Etude House XOXO Minnie Look at My Eyes Cafe & Jewel Eyeshadow Review

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Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
Hiiii! :) I'm back to reviewing Etude House products! lol Too much EH on this blog.. you'll see more in the future. XD This post was actually meant to be posted yesterday but then I saw ep 46 of 아빠 어디가  and I just have to watch it. It was so funny, the kids were so cute and there were a lot of alpacas. *-* Okay enough of that, let's proceed to the mini review. :P
Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
Look at my eyes is Etude's eyeshadow line with 4 different categories Cafe, Jewel, Icing and Duet.
They only added XOXO Minnie shades in Cafe and Jewel though.
Cafe is matte finish, most shades in Look at my eyes Cafe are neutral and very wearable so I was quite surprise they added PK006, the hot pink one. Jewel is shimmery, perfect for the inner corners of the eyes to achieve a more youthful look.
I got all shades of the XOXO Minnie eyeshadows that they released. PK005, PK006 and BE104.
Here's a closer look:
Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
PK005 - Minnie Peach
Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
PK006 - Bubble Pink
Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
BE104 - Shining Beige
I can't seem to capture the real colors of these eyeshadows because of the lighting. BE104 has a peachy base in real life not yellow, it has gold and silver shimmers in it. PK005 is more on the peachy side and PK006 is much more vibrant.
Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
I think the packaging for the Cafe (matte) are really cute because of the polkadots. lol As much as I love bows, the packaging for Jewel didn't really impress me. Downside is I find these kind of hard to open sometimes. The hearts are so cute! *-*
Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
Sorry, lighting sucks. orz
I had to put 3 layers for this to show up without primer, so yes, it's quite sheer. It shows up pretty well with primer though except for the PK005, I had to layer it. Both BE104 and PK005 are wearable and can pretty much go with anything while the PK006 is more of a blusher shade than eyeshadow imo but if you're adventurous with eye make up, I'd say give the PK006 a go because it's an unusual eyeshadow color. I tried it as a blusher and I like it. lol Doesn't last that long though.
Etude House Look at my eyes cafe jewel xoxo minnie eyeshadow
 Bonus photo. lol
These eyeshadows are okay. I like these eyeshadows, I never dared to get Etude House eyeshadows because aside from the fact that I don't use eyeshadow (lol), I thought the quality won't be that nice and I was wrong. Though the quality isn't superb, I'd say it's perfect for it's price. It's extremely smooth to apply though the matte ones were a bit powdery for me, just a bit. I don't really like shimmery eyeshadows but BE104 is my favorite. Doesn't have the peachy base color when you apply it though, only the gold and silver shimmers shows but still it's pretty! *-*
If you don't like these shades from the XOXO Minnie collection make sure to check out the entire Look At My Eyes line because there are TONS of shades to choose from! :)
That's it for the review. 
Get yours here:

The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse.  Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest.
My exam was moved to December 11, I think I already tweeted about it but just in case you guys don't know yet. :P When we found out that the exam was moved we hurriedly went to mall and watched Catching Fire. lol I also missed a lot of shows because I had to concentrate in studying so it's now time to catch up. YAY lol

Have you guys tried these eyeshadows? I'm not good at eye make up but I really want to try Etude's Play Color Eyes palette. *o*
bye! :D

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  1. Thankyou for the Review! I like the way you edited those pic<3
    I like the Cafe shade, I might have to check it out! :D

  2. I never like eh eyeshadows bc of the trauma i get after trying one of their shadows lol my final exam week starts next week which is dec 2 ;___; cries
    you always have the best pics out of all review blogs, i wish i had a nice camera and a skill T_T

  3. i really want to try the Etude House Play Color Eyes Palette too !

  4. Thank you for that review! Your photos are amazing as always!

  5. whoa i love all those color shades!

  6. I still haven't managed to find these in the shops anywhere! I will have to look online, I just really want to try them after your lovely reviews!

  7. Love the way you position those pictures and how you took the swatches! I wish I could take and arrange such pretty pictures xP

    Thanks for sharing, love the glittery one~~ So prettY!

  8. i always love your review, so detailed with nice photo :D
    gonna check out the pink one :)

  9. great post :) those eye shadows look so nice and pretty!!

    meimei xx

  10. Somehow this is the only product which wasn't appealing to me from the collection =/
    The pink one looks nice though but I guess it can be a bit difficult to wear.
    hehe How did you like the movie? I think it was great ^.^

  11. i really like the orange and shimmer! I don't think i would mind the sheerness since i like natural looks C:

  12. i'm not really interested with this Minnie eyeshadow but after seeing your swatch, i think the peach shade is quite pretty :D
    your pics are always so HD, Marxie *.*

  13. Thank you for the review, Marxie!! Love love love your photos and editing ♥ Like a prooooo ^_^

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, Marxie! You're like my Senpai in photographies haha. Omg Senpai noticed me ; o ; xD Anyways, I love Shining beige the best too, it's so pretty *-* I wanna buy the same color soon too and thanks for your review, they're awesome as always ^u^

  15. These are so pretty! I really love the pink one ^^


  16. Haha the pictures are all
    So cute! Love the hearts patterns <3 cafe looks amazing I love brown for eyeshadow (and black obviously) haha the eyeshadow looks good but I really wish to see your eye makeup look one day like you told me you will post :D

  17. the quality isn't bad for the price but i dislike how sheer they are :/ without primer of course, overall these are lovely products and I love your photos x


  18. OH gosh, the packaging looks amazingly adorable ! It looks better with primer ...

    Anyway, want to follow each other ?
    Do drop me a comment if you have followed me on any of the social media platform (GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook, Twitter, Lookbook or Instagram) ya, I will definitely follow you back ! :D * Pinky swear*
    facebook/smallnhot | twitter/mysarah159 | instagram (@mysarah159) | BlogLovin/smallnhot |

  19. Definitely a gorgeous trio! I'm not so sure how it would turn out if I bought it but thanks to your review, I can see the swatches clearly :)


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