Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion SPF 50 PA+++ Review

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Hello everyone! :) It's been a while since I last posted a review (internet problem last month =_=). I actually thought I already posted this last week, turns out it didn't post as scheduled so I edited the intro just a bit. lol

Today I'm back with a cushion bb review. I have been using this for quite a while now. This is the 4th cushion face product that I've tried. Click THIS to see my Iope Air Cushion XP review. 
I first saw this cushion on Innisfree's Facebook page last year and if I'm not mistaken this was first released in Hongkong then Korea. I remember checking Innisfree's website almost every single day just to check if they already released this and boy I was surprised they released it in Hongkong first. It took quite a while for them to release this in Korea (I have no idea why) and because of that I lost interest in trying this cushion. ( ̄∀ ̄;) Then I came across this cushion again while watching Youtube videos, I heard it was good so I thought I should really give this a try.
This mineral melting BB cushion contains Jeju green tea water to create dewy and clear skin.
5 in 1 formula
Sebum Control
UV Protection
Make up
Formulated with 100% prescribed Jeju green tea water in lieu of distilled water to fortify skin moisture while presenting dewier and clearer skin.
Contains primer powder to reveal smooth skin texture.

Available in 3 shades:
01 - Pink Beige, 02 - Natural Beige and 03 - True Beige
The box
Not sure if you guys can see what's written on the sides so..
Right side:
Effective cover
long lasting
deep moisture
Left side:
Mineral Powder
Jeju Green Tea
It doesn't look appealing to me tbh but I don't hate it. Innisfree's packaging are always simple and sleek looking. If you want something with a classier/elegant look, you can check out Iope, Hera or Laneige (the upgraded version not the old one). The cushion products from the brands I mentioned doesn't only have nice packaging but it works well too and have gotten a few awards. What's good about this, Innisfree Mineral Melting BB Cushion, in terms of packaging is that it's not as bulky as other cushion products. Note that the difference isn't huge though. It has the same diameter as other cushion products from Amore Pacific. It's just that the top of this Innisfree cushion compact is flat unlike other cushion foundation/bb. There's nothing special in the packaging really, it has a mirror and a plastic partition/separator to keep the cushion from drying and to hold the air puff, just like any other cushion foundation. You can buy refills too but I'm not sure how to place the refill on the compact/case because it can't be pushed at the bottom. orz
(It's hard to take photos of white colored products on white BG so I tried pink but...)
It also has this peel off sticker that you will see in every new cushion face products.
The air puff.
Simply use this puff to pick up the product and dab it onto your beautiful face. Easy peasy. :D
I think all air puffs are similar. I haven't tried using brushes with cushion products and I don't think I will ever need to use anything else aside from this puff because it does a great job. It provides better coverage and doesn't absorb the bb cream so even if you only have 15g of bb cream for each cushion, it will still last long because you wouldn't really need a lot. The puff also helps in giving the "cooling effect". I only notice the cooling effect when I'm applying the bb cream with the air puff, it's only slightly cooling. Doesn't last long (same with other cushion face products that I've tried) so yeah, nothing great. The only bad thing about air puffs is that it's really hard to clean and it's unhygienic. It will be better (and so much easier) if you have extra air puffs ready.
Close up shot of the cushion. 
Another thing I don't like about this cushion is the strong herbal scent. I can already smell it the first time I took it out of the box, I can smell it even when the compact is closed. Can you guys even imagine how strong the scent was when I took off the sticker that covers the cushion? I can even smell it on my face after I applied it, I'm thankful the scent isn't as strong as it is when you smell it directly from the cushion and it fades after a few minutes so it's bearable. I'm not really sensitive with fragranced products and I don't know.. some people might like the smell and find me overreacting but I'm sorry I just don't really like herbal scents. orz
Coverage Test
It has sheer coverage. This claims to have effective coverage but it doesn't really cover that much redness nor acne scars but it's good in evening out your skin tone and covers pores as well. The finish is dewy. I remember when I was running late for uni, I went inside the car and my dad looked at me for a good minute and told me "your face is soooo dewy" LOL Then I took my mirror out and looked at my face and it is indeed really dewy. I forgot to apply powder that time because I was in a hurry so it became dewy. I never liked dewy finish. I think dewy finish only looks good during cold season. XD It looks semi matte at first then it turns into a really dewy finish after a few minutes. When I tried to compare this cream to Iope Air Cushion, I found out that this one is creamier. The Iope one is liquidy. I used my finger to take out the cream so I can compare it better and I made sure my fingers are clean btw. Hygiene comes first. lol
I love how natural it looks on me. It blends really well on my skin. It has high SPF too!
About sebum control, I'd say it's only average. I'm not really impressed but it's not that bad, maybe I just expected too much.
It's not as long lasting as it claims too. It only lasted 4-5 hours on me. Probably because of the weather? I heard it lasts for 8 hours or even more on others. Idk.. lasting power is pretty average to me. I wouldn't recommend this to those who have dry skin because it accentuates dry patches so your skin might look really flaky when you use this. You will need to prep your skin, moisturize really well if you want to try this.
This is a good bb cushion but my favorite is still Iope Air Cushion XP. It's expensive though. If you're looking for a cheaper cushion face product with better coverage, I'd recommend Etude House Any Cushion. However, if you're looking for something cheaper that offers natural and dewy finish, I'd recommend this one. If you have enough budget, I'd definitely recommend you to buy the Iope Air Cushion XP, best selling cushion foundation in Korea or Hera or Laneige. Those three are really popular. :P

