Etude House Princess Etoinette Season 2 Winter Collection 2013 with Swatches

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Are your wallets/bank accounts ready for this? Are you guys ready for this?  Are youuuu?
If you're a fan of Etude House then I'm sure you guys can still recall that they released their first Princess Etoinette collection early November last year. If you missed it then click HERE. I remember telling you a few posts back that I'm really excited to see their holiday/winter collection for 2013. And finally! The day I've been waiting for has finally arrived, Etude House released there Princess Etoinette Season 2 Winter Collection today.
Let's start, shall we? /wink/
I believe this is the star product of this line. This perfume is also the first product tat Etude House revealed in their facebook fanpage and blog.
Here's the actual product photo:
WANT! lol
25,000 won
The most expensive product in this line. It has the same packaging as the Etoinette blusher, highlighter and powder from last year.
You can use this powder on your cheeks, eyes, body and lips.
13,000 won
This also has the same packaging as last year, the only difference is that last year was in the color pink. I own the red shade from Etoinette last year and I really like it. I wonder if the red shade in this collection is just the same as the red one in the last collection.
There were more shades to choose from last year. This year, they only have 3 shades:
PBE102 moon flower under the stars
PRD302 A sip of Wine
PPK005 Versailles Noble Blood
Not sure if that's the correct translation of the shades but don't judge me, I can't read hangul and using google translate isn't much help either. lol

Check out my review on the Crystal Shine Lips HERE
8,000 won
This one is new, they don't have a hair mist last year. 
8,000 won
They don't have a hand cream last year either. A lot of korean brands has released hand creams for the holiday season.
They have 2, White Peony and Pink Rose. I bet both of this smells amazing.
11,000 won
The candles they released last year were smaller and I've also seen other brands released scented candles in their holiday collection. Not gonna lie, I'm actually tempted to get a candle from Innisfree. XD but both of these candles from etude seems nice too. *o*
Same scent with the hand creams, White Peony and Pink Rose.
5,000 won
They're having a promo in Korea rn. You'll get this mirror if you buy the perfume and all over powder.

This one isn't really from this collection but this was also released today.
Another limited edition palette from Etude House. I want! *o* I think the shades in the And Rose Flowering Eyes were prettier though. Too bad it's not available anymore.. Etude should restock the Flowering Eyes! ;___;
1 - So Hot Play
2 - So Chic Play
I like So Chic Play.

You can get all these at:
Beautynetkorea (available now plus they have a Christmas event rn)

Do you like this new collection? or do you think last year was better?
and if you were going to choose between White Peony and Pink Rose, which one will you choose? *o*

All photos are from Etude House and were edited by me.

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  1. Lipstick!!! I want the pale lipstick Marxie ^^ can I? :D but the red lipstick color is really vibrant and really pretty too it's the first time I wanna try red shade haha. Maybe I should get the red lipstick xD I've been eyeing the lipstick cause I love entoinette lipstick even from the last season. Hand cream looks nice and it's cheap :D the perfume is super pretty maybe I will feel like Marie Antoinette using it haha xD

    Btw aren't you supposed to be studying xp

  2. I want those candles! I love what they've done with the new packaging.

  3. I'm attracted to the perfume and lippie but i liked the previous Etoinette packaging better, maybe i am partial to pink, but i think they were a lot prettier and more princessy!

  4. too bad that there are only 3 shades for the lipstick and the packaging is in white colour.. now i dunno whether i should get it or not.. :|

  5. OMG the lipstick and the palette is so pretty!!!! THA PACKAGING! *died*
    Gawd. Now I really want the palette #2. It's amazing.

    Bella /

  6. i really want to buy the hand creams and the lipstick! It's so gorgeous <3 etude house really like to make my money go away xD

  7. I've always loved the design of the princess etoinette line from Etude House, but I actually never bought a single item of the old collection. I would be really tempted for the lipsticks...but I have so many lipsticks, I don't know what to do XD

  8. Wow I want to try the eye shadow palette *-*

  9. I like lipsticks and the all-over powder...the other items are ok, but they are too...ordinary..:D But I like it nonetheless! :D

  10. omg the lipstick and the 2nd plaette are so pretty *-* I wanna get these stuff. I'm also really interested for the hair mist but I'm curious what the scent of it is like >,<

  11. I actually like this year's collection more even though I didn't buy anything from last year. The white color makes it a bit more mature.
    Gosh the lipsticks are so gorgeous! Definitely buy one or two of them *_* And the eyeshadow palette is love at first sight! Hopefully they restock them :( I also love love love them packaging of the All Over Powder but too bad that I don't use those poweder :( Prefer compact ones.

  12. Oh I actually prefer the first collection but this collection looks amazing! I'm super tempted to buy those lipsticks and the eye palettes especially the 2nd palette! *-*

  13. I love etude house because of their packaging ;___; unfurtunatly here in Italy we can't get those products! :( so sad..

    SoBarbylicious BLOG
    SoBarbylicious Facebook PAGE

  14. OMG The fuchsia lipstick and the eyeshadow palettes look amazing!!! //FANCYTHEE

  15. ALREADY? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I think my wallet is having a heart attack! No! it's too soon! Ugh...I want the lipsticks though. The shades look awesome!

  16. I love jolse. they pack things nicely with bubble wraps and they ship amazingly fast.

    In in middle east so the package delivery is door to door and i dont pay any tax. When you order in Philippines, will the deliver door to door too or my receipient must go to the post office and pay hefty tax? thank you so much

  17. visit


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