January Haul + Rant

4:29 AM

First haul of the year! Yay! lol There's going to be a "little" rant in the end.
So, I bought a few things to try and review here. I will try to review something before the week ends. Not sure if I can review all of these though because I will probably be busy next month (I'm so excited for Feb *-*) and sometimes I get lazy to post reviews about the products I buy. XD 
This time, I got stuffs from Etude, Innisfree and Mizon. As you can see, most of the products are from Etude House. lol
I got all these from Beautynetkorea.
Ordered: 01/15/14
Shipped: 01/16/14
Received: 01/22/14
This is an old product from EH for shading and highlighting. I bought this because I've seen good reviews. This is available in 2, Sun Gold and Sun Pink. I got Sun Gold and I haven't tried it yet so idk what else to say. lol
Repurchased. This photo is from my review which you can find HERE. 
Bought this mainly because I've heard that this is much better than the snail repair cream. I'm hoping for good results since I'm going to use the cream and ampoule together. *-*
This is my first time trying out concealers. lololol It's a little embarrassing. I just felt like I don't really need to use concealer so I never got one and I'm a newbie in make up. Haha I'm a little disappointed that the Concealer Kit doesn't has a brush. XD
I also bought this because of good reviews. It's supposed to be brown but it actually looks gray.. and it has glitters. OTL
I've been wanting to get this because of all the nice reviews I've read before. Finally bought it. I haven't tried it yet. It's really small.
I actually have no intentions of trying out another cushion product. I have only tried 3 and I'm pretty satisfied with Iope Air Cushion. However, I heard that this one looks natural too. And if you guys have been reading this blog then you'll know that I'm always after the natural look so I decided to try this one out. I haven't opened it yet but I sort of don't like the scent of this cushion. XD
These are limited edition palettes from Etude. I really want to try the Rose Flowering Eyes but it's not available anymore. I wonder if Etude will have a new palette for their Spring Collection. I hope they will. *-* These were sent to me by Beautynetkorea for review purposes. Their price for the palette is the same as the retail price in Korea. *-*

Now onto the rant. lol
It's about the photos. A few days ago another blogger, Bemaiko, stole my Etude House CC Cream photo. She posted the photo that I took, removed my watermark and used it on her review. I commented on her post and she deleted it, probably because she doesn't want others to know what she did. Sakuranko tweeted Bemaiko and she said everything has been solved already which is funny because she didn't even respond to me or said sorry for what she did. As some of you may know, I encountered this kind of situation here last year too, I'm not going to mention the url of the other blogger because we've already talked about it. I thought reposting and removing watermarks on photos are only popular on Tumblr. lol Taking product photos isn't really that easy, sometimes it takes me hours because the lighting sucks then I have to pick which photo looks nice. I have to crop it to fit my blog, adjust the brightness and contrast a little if it looks dark or if some of the writings are not visible, stuffs like that. It takes me quite a lot of time, I'm sure it's the same for others too because we want it to look nice so I hope people can be a little considerate. I actually don't really want to put watermarks because they make the photos look ugly but I decided to put watermarks on my photos because of reposters, sometimes they will be even more shameless and remove your watermark then slap their own url in it. lol I experienced that on Tumblr a lot before, I didn't put watermark on my edits then others will put their urls on it and claim it as theirs. Then when you message them, they will get mad as if you were the one who made a mistake. LOL 
So, if this keeps on happening then this is what's going to happen on my photos..

I hope people know, that we put watermarks on our photos for a reason. If you want to repost it, all you have to do is ask nicely. Never ever remove the watermark.

So that's it for today. lol
I'm so excited for Infinite's new show. *-*

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  1. Ooh please do a review on the snail ampoule! I'm curious to know how well it works!

    Maybe she thought is was resolved by taking the picture off? Some bloggers are shameless :/

  2. Did she take the picture down? (Idk which one was yours)...I don't understand why people think they can get away with that stuff. If it happens again let us know. I'll unsubscribe.

    And btw good haul as usual :) I didn't think you could even get the aloha slim line maker anymore!