high sun protection
compact is not as bulky as other cushion face products
Not cakey
Looks natural
(I had to use capital letters. can you guys feel how much I hate the scent? lol)
unhygienic, can also be messy sometimes
the puff is hard to clean

Get yours here:

I got mine at Beautynetkorea last month? Or was it last January? I'm not even sure? lol Okay, I just checked and it was last January. lol Check out my January haul HERE
So yeah, I'm back for real. I will be posting concealer review next time or maybe lip product review.
Btw, I was inactive last month (all thanks to the technician with superb skills that told us we need to switch to other network. [jungkook's voice] such a liar!) that I can't even remember if I already spazzed here about Bangtan. LOL Okay, I'm not going to fangirl here for now but..
watch their Boy in Luv music video HERE.
Dance version HERE.
Dance practice HERE.
Silly videos HERE. lol
I feel like I always talk about Bangtan (bighit where's my paycheck)

Have you tried this cushion? How was it? :D
Are you all excited for the upcoming spring collections of all these Korean cosmetic brands? Better get your bank accounts ready. :P

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  1. Welcome back! I'm glad that your internet is working again :)

    I love using air cushions as in my opinion, it's so much faster to apply BB cream even though it can be unhygienic due to the puff. I've only tried the Iope Air Cushion so far and I absolutely love it. But it is expensive so I want to try this Innisfree one out...Sadly though, if it does have sheer coverage, it might not work out that well for me since I have a lot of acne scars -_-

    I'm excited for the upcoming spring collections but I don't think my bank account is ready lol... Sigh, the life of an unemployed high school student :(

    Snow Queen Secrets

  2. Thanks for the review
    I have this cushion too, and it works ok for me tho I hate how it accentuates dry patches. I'm considering getting the IOPE one. Which do you think has better coverage, IOPE or Innisfree?

  3. I am not sure I like the cushion trend honestly and this kinda backs up how I feel haha. It looks more like CC Cream than BB Cream to me, and even though I like dewy finish, it shouldn't be so dewy that other people say something about it. My step mom did the same thing to me the other day and I was like wtf you actually noticed? Haha...I agree it's also unhygenic. I think I'd rather carry a mini tube around than keep using the same sponge. I wonder if the smell has to do with antibacterial stuff they also put in it?

