Beautifan Bloggers Announcement /wink/ lol

12:04 AM

Hello! Hello! Hellooo!
The announcement that everyone is waiting for is finally here. XD
But before that I just want to let you guys know that I got my internet back last week. Finally. *-*
The technician that came here before is a liar. >-<
I actually survived. ;___; I didn't know that I can survive days without internet. XD
New reviews will be posted soon. I will probably start posting again tomorrow. 
Anyway, I won't make this long.
Here's the list:
/drum rolls/

Congratulations! Congratulations! /throws confetti/
 I heard there were over 350 applicants. That's an amazing number. *-* Too bad they only need 10 bloggers. But if some of the winners above doesn't respond to the email that they sent, then.. maybe they will choose other bloggers to replace them?
I hope we can all congratulate them for getting chosen. I was lucky enough to be on the list. XD
For all those who applied but didn't make it on the list, there's always a next time? I will let you guys know if they're looking for bloggers again.

I hope you guys missed me..somehow lol
I'm officially back to blogging and fangirling. /evil laugh/
see you in my next post! :)

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  1. Welcome back Marxie! I've missed reading your posts (especially at the end where you fangirl on things a bit) ^^ By the way, I can't believe 별에서 온 그대 (My Love From the Star) ended! Did you see the ending yet? If you haven't, I'm not going to spoil it, but I feel a bit neutral about it. > <

    Congratulations to all the winners! :D

    1. Congrats to you Gloriaaaa! (late reply. lol)

  2. Congratulations Gloria & Marxie especially!

    I have to say though, I'm pretty disappointed in iBuyBeauti...they did exactly what I expected them to do--all east Asian bloggers except one. I guess I shouldn't be surprised considering Amore Pacific brands almost always do the same thing with their supposedly "random" giveaways.

    Unpopular opinion: I'd like to believe that stores don't choose based on race, but honestly some of my favorite bloggers with LOTS of followers are non-Asian and they can't ever seem to get a break from Korean beauty stores. I'd have liked to see more diversity. Everyone wants to be beautiful, right? I just feel this is really typical of Korean companies and I don't think it's fair to the western community to shun them as customers and bloggers .Anyway, I don't mean to offend anyone who won, I'm sure everyone earned their spot and I looked forward to reading all your reviews.

    BTW, welcome back to the internet! I hope you post some new reviews soon. I'm excited to see what you've been using lately. Did you try that Innisfree Lip Mousse yet? Also the new Infinite sub unit and collaboration--what are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Tiffany! :D
      I'm sure Ibuybeauti didn't choose based on the race of the bloggers. They didn't choose based on follower count either. I think the reason why almost all of the chosen bloggers were Asian is because the majority of those who sent applications are Asian.

      Thank you! Yes, I bought one from Jolse last month, shade number 4. :D Will try to review it soon. I'm very excited for their new sub unit. Infinite F! asjdgfkjsdgf Can't wait for them to debut. SO excited for Infinite and Inifinite H's comeback as well. :D They're going to be very busy this year. Have you listened to Toheart's Delicious? Love is nutritious. Love is delicious. lol

  3. congrats to the winners...i hope there's another thing like this :)

  4. Congratulations to the winners!!

    Can't believe that you are officially back! *O* I miss your posts so much. Even if I never commented it... Anyway, welcome back Marxie!

    I'm a little bit confused right now coz I was sent an email telling that I had been chosen as a winner but there is nothing about me ;___; So heartbreaking...
    Can you tell me if it is a mistake or I am a loser? :D

  5. Congratulations to all the people chosen ♥


  6. Congrats to the winners :) Looking forward to all the review~

    xx Stella

  7. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Will be looking forward to read all your reviews on the products!

  8. 10 out of 350. Amazing!
    Congratulations to all winners.
    Do us makeup bloggers proud~~~ ^____^

  9. wow, that's a lot of applicants!
    Congrats to those who won :)


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