Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream Review

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If you are familiar with Korean skincare then I'm sure that you are very well aware that there has been a huge craze about using creams with snail extract since 2-3 years ago and it is still popular now. It's so popular that almost every Korean brands and some Asian brands has their very own versions of snail products. And being a fan of Korean skincare myself, I admit that I actually have tried a few products with snail extract on it. I know most people will be grossed out just by the idea of putting snail cream on your face but if it can help your skin to improve then why not give it a try, right? Besides, using creams with snail extract on it is much better than having actual snails crawl on your face. I've seen a video of it, it's kinda scary. XD
Excellent Skin Recovery Strengthening 
Fine Wrinkle Care
Trouble Marks Care
Widened Pores
Moisture and Nutrition Supplying
Protect skin from external stimulus
Elastic skin
 Mizon has a whole range of snail products and this one contains the most snail filtrate in it which is 92%. If I'm not mistaken this is also the product that made Mizon popular.
Here's the box it comes with.
It has a holographic Mizon authentication sticker. Make sure to check the sticker to make sure that what you have is not a fake one. 
Ingredients list
The snail cream is housed in a sturdy tub. It is made out of a thick amber glass and it is quite heavy. You can see the manufacturing date at the bottom of the tub.
It has a thin white film to avoid spilling the product all over the tub. I've been using this cream for over  a month now and I have already used half of it.
The cream is white in color. It has a soft thin texture. It is watery when you first spread out the cream but it gets absorbed really fast then after the cream has been absorbed, your skin will feel soft and matte. It is very lightweight. You won't feel any stickiness/greasiness and you won't see any white film or residue. 
I don't know how snail slime smells lol but this cream smells slightly like alcohol. I suck at describing scents but I assure you that the scent isn't really unpleasant. lol The scent doesn't really bother me because you can't really smell it unless you purposely smell the cream on the tub. Once you spread it out on your face you won't smell anything at all.
According to the directions in the box, you're supposed to use this as a first step in your skin care routine. I didn't think it was right so I didn't really follow that, this is the last step in my skin care routine. ^^ I actually didn't really see any results at first. Initially, I thought that this cream didn't do anything to my skin but I was wrong. This has definitely made my skin texture better. No more bumps! Also, I mentioned in my post few months back that my skin became sensitive after I used Benton's snail bee cream and since then I've been getting pimples and then when I after using this for a few weeks, I noticed that my skin has recovered. I'm not getting pimples anymore and the dark spots are slowly fading away. My skin feels more plump, this has also helped in decreasing the amount of redness on my cheeks and somewhat has brightening effect, not much help in pore tightening though. I can't comment on the wrinkle part. This also claims to be moisturizing, it is moisturizing but it just isn't enough. Well, at least for me. I can still see a bit of dry patches on my cheeks even after using this for several weeks. 
I would recommend it to all of you. Especially to those who needs help in speeding up the healing , reducing redness or improving your skin's texture. However, if you're looking for something that is really moisturizing then I'm afraid this isn't for you. That is the only con for me, this isn't moisturizing enough but the pros obviously outweighs the con so I'm planning to repurchase for maintenance. This cream will definitely stay in my skincare routine. :)
The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest.
This snail cream is currently on sale at Jolse for $16! If you haven't tried this yet, grab one now while it's on sale and tell me how it worked for you. lol
So, I said in my previous post that I will change my layout. I have a problem though lol I still can't think of a design for the header. Why is it that it's so much easier to make graphics of my oppars than making a header for my beauty blog. lol I should probably put Myungsoo (Kim not Park) or Jungkook's (Jeon not Kim lol) face in my header, maybe it will be more easier for me to make a header that way. This makes me wonder how my followers on Tumblr would react if they find out that I have a beauty blog. lol
Kbye! I'm gonna watch Appa Eodiga. So sad that Junsu, Joon and Minguk are leaving. /ugly sobbing/

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  1. I have read many good reviews of this cream, I find an interesting product I think you should have an excellent quality as Mizon is an excellent brand. Your very detailed review, that the snail extract I do not like much but it sounds interesting, thanks for your detailed review.

    I want invite you to my DresSale Giveaway to win $30 Gift Card! Will be 2 winners~ 

  2. This one is my favourite, the best snail cream that I've tried so far.. And I use it after toner <3

  3. I heard so many good things about this cream. At the moment I started using Benton's Snail Bee cream. I'm curious about the results...and afterwards Mizons snail cream here will be on my wish list :) Thanks for the review.

  4. I would love to try this cream.
    I will have to check where you can buy it in UK.

  5. I haven't tried snail creams yet. Hoping to do this year. For some reason, I have stayed away from them.

  6. I just don't think I could get past the 'snail' part of the cream. A wonderful review as always though!

  7. Thank you for this review, I am thinking about buying some mizon cream too ( gig love )

  8. I have the eye cream (also from Mizon's snail line) and it is too rich for me so I'm a bit hesitant to try this out :(

  9. wow!seems like a great product! ♥

  10. myungsoo in your header would be so cute! my skin has been sensitive lately too so i'll keep this in mind. snail cream shouldn't smell like alcohol though :o tbh i'm not sure what it's supposed to smell like but the snail cream products i've used have smelled like normal korean products.


  11. Would love to try it... I would be a little worried about the snails thing...but will have to stop thinking about it :D


  12. How long did it take until you saw results? Did you use this during morning and night? Thank you for posting this video ! (:

  13. Hello!
    Have you used anything else from their repair line? If you did, can you tell me in order which ones you like most?
    Thanks so much for this review!

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  15. Is this also found in Seoul? Where can I find it in Seoul and how much does it cost?

  16. can you use this cream at night???

  17. Nice review, but one question, do you use this on your lids and undereye area? I would love to know!

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