Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure Review

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Does your lipstick fade after a few hours? Are you tired of reapplying it? Do you wish to find something that doesn't come off easily and stays on even after eating? Well, I think I found just the right product for that! Here's the product that claims to be longer lasting than manicure, except that it's for your lips and not for your nails.
Manicure for the lips, Lipnicure!
Specially developed to provide long lasting effect and high intensity color for a flawless finish with a single touch upon lips.

Here's how the actual box looks like. It's black and the word Lipnicure is printed in the same color of the lipnicure that you got.
Clio's Virgin Kiss Lipnicure comes is 8 shades:
1. Trouble Peach
2. Nasty Pink
3. Crime Pink
4. Cynical Orange
5. Revenge Pink
6. Rumor Coral
7. Tension Red
8. Guilty Pink

I got #3 which is Crime Pink and #7 Tension Red.
I wouldn't blame you if you've mistaken this as nail polish because the packaging is similar to those. They probably chose it to live up to it's name "Lipnicure" (i wonder if they'll come up with something like eyenicure JK) and their tagline which is "longer lasting than manicure" I usually like products that has cute packaging but I must admit I can't help but like this too.
This is how the applicator looks like in front and side view. It looks like a normal applicator in the front but it has this slight curve  on the side. I find it easy to use the curve of the applicator in applying and spreading the Lipnicure in my lower lip. 
 Here's how it looks like on the lips.
this won't look good on dry lips. XD you need to exfoliate first and moisturize.
Tension Red is a really pretty red. It's prettier in real life imo!
Crime Pink isn't really pink but more of a peachy/coral with a hint of pink. It becomes more coral the more you layer it. Crime pink dries faster than Tension Red for some reason so my application is kinda messy. sorry. lol I kinda don't like the formula for Crime Pink, it dries faster and looks thicker when I layer it.
Both shades are more vibrant in real.
This contains Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil.
Now let's see if this product is true to its claims.
1. Smudge Test
It didn't budge. Not even a bit. Make sure that you wait for it to dry before trying to rub it. It's pretty much going to stay there once it's dried.
2. Waterproof Test
This also claims to be waterproof and IT IS. I tried to drink (like a lot) on a white mug just like what Dara did and it didn't leave a mark. 
3. Waterproof + Smudgeproof Test
I had running water over it and then rubbed it after that and as you can see in the photo it barely came off. I just did this to test the lasting power but it isn't really necessary right? Since you wouldn't really rub your lips that hard. XD

I LOVE LIPNICURE, especially Tension Red. 
But of course, this product isn't perfect. I find it really hard to remove. It's like you had your lips painted and you need to spend quite a good amount of time to get it removed. Imagine if you're tired and you just wanna sleep and you just want to remove all your make up as fast as you can, you wouldn't be able to do that if you use this. BUT the good thing is that after finally succeeding in getting it removed is that your lips will feel so soft as if you just exfoliated it. lol

Super duper long lasting (lol)
Dries fast
Smudge proof
water proof
doesn't leave lip marks
Matte Finish
Hard to remove (you should use the lipnicure remover)
Wish there were more shades
can't really think of any other cons atm XD

That's it. I recommend this if you want a lip product that it long lasting and doesn't leave any residue. Missha also has there version of this but I haven't tried it yet so I can't comment on which one is better. Anyway, I'm quite satisfied with this product. Thanks to Ibuybeauti for sending me this for me to try. :D If I'm not mistaken, Ibuybeauti is the first online shop that posted about this product. ^^

Get yours here:
 Exam on Friday. OTL WISH ME LUCK! lol
I'll be back on Wednesday though because Etude will release the Season 2 of Princess Etoinette collection. lol Come back here on Wednesday if you want to see the full list of the products. :D


I checked Clio's website last night, maybe a lot of people complained on how hard it is to remove the lipnicure so it turns out they came up with a special remover. The Lipnicure Remover. Click HERE to see the other products, such as the remover, top coat, lip concealer, lip primer, etc.
Credit: clubcliokr

Ibuybeauti saw your comments and because they value you all, they decided to reduce the price of the Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure. YAY! They will also give an exclusive discount just for all of you my lovely readers. On the check out process, you will see "additional information" you should leave a comment that includes "queen of aegyo" to get a $3 refund. :D They will send the refund on your paypal account. The exclusive discount will last only until the end of December so don't miss the chance! They also offer free shipping and you don't have to worry about your items getting lost because Ibuybeauti offers 100% Safe Worldwide Shipping. :)

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  1. This looks really good it's such a shame about the price though $24 is quite a lot for what it is isn't it? The red one looks really good on you.

