Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher Review

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Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher Review
Hi everyone! Here's another review of a product from Etude's latest collection, XOXO Minnie. My previous review was about the Minnie Kissing Lips in Minnie Red and Bubble Pink, here's the link to it just in case you missed it. Click HERE. ^^ 
Take a look at the whole XOXO Minnie collection HERE
Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher Review

This is a multi blusher that flushes cheeks for a lovely Minnie look.
Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher Review
Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher Review
The compact has Minnie's cute blushed face with POLKADOTS on the background. (i love polkadots lol) The manufacturing date can be seen at the bottom of the compact though you can hardly see it because it's also back.
Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher Review
Tadah~! this is how it looks when you open it. 
A blusher that you wouldn't really want to use because you're afraid of ruining Minnie's face. I used it anyway. lol
Etude House XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher Review
Photo taken outside.
This blusher comes in three different colors, A- Peach, B- Pink and C- Lavender.
Top- indoors, Bottom -outdoor
(L-R) 1- Peach, 2- Pink, 3- Lavender, 4- 3 colors mixed together 
Sorry for the horrible swatch photo. The lighting was really bad when I took it. orz
Since Minnie's face is too small, I sweep my brush all over the blusher instead of just sweeping it on Minnie's face. I wasn't very happy with the result because it barely showed on my cheeks and it's too chalky/powdery. So yes, this isn't pigmented at all and I already used a primer on the photo.

I'm not a fan of Minnie Mouse but I thought this was pretty cute especially when you open it but it may look childish for some. Aside from the packaging being cute, I don't really see any reason why you should spend money on this well UNLESS you're a huge Minnie Mouse fan and you want to collect everything that has Minnie's face on it. Let me tell you the reasons why I personally didn't like this. 
This blusher is too powdery and sheer. I think it's pretty expensive. It also doesn't have a mirror on it. Yes, it's in a compact but this one isn't really efficient for traveling because it breaks easily. I saw some reviews from Korean bloggers and they said the same thing. I left this on my drawer and then the other day when I opened the blusher, Minnie's face fell on the floor. You need to be extremely careful if you don't want to break this. XD I also have the highlighter but it was shattered to pieces when I opened it probably due to shipping. Like it turned into powder. XD It was completely wrapped in bubble wrap but it still got broken. I was actually wondering why there's glittery powder on the other items that I got then I figured out it was because of the highlighter. I was thankful the blusher made it (it has a slight crack) even though I wasn't very impressed at how it performs. :P
I personally didn't like this product but I'm not discouraging you to purchase this because some of you may still like this. Maybe I'll like this if this was a bit pigmented and doesn't break easily. :P

That's it! :D
I hope this was helpful

Get yours here:
This collection is only available in Korea but you can also get yours at Beautynetkorea, they offer free shipping and They're having a Big Christmas Event right now, if you don't wanna miss it click THIS. :D

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I'll be back with another post on Friday. :D

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  1. It's a pity it's so fragile :/ And the mirror really should have been added...However, I like the colours :D

  2. omg. so cute! I would stare at it a thousand times before I could finally use it :p awww. too bad it's not that great.

    Bella /

  3. Oh, a pitty it has a poor quality and is so easily to break. I loved the design and look of it, but it was too expansive in my eyes. Thanks for the review, dear ♥

  4. OMG that's so cute! I love all things disney! I must get my hands on this immediately! Where did you get this? xoxo Lisa giglove

  5. Oh wow that looks so adorable! I like the lavender color the most, although all of them are a bit too light for my taste. :) GIG

  6. Wow beautiful this product! I like very much its packaging *_*

  7. Oh wow this looks super cute, I want one!!! Wish they shipped to the UK, love it ;)

    Laura x

  8. Its a stunning compact, what a shame it breaks up so easily, for the price it should be more hard wearing. Love the colours though.

  9. eyyy etude house doesnt seem to really care with their quality anymore

  10. hey there! I read like 4 or 5 reviews on this cute blusher so far, I found yours the most detailed one. and I can't stress more each time I read a review on this product, I get disappointed more and more. Sigh.
    I wonder why EH is focusing more on packaging rather than the product itself? T_T
    Anyway, I'll be looking forward to read your review in the future, so I followed ya'!
    Do drop by my blog and say hi, okay? ^_^
    xx, Mira |

  11. Hi Hun, the packaging of this blusher looks really pretty and cute, however you are right! the colours are way to light to show up as a blush. Such a shame about the lack of mirror and how delicate it is... considering the price etude house should do a little bit better in quality... thank you for you honest review!! Big hugs <3

  12. It's so pretty but so light. I don't think it would show up on me x

  13. It's too bad that it's so sheer. Isn't that typical for a lot of Korean blushes though? That's what I've noticed so far. I'm guessing it's because the popular ulzzang look doesn't really emphasize blush and it's all about having pale, milky white skin for Korean girls. It's still cute though and I want to try it out!

  14. OMG looks amazing! I really want this blusher.


  15. I absolutely love the packaging!!! And it's so soft and pretty. GIGLOVE

  16. I need to get this! Minnie looks very sassy!

  17. I got it because of the packaging but mine fell on the floor (but only like 30cm high) and it broke already so I'm disappointed as well. -.- The pigmentation is meh but since I'm really fair I can still use it. Might be hard to work with it in the summer time though

  18. Oh gosh it is so adorable !!! I am such a sucker for minnie inspired products...

    Anyway, want to follow each other ?
    Do drop me a comment if you have followed me on any of the social media platform (GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, Lookbook or Instagram) ya, I will definitely follow you back ! :D * Pinky swear*
    facebook/smallnhot | twitter/mysarah159 | instagram (@mysarah159) | BlogLovin/smallnhot |

  19. sad that your review confirms what i told myself not to buy this because of! :( i thought it looked too sheer especially with the lavender and the fact that it doesn't come with a mirror is also bad. it's too bad this was so low quality it cracked and the highlighter broke completely! glad i passed...thanks for the warning. xx


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