typical doe foot applicator while this one, as you can see, the tip is rounded and comes in a really unique shape. I'm not entirely sure if changing the wand/applicator to this one is necessary but it's good to be different, I guess. lol

 It's really small, very travel friendly!
Now let's see if it works. :P
(sorry bout the lighting orz)
It brightens dark circles, covers redness but it doesn't really work that much on dark spots and fades quickly too. I'd say it only covers about 50% of dark spots so I'm quite disappointed about the coverage. If you're going to use this on your dark circles, make sure you don't have fine lines, whatsoever because this will make it even more obvious. Another thing I don't like about this is how it accentuated dry patches. The product itself is creamy and thick, it is also easy to blend just make sure you don't apply too much or else it will look a little cakey. I forgot to swatch it, I'm sorry. I will try to update this soon with the swatch. I will try.. yep. lol Frankly speaking, this doesn't do it's job as a concealer because it doesn't conceal that well, it's more like, just slightly reducing the appearance rather than fully concealing all the imperfections. This is the first concealer that I have ever tried and I hate to say this but I'm not that happy with it. Boo! It's probably my fault because I expected way too much from this. Remind me not to expect outstanding results next time. lol On second thought, this isn't really that bad considering the price. I believe this is one of the cheapest korean concealer out there. 
Etude House Concealer Kit
#2 Dark Circle Brightening
It covers somber or cynic dark circles more effectively with two colors.
Areas under the eyes becoming bright because Brilliant Light Scattering Formula reflects the light.
It uses skin-friendly moisturizing oils, so your skin is covered softly and moistly.
2 Types:
Flaw Coverage - 2 step kit for covering general skin blemishes, melds cleanly to skin.
Dark Circle Brightening - 2 step kit with brilliant light scattering formula to brighten area under the eyes.
-taken from Jolse-

 It comes in this small pink compact. It's really small, you can bring it anywhere. Downside is it looks really cheap in person but it doesn't really matter because of the price. We can't expect them to make a super pretty packaging for a product that costs roughly $6. 
 You will see a mirror when you open it but unfortunately the mirror it comes with is pretty useless because you won't be able to see your reflection clearly even after removing the plastic in it. I'm not sure if all the mirrors in their concealer kits are the same or if I just got this one by bad luck. lol
It comes in two colors, peach and beige. Peach is for correcting your skin tone while beige is for brightening.
I have a before and after photo but it's really blurry so I didn't include it here. I don't know but it's hard for me to take swatches because I don't have tripod. I now I've said that many times already but I just had to say it again just in case some of you guys don't know it yet. lol

Anyways, for someone who doesn't get enough sleep (it's not because of oppars I swear lol sleep is for the weak! JK!) I'm happy to say that I don't have panda eyes. lol But of course, dark circles can be inevitable sometimes and that is when this concealer kit comes in handy. The peach colored concealer does a great job in evening out your skin tone and the other one is really great for brightening. You will see a big difference even by just using the peach colored concealer and you wouldn't want to apply a lot of the beige/yellow one though or else you'd look weird just like what they always say, a little goes a long way. This is quite long lasting too. :D But there will always be a bad side, it accentuates dry patches and will sink into under eye wrinkles if you have some. Other than that, I think this is really good. I got my friends to try this and they love it as well! This only come in 1 shade so I'm afraid this wouldn't suit people with darker skin tones. My friend was really sad because she couldn't get the beige/yellow one work because it's too light for her.
I really recommend this one! It's affordable, you should try it. Who knows, you might love it too. :D

Get yours here:

This is a really short review. ^^
I got both of these from Beautynetkorea last February, I think. You can see my haul here. 
Lip product review will be posted on Tuesday, Beautifan reviews will also be posted next week, watch out for it. :D
While waiting for the reviews(lol), do watch this music video right HERE to help BTS win on M!Countdown. HAHA! They're currently number 1 in MCD ranking. *-*
I'm not sure if they will win because votes are only 10 %. XD You probably noticed that I always promote Bangtan. Haha! Paging Bighit Entertainment, Bang Sihyuk PDnim, where's my salary? loljk 
If you like Kpop then you should watch that MV, I PROMISE the song is really nice and the choreo is really cute /cries an ocean/ I must stop myself from fangirling on this blog. lol
Listen to AKMU's 200%, it's also a nice song. :D

Have you tried EH concealers? What's your favorite concealer?? TELL ME. haha!

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  1. i have the same exact thoughts as you with the concealer, and it's my first concealer too! i just couldnt really figure it out how to make this concealer works better :c

  2. I never tried any etude house concealers but I wanted to try the surprise stick. I don't think I will get it now because it accentuates dry patches and the area around my pimples is usually super dry :< The kit sounds interesting though. I just watched AKMU's 200% MV too and OMG THE ENDING. I wished the video would have stopped folding lol

  3. I've already tried the essence one and the stick one, and I definitly think the stick one is waaaaaay better than the essence !! I think the essence one is not really hygienic (you use it on pimples and then put it back ...) and as you said, it really doesn't do it supposed work... But I think I'll try the travel kit, you make it looks awesome ~

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I haven't tried the other one but I tried the kit and it was pretty nice just not meant for MY blemishes haha. For me choosing the right concealer is as hard as picking clothes! Lol why do I see bangtan on your post when all we do 24/7 is talking about bangtan off blog? Haha jk jk everyone vote for Rapmon my bab- I mean the leader (hidden identity must stay hidden haha I must be drunk in the morning) xD btw get a tripod so I can see swatches!! lol

  6. I have the essence one and sadly it doesn't work well on me too. and I don't know why although it named 'beige', it looked a bit greyish on me.

    Lova // clovers and carousel blog

  7. I have been wanting to try the concealer kit ^^ the packaging is so cute ~

    imladiiekay | Beauty & Lifestyle blog ♡

  8. Thanks for this review! I was always curious about the liquid concealer x

  9. I love AKMU!!!!
    Thank you for the review ~~

  10. I haven't tried any of these Etude House concealers but the Etude House Concealer Kit does look like a promising product since I have slight dark circles. It's also nice that it's only $6 and portable. Currently, my fav concealer is the Face Shop Radiance Dual Veil one since both the liquid and cream stick concealer cover up imperfections pretty well for me~

    Lol my twin sis loves BTS so I always hear their music :P Thanks for the review!

    Check out my blog: Snow Queen Secrets

  11. I have the concealer stick and I think it works well for me xD It was also my first time buying concealer so I don't really have anything to compare it to though. I'm interested to try the kit one now ^^

  12. Thanks for reviewing these! It's too bad the under eye kit doesn't work on creases -_- I'm at that age I guess! I heard the concealer was bad from a friend too so it's not just you. I'm not sure how they can call it one; it doesn't look like it can conceal anything!

  13. Can I ask you how long for it is out-of-date since we opened it >w< ? Thank you.

  14. I used the surprise essence concealer and had the same experience as you too, I was disappointed by the longevity of the product :( wish it lasted longer...


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