CC Cream Review II: Iope, Laneige, Mamonde and The Face Shop

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Hello everyone! Is it just me or the cc cream hype has already died down? Have you found the perfect cc cream or are you going to stick to bb cream or maybe.. you're going to jump into the cushion foundation bandwagon? :D Anyway, here's the part 2 of my cc cream comparison review and this will most probably be the last too. :P If I'm not mistaken, I got these last August. It took me quite a long time to have this review posted because of some unfortunate events and it also takes time to test all these, not to mention taking product photos and editing. If you haven't seen my previous cc cream review and want to check it out, here are the links: Tonymoly CC cream review, Etude House, Banila Co, The Face shop Aura cc cream review

Just like my other cc cream reviews, these were all sent to me by my sponsor Ibuybeauti for review purposes. Check out all the cc cream available in their shop HERE.
This will be a lengthy post because I will be reviewing 4 cc creams, Mamonde, Iope, Laneige and The Face Shop Aqua UV

mamonde cc cream
Complete Care + Golden and Silver Flower Aged Vinegar
SPF 35 PA++
40 ml
Multi Cream
mamonde cc cream
Mamonde isn't really that popular internationally so everything except for the front side of the box is written in Hangul, even the ingredients.
Product Info:
1. To make sleek skin texture
Flower ingredients provides glossiness while naturally filling in skin bumps, which is called the "double layering method"
2. For natural skin tone care
Pink color texture containing color changing capsules to fit to own skin color naturally
 -taken from ibuybeauti-
mamonde cc cream
 Most cc cream comes in a tube packaging with a pump dispenser, this one isn't. It's in a small squeeze type tube. I actually prefer this type over those with pump dispenser because I find it easier to dispense and control the amount of product.

iope cc cream
Complete Care CC Cream
SPF 35 PA++
35 ml
Anti Wrinkle
iope cc cream
This comes in 2 shades
1. Clear Beige
2. Natural Beige
The one that Ibuybeauti sent me was Natural Beige
1. Contains Bio Essence Essential Ingredient
-Bio Essence key factor- Bio redox applied
2. Brightening Effect and Skin tone correcting
3 Step Total Skin care
1st - enhancing skin condition with Bio Redox
2nd - Tidying up skin texture with dual layering texture
3rd - Expressing clean skin tone with water color system
3. To express clean and sleek skin
91% of testers experienced better skin condition in preliminary test.
It's in a blue glossy tube with a pump dispenser that is similar to Etude's.
Water Base CC Cream
SPF 36 PA++
Make up Base
Like Iope, this also has 2 shades:
1 Peach Pink - for fairly bright skin and for those desiring a brighter skin
2 Pure Beige - for slightly dark skin and for those desiring a calm looking skin
How to use:
1. Bare skin cream - apply this product to get naturally bright and milky skin
2. Multi Cream - it has the function of sun protection, base/primer for enhanced brightness and concealing power for the next skin care stage
3. Whitening Cream - helps to whiten skin
 SPF 50 PA+++
Anti Wrinkle
A long lasting, powerful UV block cc cream that lowers the skin temperature by 2°C.
A wrinkle care, whitening and sunscreen triple function cosmetic
1. Cools down skin temperature 
-Ice plant water used for instant moisturizing
- Ice cool formula for instant cooling effect
2. Strong Sun proof
- SPF 50 PA+++ strong UV protection
3. Aqua fit makeup
Lightweight, aqua soft texture stays put against sweat and sebum
This also has 2 shades
01 Radiant Beige
02 Natural Beige
the air puff
It has the exact packaging as the aura cc cream. Both are housed in a portable compact, the only difference is the color.
You need to be extra careful when you press the button because there will be times when you'll accidentally get too much product than what you really need. Like what I said in my previous review, this is portable but can be messy. It's also hard to clean the sponge!

