Etude House Color Lips-Fit Review and Swatches

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Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
Last month, Etude House released these liquid lipsticks called Color Lips-Fit. This product is only a part of their Spring 2014 collection. We can expect more products from them next month. Prepare your bank accounts! 
If you're a huge fan of Etude House then I'm sure you remember that they posted a lot of teaser photos for these lip products both on their IG and Facebook page. I bet we can all agree that Krystal and Sulli are both really pretty in the photos! And because they're promoting this a LOT, I thought maybe this is a great product and being an Etude House fan myself, I just have to try it.
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
This is a revolutionary liquid type lipstick that moistly glides onto lips with its vivid color and finishes off with a weightless powdery texture.
1. Shake well before use
2. Apply smoothly with tip. Lightly dab onto center of lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full cover
3. Apply a layer of Color Lips -fit WH901 after color for a moist gloss
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches

The box
Truth be told, I don't really like the design of the box. lol Not just because it doesn't look that girly. I would've liked it if they just used pink and omitted all those shapes at the sides. That way, it will make it easier for the English description to be read. It's not that hard to read but still some may have difficulties in reading it. Product descriptions are important, at least for me. lol 
The Color Lips-Fit is only good for 6 months.
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
Shade name and number (both Korean and English) can be seen at the top of the box, bar code at the bottom.
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
It comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a doe foot applicator. I like how they opted to use a clear bottle because it's a lot easier to see how much product is left and it's easier to figure out which shade is which if you bought a couple of this. The bottle also has the same design as the box. For size comparison, if you have the Fresh cherry Tint, that and this one both have the same height but the Fresh Cherry Tint is noticeably slimmer or maybe sexier (because of the shape lol) than this one.
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
The WH901 (Topcoat) looks like this. It's hard to photograph on white background. orz
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
These are all the shades I got.
(L-R) PK002 Silhouette Pink, RD301 Perfect Fir Red, WH901 Petit and Top Coat, OR201 Dream Fit Coral and PK003 Fantasy Fit Pink.
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
Manufacturing date, shade name, number and other basic info can also be found at the bottom of the bottle.
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
The doe foot applicator!
RD301 - PK003 - PK002 - OR201 - WH901
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
First three photos shows how it looks like when it's freshly applied and the bottom 2 shows how it looks like after a few minutes have passed. 
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
some photos are blurry, sorry about that, I don't have tripod. orz
It is watery at first but dries to powdery matte finish. 
Some of the shades are very true to color while some aren't. Perfect example would be the OR201 and PK003. OR201 looks very orange in the bottle and wrist swatches but becomes noticeably lighter when you apply it on your lips due to blending. I don't really think of it as a con. I like how the color is very buildable because the way it looks in the bottle just scares me. It's too orange. Haha! If you've been reading my reviews then you probably already now that I'm not fond of orange colored lip products. I only decided to try this one because it looked so nice on Krystal. Not really sure if I like how it looks on me. lol I don't see any problem with the other two as PK002 and RD301 look exactly like how you see it in the bottle. Just apply a small amount on your lips if you want a little pop of color and add more if you want to intensify it.  
The scent reminds me of a fruity candy? 
When you blend it, it feels powdery. Same with Nature Republic's Botanical gradation tint (I think I've mentioned this in one of my previous post, will probably write a review on it sometime next month) which is from what I've read is a dupe for 3CE lip lacquers. I haven't really tried 3CE's lip lacquer so I can't confirm it.
Lasting power is average without eating or drinking. It transfers a lot and it does stain but only a little. They didn't really say that it's long lasting in the description but still who doesn't like long lasting products. If you want something really long lasting, I would recommend Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure.The problem with Clio is it can quite difficult to remove but you won't experience that problem with Color Lips-Fit.
This also transfers on your teeth easily which is quite annoying sometimes.
This is drying. I won't really recommend this if you have dry lips. It accentuates dry patches of your lips and it doesn't look pretty, that I assure you. It's weird, I always exfoliate and moisturize but sometimes I can still see some dry patches when using OR201 and PK003, the lighter colors. Sometimes, it looks really flaky after it dries and also settles on lip lines
The WH901 (look at the last photo of the lip swatches) made it looked better. If you're not a fan of matte finish, just add the top coat. If you want it to stay on a little (emphasis on little lol) more, just add the top coat. If you want it to be a little less drying, just add the top coat. Just add the top coat and everything about this will be a little better. lol The gloss isn't sticky so thumbs up for that. However, it only looks pretty when it's freshly applied.