  4. These cushion pacts are really fun to play with. :)

    Beauty Challenged

  5. No I'm not ready for all the spring releases! Save my bank account please I'm addicted *_* haha anyway you know I play boy in luv a lot!! And the oppa part always make me laugh (not because of jungkook) cause I remember our convo that day when I was watching that part and spazzed and you complained about the rose part. Anyway dewy finish.... Not for me especially with sheer coverage xD but cushion makeup is really fun and nice I like them :D I was so intrigued to try Hera cushion the other day but my brain reminded me I better save to buy new lolita dress haha >_<

  6. I really want to try this product out >.< I've heard many good things about it so hopefully it will work great for me :)

  7. Nice review ^.^
    I loved BTS video too !

  8. More Bangtan I see. Haha they're so silly but cute at the same time. What do you think of Orange Caramel's comeback song? The whole concept is really weird lol

    Hm dewy finish and sheer coverage... nope. I like semi-dewy finishes but really dewy finishes tend to look oily quickly. The only cushion I've tried is from Etude House and that one was just okay lol I really want to try the IOPE Air Cushion since it seems to be better than most of the other cushion foundations ^^; And I'm definitely not ready for any spring releases! > < I already have quite a few products on their way here to me so I'm going to have to hold back on purchasing anything new (if that's possible lol).

  9. I saw this line as well but's not even good in oil control nor the coverage in great..I'll pass for sure..

  10. I wouldn't use the puff, because it really seems unhygienic. And I totally understand you: I can't use products with a smell that I hate!!
    Sheer coverage is ok for a bb cream but only if it claims to be sheer. So this bb cream seems ok but not the best. Nevertheless the packaging is super cute!! Thanks for showing :D

    gig love <3

  11. The packaging is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing this product!! =)) gig

  12. this looks beautiful and i do love the packaging as well. gig

  13. Ive been seeing the bb cushions everywhere, but I have yet to try any! is it weird that I like my BB creams in a pump bottle?

  14. Great review and photos :) I've never tried that so maybe it will work for me :) gig

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Wow I really like this one! Such subtleness and so pretty! I never heard of this brand before! Now I would have to see if I can find it here!

  17. Love the packaging and I'm a real sucker for scented products so I think I would be ok with tg smell. Personally though I prefer a much heavier coverage. I'm impressed with the SPF though!

  18. I'm completely obsessed with this packaging, it's so cute and fun. Lovely looking products too, I'd love to give this brand a try! <3 GIGLove

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I like very much mineral cosmetics nd i woud like to try this bb cream. thank you for your review
    gig love

  21. i haven't tried their product but I think it is a nice one.. hmmm.. why dont you like the scent? too powerful?

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  22. ive never tried these products but your review is interesting, not sure if i like mineral products too much, sometimes they do'nt seem to grt the job done

  23. scent is a big put off for me... I prefer to have scent free make-up

  24. Herbal scents for a face products are a big no for me - I'm with Agata, scent free is preferable

  25. Lately, I've been reading a lot about BB cushions but aint happen to try them as of yet. But they do look fun product to experiment with. Thanks for sharing xx

  26. Great review ! Too bad this doesnt cover acne and all else it would definitely be in my wishlist ! :D


  27. everyone is coming out with cushion foundation...ermmm sadly this doest work like what it claimed!!

  28. Wow. I expect greater coverage. Seems the coverage pretty sheer. Thank you for the review. Really helpful.

    GIG Love

  29. sad it have this bad smell but i love the cooulr of this sponge.. golden looks so appealing to me :/ but its not available in my country :(

  30. I really love bb creams but one issue for me!is its thickness or creaminess sometimes, so when these bb cushions came out i was super happy! They make bb application featherlight!

  31. I haven't tried any cushions, but I think I might get Iope because of all the positive reviews I am reading. I like Innisfree CC cream though. GIG

  32. this is interesting. ill probably try this when my skin is a lot more clearer

  33. oooooh I didnt even know such a product exists. I love the look of it cant wait for it to reach India! Pretty pretty pics darling!

    Hugs N Kisses
    ♥ Heart Bows Makeup ♥

  34. wow, this is the firs titme I hear about this product, thank you for the intro :) will have to keep an eye out for it at the store next time I visit.


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