The only one that has color capsules is Mamonde and it's supposed to match your skin tone. However, it appeared to be darker on me no matter how much I try to blend it. I gave it some time to oxidize as well but nothing changed, you can't really see it that much on the photo but it's like 2 tones darker than my skin tone irl so I don't use this much because my face would look tan and my skin tone won't look even. It does look glowy but it fades after a while.
TFS Aqua UV and Iope are both creamy and easy to spread out. I just got the wrong shades, these cc creams has 2 shades and I got the darker shade, natural beige, so they look yellow on me. I also prefer using the provided sponge/air puff when using these because it looks nicer and it doesn't cake up, it does tend to cake up just a teeny bit when you use fingers. It's also easier to blend when you use the sponge and apply it by tapping method instead of spreading. TFS indeed has cooling effect, that is when you use the sponge. I don't really feel any cooling effect whenever I use my fingers. When it comes to dewiness, I'd say you can see more dewy effect in Iope than in TFS.
Laneige, on the other hand, is comparable to Banila Co. Both are in white and both brightens the skin tone in an instant. It doesn't have any color capsules in it. Out of all these 4, Laneige gives the most dewy/glowy effect. This cc cream can be easily spread and it doesn't cake up no matter how many times you layer it. This works best as a base but can also be worn alone.

All of these feels moisturizing and the oil control is just average. Mamonde has the most oil in it, then Iope, TFS and lastly, Laneige. Laneige is the first water base cc cream by Amore Pacific but as you can see it still contains a bit of oil. I'm not complaining about it though, I have tried about 9 cc creams and Laneige has the least oil, second is Banila Co.
Sorry about the photos, I'm using a new cam and I'm still learning how to use it. It's hard to make it focus so some of the photos are blurry.

Though Laneige has the least oil and brightens the skin the best, the coverage is minimal to none. It does soften redness though but it's not good with dark spots. I like this cc cream because I love products that brightens and clears up my skin tone, it can easily be removed by water and my skin feels soft and smooth when I remove it, however, I still prefer Banila Co. I think this works better as a primer.
You can build Mamonde and Iope's coverage from sheer to medium. Both can cover blemishes and reduce the appearance of redness and evens out skin tone. But imo, IOPE cc cream is better than Mamonde, especially when it comes to skincare, my skin has improved a bit probably because of the bio redox but I have seen instant results with Laneige when it comes to softness and smoothness.
The Face Shop comes first when it comes to coverage. I guess I'm just gonna let the pictures do the talking. XD All I can say is that among all the cc creams that I've tried, The Face Shop (both Aura and Aqua UV) is the best when it comes to coverage. It's also long lasting while others lasts only for 4-6 hours.

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I had chest pain for soe unknown reason so I slept early. I think I should've just posted an individual review? It would look much more organized but oh well I'm just so happy I finally posted this. lol idk is this is helpful. /gets thrown in a cliff/

Who watches kdramas? I finished Good Doctor last week (it ended last week, right?) and it's really good. Definitely recommended! Now I'm watching The Heirs, I mean how can you not watch it when there's so many flower boy in it? lol I'm so excited to see Eunsang and Youngdo's relationship even if I know that she'll end up with Kim Tan. I just find Eunsang and Youngdo more interesting. Hyunsik's aegyo cracks me up plus his character's name is Myungsoo. lolololol I still have a lot to say but maybe I should just stop. lol k im done.

Get yours here:
Mamonde CC Cream
Iope CC Cream
Laneige CC Cream
The Face Shop Aqua UV CC Cream

The products  mentioned were sponsored by Ibuybeauti. I'm not getting paid to write a positive review. Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest.


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  1. I like that you're comparing the products. I was really curious about TFS Aqua UV, since I'm using the TFS Aura CC cream at the moment and I really like it a lot ( because of the coverage). Nice review ♥

    1. Thanks Fraulein for always dropping by and commenting on my posts! :D
      I reviewed the Aura before too, I think the Aura and Aqua are pretty much the same. The Aqua just have a cooling effect which is actually barely noticeable. lol TFS CC has the best coverage.. I think. lol