7 colors to choose from
Fruity Scent
Not long lasting
Transfers easily

Overall, this is just an average lip product. It's affordable, has a nice color selection but it's drying and settle on lines. I wouldn't recommend if you have dry lips.
Etude House Color Lips Fit Review and Swatches
Get yours here:
I bought Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse from Jolse too and will probably review it sometime next week. All Etude House are currently on sale at Jolse, they also offer free shipping so don't miss the chance! This week I'm planning to post a concealer, skincare and another lip product review. :D

Anyway, I heard Etude House is going to release their Spring 2014 collection next week. It's another collaboration with Disney and this time it's going to be Cinderella. I mentioned before that it will be really nice if the next collab will be the Disney princesses but I saw the Cinderella Any Cushion case on Facebook last week and thought that it looks like something a kid would use so I'm not going to buy it. XD I haven't seen the other products yet but I hope it doesn't look childish and hopefully will have a better quality than the XOXO Minnie line. :)

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  1. Love your reviews! They're so informative and detailed (not to mention lots of pretty pics <3). I'm tempted to get one just to try but if it's drying then I think I'll just stick with the NYX mat lip creams, haha! The colours all look so pretty on Krystal and Sulli though, as well as in the swatches >_<

  2. I love the coral color. Lately I've been dying to have more matte lip colors. Thanks for sharing this! <3


  3. i have PK002 and i must say,this is a so-so product.I love the idea though.I would prefer to buy the western kind of lip cream since they are more established hehe.

  4. I've got 0r201 and it sets into lines like mad! Also I only dab tiny bit, because full on it looks rather comical. Because of that a lot of product get stuck on the stick and around the opening >< Texture wise I wish it'd be like Rosy tint lips, maybe it'd be more manageable. Despite all I love the shade, never thought an orange shade would suit me! But I look so cute with it))))

  5. I find EH a bit over hyped.. Yes I adore their nail polishes and the sleeping pack was OK too, there's lots of nice quality-price factors, but overall I find the packaging clumsy looking and the colours not working on me. The creams are not anything special to me, not from what I received as a sample. But these lip lacquers/tints I like. I've dared to open only one though, I'm even more scared now that I noticed they last only six months?! No way I'm going to use it all up, you need so little.. These lip tint's are NOT that cheap imho, at least not compared to the other products. I have PK003, which wasn't your favorite and it is quite daunting on me too, but with some clothes and my dark hair it's a kick ass shade (sorry for my language). Cherry tint ones.. looked too milky and not anything special. I'm not a big fan of powdery finishes in general, but watery tint's don't usually set evenly on my lips - so again, I like this. Overall, it's a nice product, not amazing, but fairly nice I think. I'd say:
    + somewhat long lasting
    + very pigmented
    + you only need little and easy application
    + the bottle itself is cute I think, also available colours
    + mat finish is nice for a change
    - it's a bit expensive though you'll get more than enough product
    - good only for 6 months?!
    - drying, less or more (not the worst)
    - a bit hard to remove

    (ps your blog is awesome)

  6. I currently have the RD301 Perfect Fit Red liquid lipstick and completely agree with you with it not being suitable for dry lips. Even though I love the deep rich colour, it does accentuate any little sign of dryness/lines even when I exfoliate regularly :/

    Thank you for the great review and looking forward to the others!

    Snow Queen Secrets

  7. They look so drying just like other lip lacquers but the nude orange one is so perfect >_< I am so tempted to get it though I know I won't like matte lip product on my lips xD your photos are forever pretty Marxie! :D

  8. Disney Collaboration yay :)

  9. This is not a product I would try because of the cons you pointed out but I admit, they look cute! gig love

  10. What a bummer! I love Etude House and it sucks that they're all that :(

  11. Hmm...this sounds ok, but not more than that! :D
    I like a few of these colors, but you are right: they look better with top coat. Thanks for reviewing! (:

    gig love <3

  12. Cinderella? Whaaat. Hm I'm not sure what I think of that lol And are you referring to the Magic Any Cushion? I agree the packaging does look extremely childish, and not in a good way.

