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etude house xoxo minnie
A few days ago, Etude House teased us with some photos of products from their latest collection. I know.. It's only been a month or two since Etude House unveiled their & Rose collection and now here they are again. I'm not complaining though because I always get excited when they release something. XD The long wait is finally over as they finally released all the products from their XOXO Minnie collection today. Etude House collaborated with Disney this time and this collection will only be available in Korea but worry not, I'm pretty sure a lot of online shops will have these products. I will put a list of online shops at the end of the posts. Are you guys ready? *o*
This collection has a total of 9 products. 
#01 Minnie Red
#02 Bubble Pink 
"Moisturizing lipsticks with vivid color" 
I've seen a couple of swatches of these lipsticks at korean blogs and I really like the Bubble Pink. *o*
Multi blusher that makes face lovely and lively like Minnie
Highlighter that makes skin bright and beautiful with various pearls and voluming effect
Too bad this doesn't come with a mirror. 
#01 Minnie Up Lash
#02 Minnie Under Lash
This isn't really a new product. I think the only difference is the box. lol I'm not sure though. The box of this one has a Minnie Mouse design in it.
You can buy a refill of Any Cushion for 10,000 won. This case also comes with a new air puff.
1 Minnie in White
2 Minnie in Black
3 Minnie in Pink
4 Minnie in Silver
1 Minnie Red
2 Bubble Pink
3 Mininie White face
4 Minnie Pink Ribbon
5 Minnie Silver Ribbon
6 Minnie Black face
Look at My Eyes Jewel 2g
5,500 won
BE104 Shining Beige
 Look at My Eyes Cafe 2g 
3500 won
PK006 Bubble Pink
PK005 Minnie Peach

All these products are now available in: 
These will soon be available here too:

Do you like this new make up collection from Etude House? I like the lipsticks (as always lol) and the false eyelashes! How about you? :D

All photos belong to Etude House and were edited by me.

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  1. Blusher and highlighter are a little too expensive :(( the lipstick looks really cutr though! I would rrally like to make my own cushion too!

  2. They're so cute! I want them all! <3

  3. All of them are cute!! Too bad the blusher and highlighter didn't come with a mirror though.

  4. The pink lipstick!!! <3<3<3 //FANCYTHEE

  5. Great collection, adorable packaging!

  6. OMG, the minni mouse collection is so CUTE!! I really want to purchase the lipstick - the packaging is amazing and the colour payoff is gorgeous as well >~~< and the blush, i love how they're imprinted the minni mouse logo on it as well!! This post makes me want to buy everything in the collection, my wallets gonna become empty >_<

  7. OMG! It's so cuteeeeeee, I love everything!!!! My favorite are the stickers for the nails, I want it now!!!!:D
    Love, Laura.

  8. The blushers etc are too expensive, but I'd love to try the red lipstick and nailpolish, and the black and white nailpolish glitter.

  9. Life is so cruel T_T I'm just about to try their rosy products and these came >< haha the lipstick looks great (finally something that's not lip tints) XD and I want the lower lashes too! Look so natural and pretty <3

  10. This new collection is so exciting, I really want something but I don't know what to buy since I basically don't need any of these ;-;
    I will try the nails stuff I think, that's so cute !

  11. Omg need that blush!! This collection is awesome!! ❤️

  12. the lipstick and glittery nail polish :3

  13. OH EM GEE! This is the cutest!
    Thank you so much for introducing this, I just went to ebay and bought all the nail polishes + glitters, blush and the fake lashes! Love this collection so much <3
    Kamsahamnidaaa~ ^^

  14. Ooooh, so cute!
    Love the lipsticks


  15. I like the new image of this collection :D It's all so cute with bows ;w; I like the lipsticks too! And the highlighter and blusher look really nice too even tho they're helly expensive T^T

  16. I recently saw another press release and it looks lovely ! I wish it was available here in the US

  17. Nice post dear..

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  19. OMG Etude House + Minnie Mouse = best collab :p I have just ordered everything off this collection except for the mascara and the cushion case. Im so excited I can't wait to receive them xx




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