    Kate (UK Bloggers)
    Beauty Hot Squad - Mark Hill Big Night Out Range!

  2. Woah, that's seriously long lasting. o__o Thanks for the awesome review! And good luck on your exams! :D


  3. Good luck on your exams!
    and holy cow ive never seen something like this before. If i didnt know this is a lip product, i would think that youre reviewing an eyeliner on your smudgeproof and waterproof test o_o but the price omg i wish it rained money

  4. Love the red one..and it's amazing on you! It's a little bit expensive though..

  5. I thought this was a nail polish when I saw the first pic! Lmao.

    Seriously though, I may have to give these a try as I can never find a long lasting lip colour! Awesome post.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. The two colours look so pretty. I've been looking for long-lasting lipcolour, so I definitely want to try this! Thanks so much for the helpful review. :)

  7. i want to try the rumor coral one but seeing the tension red makes me want to buy it too!!! thanks for the review^^

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  8. Wow, they look fabulous. I wonder how easy they are to get here in the UK. Thanks for sharing! I love the red one!

  9. I use the tension red too, I love it ! I also got a free top coat, it's really pretty when you apply it. I plan to buy their makeup remover haha.

  10. Thanks for the review! It was a bit expensive to buy so I put them into my wishlist. Previously I decided to buy this but my eyes was caught with something else. Anyway, nice rev!Definitely put this up again in my wishlist..haha

  11. The packaging is too adorable !! I shall hunt for it in my nearest store... hahah

    P.S. GIG LOVE from

  12. These are so beautiful!!! Really love the shade and the name....super original !!!


  13. oohh lala im loving the red shade! looks highly pigmented! ~giglove

  14. I like similar lip products :D This reminds me of Lime Crime Velvetines! :) I like the pink one very much :D

  15. Wow I love this product! The colors are gorgeous and I was completely sold at the packaging and how longlasting it is! GIG

  16. I've never seen this brand before. The colors are really pretty!! GIGLOVE

  17. I like the brand name, it’s catchy. The colors are cool especially the red. ^_^ giglove

  18. Beautiful! Thanks for the review, I think the red looks really good on you! And I remember your post mentioning about liking red lipsticks, seems like you love red lip colours! haha =D


  19. Both such great colors, I love that shade of red especially. <3 GIGLove

  20. thesse are expensive but i think its worth buying ... gorgeous shade

  21. Love the bright red shade! And it really doesn't budge, wow!!

  22. wow this look really good! I really like the name as well I think is very clever! They do remind me a lot to the lime crime velvetines. Good luck in your exams! xxx

  23. the packaging is adorable! i hate reapplying lipsticks!!!! love the color too :)

  24. Wow, this sounds promising and looks really great. :) I have to buy the Tension Red shade.

  25. I love both of them! And they both look so great on your lips! But I don't know whether I would be able to pull of the crime pink! BTW, if these perform as well as you do, I am totally in. However, I am not sure they are available here :(

  26. the natural shade is pretty cool...I have a question: isn't it too creamy and mat?

    BTW I'll give it a try for sure. Have a great start of the week bella.

  27. I soo love the Red !! It looks great on you. But then it kinda looks very creamy, isn't it? Or is it just the picture?

    xx Chaicy
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  28. Love the red lips!! Good to hear that it's long lasting, perhaps I shall try it out soon :D

  29. wow they look really long lasting! it doesn't even come off when you eat or drink!

  30. Aaahhh!!!! How cute the packaging is <3 Loved the red one but I'm not liking it can be flaky after application.

  31. O.M.G. I can't stop staring at the packaging!!! I have to try this, I'm a huge lip junkie, and this needs to find a home in my lip drawer. GIG

  32. i wonder how the peach color look like XD


  33. I ike the one on the left that red shade is Love! GIG


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