    I have this in OR201 and it was just so-so. Like you said, it's drying and transfers easily. I got it because it looked so pretty on Krystal too, but I'm not sure if I like how it looks on me either lol I don't like the finish of these that much OTL I chose the Innisfree Creamy Tint Mousse to try from iBuyBeauti, I hope it's better than the Etude House Color Lips Fit. ^^; As always, your pictures look amazing and professional! :D

  13. I love the way you did this review :) The photos are really nice and you can see the true product. Hmm, I guess I'd still like to try the Perfect Fit just because the shade looks nice! Gig

  14. i like the shades more after few mins of application but i think i wont go for it ... i prefer lipsticks which last a little longer n i hate lipstick when it transfers :/

    Beauty Redefined
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  15. i am a pink card holder in etude.. love their products! will try this product

    - from gig

  16. The shades looks okay to me, but I wouldn't try to buy it. Nice review though =)) gig

  17. I have yet to try Etude House's lip colors and I would love to try the dream fit coral. :)

    gig love

  18. This product not sure if it is a good or bad investment because personally the quality is not quite magic or excellent. I do not like a lot for dry lips. I used Vaseline on my lips even before colocalor and just dried my lips. My favorite shade is PK003. Excellent review by the way.xx

  19. Hi Dear, I have nominated you as "Sunshine Blogger Award"

  20. I don't know this brand very well but I like the idea of having a top coat, they do look dry without. Love the Dream Fit Coral but with the top coat. Excellent thorough review!

  21. I love these colors and that top coat looks like the perfect finishing touch - Love how these shades turned out. Really cute packaging too! <3 GIGLove

  22. Good to see you're back with another review! I love the perfect fit red but it looks too dry without top coat. Can't wait to see the cinderella series too <3

  23. lvoe this detailed review, colours look great, Love the pinks especially for summer

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Thank you for the review, i dun think i will be trying this because I am super dry lips..


  26. EH always has cute and girly packaging, yet not so much in quality. I admit I use Etude House products when I was younger, but then I learned that it was only meant for teenagers in Korea. Hence the price. Still, I do love how EH makes one feel so princess-y. :)

  27. I personally never tried EH but I love their packaging. They are soo cute and pretty. I never tried a liquid lipstick. But this looks exactly like a lip gloss I own haha. All the shades are so unbelievably pretty. It's hard to pick any one. Amazing!

  28. i love the coral pink it seem like a trend for these kind of lipstick like nail laquer texture then turn to matte...but this look reli drying...i jus bought one from clio i have not fully test them yet but they seem pretty good to me...hope to do a review soon!

  29. i need to add these to my list to buy in hk!

  30. amazing packaging and colors - if you have all of these you don't need nothing else to style your makeup.

  31. I've never seen a lipstick like this. Looks very interesting. They do look a bit drying, but I would def give it a try. gig

  32. I have this too. But I am not liking it that much. I think the color would turn out too lighter when it dries.

    GIG Love,

  33. Love your reviews, Marxie! Your photos are crazy good and they're so informative :D Thanks for posting all these reviews with awesome photos! I probably need to pass on this because I HATE lipsticks accentuationg dry patches T^T I will check out Jolse for the Etude House discount! Thanks for this info :3


  34. I love etude house
    it too cute in packaging
    from gig love

  35. Perfect fit red looks beautiful! I am not planning on trying this based on all the bad reviews I've seen >...> I still don't get the whole matte trend...most people have lip lines, and it just doesn't work for us!

  36. PK003 looks ok though..I dislike the PK002 color as it's too neon in color..haha

  37. I'm interested in trying out this product because of all the hype. The colors look sooo pretty too. Being a huge lip junkie, I'm always researching new lip products.
    But most of the reviews I've read point out the same things you did-drying. So now I'm a bit hesitant on buying it, but the colors are just so attractive that I'm kinda on the fence.

  38. I absolutely adore this lip cream!

  39. thank u for the review ! please do more review about etude house waitin ~

  40. love your take on this tint!
    I personally was a little disappointed with the tint ><
    Mind checking out my review on it? + join my new KBeauty Giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

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