  3. Ahh I know her >,< didn't realize it before but I do feel familiar with her picture. Maybe you should put the watermark above your pict? ^^
    btw nice haul! The limited edition palette is so tempting >,<

  4. I'm sorry for what happened to you - and I can totally understand how hard is to take good photos and mine are not even half as good as yours are :D
    As for the haul - I am very curious about the Play Color Eyes palettes review! And also the Innisfree powder :)


  5. Taking someones pictures and removing the watermark, instead of asking for it and writing down the url of the one who did the work is an absolute no go :( I'm sorry it happened to you :(

    Nevertheless, nice haul and I'm looking forward to your reviews ♥

  6. I wish I could try all these Asian beauties, I know how good Asian products are! I'm sorry for what happened to you:(

    International GIVEAWAY: http://www.beautybellenotes.com/2014/01/blog-anniversary-giveaway.html

  7. always wanna try out innisfree no sebum mineral powder! do review when you've tried it out okay?
    gig love

  8. I'm so excited for your thoughts on the new products! There's a lot of new stuff coming out for Spring and it feels like Winter just got here.

    I know how annoying taking pictures can be! I actually don't really like taking pictures because it take a lot of time and good lighting. However, I really appreciate you taking the time to get good pictures and making great edits! It really helps with the review and stuff!

  9. Thank you for the haul, I am thinking about the Mizo snail Repair, and one of my friend tried the Innisfree mineral Powder and it works well on her. #GIGlove

  10. Sorry to hear about your photos :( And, nice haul you have here :D Really want to try the melting bb cushion too :D Would love to hear your opinion on it!

  11. I never understand why people would take photos without giving credits, it's common courtesy and I can tell that you take hours to edit and take your photos (they're really beautiful by the way ^^ I wish I had photography skills as nice as yours). I don't like watermarks either, so I don't use them and luckily I haven't had that happen to me yet. I hope it doesn't happen to you again :(

    On the other hand nice haul! I want to get the Etude House palettes and Proof 10 Auto Pencil but I feel like I don't really need them haha. I'm trying to not make so many impulse buys this year and the palettes would definitely be one of them. I'm looking forward to your review! :)

  12. Great haul. I'm a fan of the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder - I hope you'll like it, too! I also thought it's a little tinier than expected, but a little goes a long way. :)

    It's a shame when some bloggers steal the hard work of another. It really just blows my mind when people steal original material from someone and claim it as their own. How they made it this far in the world is a mystery to me. I'm glad things were resolved though, and I hope it won't happen again in the future. It's evident that you put effort into taking nice photos, and it's a shame when others take advantage of your hard work. I haven't been watermarking my own photos, but I'm scared that one day I'll have to resort to doing it, too.

  13. when people took your photos, Marxie, that means your photos are awesome.Seriously I always think your photo have such a nice quality, please share your tips for us on how to get that great photos :D
    I hope in the future people won'tsteal your photos anymore,because seeing so many watermarks on your last photo is kinda sad, it's like ruining your photo T.T

  14. You have some fabulous buys there. As always I am super jealous of your Etude House purchases! I can't wait to see your reviews!

  15. You have some great buys there and as always I am jealous of your Etude House purchases. I can't wait to see your reviews!

  16. Would like to hear about all of these the snail ampoules sound so strange. Glad the photo was removed.

  17. I really can't choose what to buy among all of these products. everything sounds lovely.

  18. the play color eyes so pretty..how come i nvr see it in msia?

  19. yayyy to the first haul!!! You got so many things! I really wish I could get my hands on some etude products ^^


  20. Wow - What an amazing round-up of goodies. I can't wait to read all about these killer products!! #GIGLove

  21. I don't understand people who take pictures without credit! It should feel wrong claiming a picture that's not yours is yours >.< Also, I hope you review the concealer and Etude House palette soon! They both look interesting ^^


  22. All your items look lovely! It sucks that someone stole your photo. Some people are just so lazy to take pictures themselves and then edit them but if they are not willing to do that themselves then they should start a blog in the first place! I hope that this doesn't happen to you again because your photos are lovely and someone shouldn't take the credit for them since you work so hard on them.

  23. Ugh it sucks that someone stole the picture from you. I've always loved how clean and professional looking your swatches/product photos are and i know it takes a lot of effort to get that kind of photo. Yet someone just steals it AND remove your watermark... Some people.... Grrrr.
    (Please don't over watermark your pictures though hahaha it looks awful! *cringe cringe*)

    On the other note, i love this haul!
    You got some products that i've really been curious about, especially that Innisfree BB Cushion :) and eye palettes. I'll hope you'll be doing reviews on them soon. I also decided to pick up the Mizon Snail Cream after you reviewed it hehe hope it'll do good on my skin.