  2. i bought the uv aqua cc cream but havent used it even though i bought it last month ._. and i dont know if i'm gonna be using it soon bc i'm kinda hesitating lol (idk why im weird like that)
    i just finished watching good doctor too! i expected a kiss and it was like 3 seconds!!!11 3 freakin seconds after 20 eps dude you serious. i need a new drama to watch bc nothin to do here so im gonna start watching the heirs very soon!!!!!!!111 i hope we can be friends :>

    1. But why are you hesitating? Haha!
      Of course we can be friends!! :D
      They kissed twice, well the first one was like a daydream but we can still count that one, right? lol Park Shion is just so cute! Let me know when you start watching the heirs, let's spazz together! :P

    2. yea i know but it was a ~daydream~



      i need






      starting the heirs now!!!1

  3. This is such a great post. I love it when people are so thorough. I really like the look of the Face Shop one as it's a bit different and looks a bit more handbag friendly.

    Kate H (UK Bloggers)
    ProActiv Make Up Cleansing Wipes Review

    1. Thanks for reading Kate! :D
      The face shop is really portable. It's just a bit bulkier than normal compacts. :) The problem is that it can be messy sometimes and it's hard to clean the sponge too.

  4. Never heard of CC before but this post is great, very informative and detailed :)

  5. I am still on the lookout for my perfect CC cream

  6. Thank you for the comprehensive review! I like that CC creams just give a more radiant glow. I don't mind the lesser coverage, since they never promised perfect coverage in the first place.
    I love the Heirs~ I stayed up late last night watching ep 4 and the cliffhanger is killing meh lol.

  7. Personally I think the tone of Mamonde has a pretty orange that I remain good, simply discard it and thanks to this review I know it's not a CC Cream to purchase to me. The Face Shop has good coverage but it looks more like a BB Cream with a yellowish tone that does not fit all to me. I think that if you buy it and that I liked most of all is the CC Cream Laneige has a tone, but not too much coverage because I don´t care what I like to give the CC Cream is light coverage.

  8. Great post :) , thanks for review dear :)
    I've tried TFS Aqua uv and IOPE cc cream, but I think IOPE much better than TFS
    IOPE makes improvement to my skin .. I use it with IOPE bio essence intense conditioning.
    kindly visit my blog, I am still beginner , kkkk ^^

  9. I was so curious about Mamonde's since I2ve read somewhere that it changes the fastest into your skin tone but after your review, I think it will be dark for me too :) Thank you ~~

  10. Nice review and comparison photos! :D

  11. Thank you so much for the detailed review!

  12. thank you for comparing the product.
    i was thinking to buy some cc creams.
    and laneige sounds good. :D

  13. hey, how if i apply TFS aqua cc cream then put on my twin cake powder? is that too much (considering the powder contains foundation in it) Thanks a lot. :)

  14. Thanks for the review! The Laneige one looks good to me because it covers redness quite well and has so little oil in it May be that will be my next CC cream to try! Followed you in Blogger and Bloglovin' :)

  15. Wow! These tests are super professional! Amazing reviews ^^


    Don't forget to check my & other stories giveaway ^^

  16. Now every girl is crazier towards CC cream than BB cream. Nice reviews of all your products. Is there any side effect of it?
    Moisturizing Hand Lotion USA

  17. OMG such a nice comparison post!! <3 thanks for sharing!
    Laneige has the best oil control so far :O
    I'm really want to try Laneige but it's quite pricey ;___;

  18. HI!! I love your review!! I live in Indonesia but not in the Capital city. Here we only have the face shop and etude house. I have seen both CC cream from these 2 Korean cosmetics brand but I am still hesitating on buying though. I came across your review page while searching for linage cc cream review after watching Leah Yeoh's foundation routine in youtube. I am SOOO surprised by lineage cc cream's effect on her and would like to know more on the product. I LOVE the oil test that you've done! I have oily-prone skin and I know now which product that suits me I believe! The thing is how could I buy lineage products? so that it can be shipped to my town in Indonesia?

    Anyway!! I love your blog! keep it up! Stay healthy!!!

  19. this is great review! I was considering getting the faceshop but I'm afraid of the messy product and it seems really bulky. Probably going to stick with the other cushion foundations for now.


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