  24. This haul is really awesome! Some products you present here I wanted them too!

    Well, I don't know that bloggers can still stole photos from an other blogger... Seriously this is really stupid. If she has this CC Cream, then she has just to take a picture of it, she take a picture of herself with it, so why not? I know her because she contact me to do a swap, well I think I will NOT do it. Shame on her.

  25. greatt haull, i wanna try innisfree beauty product someday :D *gig love*

  26. I loved your haul and how fast you get the products you buy, I bought a lot in December was on vacation and it is even Enro this date I have not received and which bothers me a lot. Well I'll be waiting for reviews of some products such as Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder I had on my wishlist for a long time.

    It's amazing the power of twitter is faster than an honest blog of the girl who took your pictures comment. Last year, a blogger girl took not only photos but written content and the person just removed the entire post instead of apologizing or something.

    I made a post about it on Copycats and then said well was normal and that there was no problem until it happened again and I think we should all support each other because it is much time you delay taking photos for another come to steal photos or content just because it is good content.

    Well I'll be waiting as the reviews I said. A great start to the year with many products.(๑>◡<๑)

  27. Lovely haul sweetheart! Every product is interesting!
    I am so sorry that someone stole your photos! This really sucks! On the top, she removed your watermark, which really gets me very angry! So, I can feel you :(
    BTW! your photos are so perfect! It's quiet evident how much effort you take to take them! Very admirable! love them <3

  28. Too much asian products! I would really love to try them out soon! Your photos are amazing! Ohh she's on the GiG group as well right? I remember commenting on her blog earlier about the CC Cream. Too bad, you should really put your watermark everywhere.

  29. ugh! completely agreed with you! it takes so much time taking pictures and editing them for someone else to just take it without asking and don’t even saying sorry after the incident! just wrong :(

  30. Wow!! Now that's a great Haul and an amazing way to start your new year!! And sad to hear that someone stole your pictures.. I usually watermark my pictures .. did they steal it despite watermarking your pics??? !!

    xx Chaicy
    Style.. A Pastiche!
    P.S. Giveaway on the blog - http://bit.ly/SAPGVBlk

  31. Great haul! I can't wait to see the swatches of the palettes.

  32. I don't really get it why people would do it... if you take something from someone at least have the decency to give them credit for it...
    I just read a post from Polish travel blogger who got the whole blog stolen by someone from Russia... all translated word for word, every picture except for personal one... can you even imagine this... she only found out about it because she Google back tracked one of her pictures :-(

  33. Its sad when people use your hard work and claim it as theirs. But on the positive note, it means your photos are amazing!

  34. Your haul looks fun! I definitely want to try some Etude House products. And I cant believe she did that. I just came across her blog through the girls inspired group. That makes me lose all respect for her... I'd hate for that to happen to my photo. It did once through a fashion magazine post but I didnt really mind.

  35. the innisfree powder looks promising! i hope it does what it says as i am tempted

  36. woah, this haul is amazing. so many good products at great prices too. would love to try some etude house products, I've seen so much of them lately. giglove

  37. Pretty makeup haul. I have tried the EH essence concealer, but has nothing good to say about it. I am waiting for your Innisfree no sebum powder review though! giglove

  38. I think she changed the post and used her own picture instead now. But still, she should have apologized at the very least! Makes me wonder if there should be warnings put in blogger communities on FB (like GiG) about certain people who steal images...

  39. omg so tempted to buy them all! Hahaha are you kpop fans? :P

  40. wow wow wow! That is one huge haul. I've bene dying to get my hands on those Etude House Eyeshadows. they look stunning. I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
    Also, I have an easy Valentine's Day Giveaway (Open Worldwide) running on my blog where you can win stunning accessories worth $25!. I would really appreciate it if you could support me by entering it. Thanks in advance! ♥♥

  41. omg..your haul! The Mizon's snail cream is on my wishlist. Right now waiting for a good time to do a perfect haul :D

    About the reposting photos, that's so not nice! As a blogger myself, I know how it felt when someone took your own photos and claimed it as theirs. Our hardwork in taking photos, editing lighting and such were really hard enough. ;(

  42. Look! She even commented on this post without even saying anything about your rant! Btw, I love your blog and I hope you can teach me how to get so many comments on your post. Are you a part of a comment exchange group. If yes, please include me. Thanks :)



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