Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence Review

7:16 AM

60 ml
For all skin types
Snail Secretion Extract 90% 
Bee Venom 
EGF Aloe 
Patented Substances 
Natural Perservatives
Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence is for all types of skins including sensitive and troubled ones. Instead of water, the product uses snail secretion filtrate, bee venom and EGF to cleanse your rough and damaged skin from various stress and pollution. In addition to the skin trouble care, moisture supply and skin tone improvement functions, Arbutin and Adenosine contents of the product help you whiten your skin and remove wrinkles.
Another review of a  product that has snail secretion in it. I know you probably think it's gross but if it can help you have a nicer skin, why wouldn't you try it? Right? I don't really have a lot of skin troubles, a bit of scars and large pores. my main concern is pores. (recommend some products that can make pores less visible pls) lol But after reading such good things about this product I just have to try it.
Ingredients list
8 Free system
No paraben
No mineral oil
No Alcohol
No Benzophenon
No chemical preservatives
No artificial fragrance
No artificial coloring
No steroid
Benton is a new brand, they only have a few products at the moment.
Their Snail Bee High Content Essence comes in a plastic pump bottle. There's really nothing special about the packaging.
The same product description that is seen on the box is also on the bottle itself.
You can see the manufacturing and expiration date at the back of the bottle
 close up of the pump dispenser
This essence has a light gel consistency. It's transparent and becomes watery once you spread it. It also unscented, gets absorbed quickly and I didn't feel any stickiness at all. I've used this for 3 weeks, 1 week alone and 2 weeks with other products. To be honest, I really expected a lot from this product but I ended up being disappointed. As I mentioned earlier, I don't really have that much skin problems and I rarely get pimples but after using this, I had like 3-5 pimples or even more than that. I'm not really sure why it happened. I decided to give it another chance and tried it again but pimples still keeps on appearing and that's when I decided to just stop using it. It's such a shame that this didn't work for me because I like the consistency and how it gets absorbed quickly like I didn't put anything on my face. Despite the fact that it gave me pimples, this still has some good points. It moisturized my skin and somehow brightened my skin within 3 weeks. I hope you guys aren't discouraged to try this out though. What didn't work for me may work for you besides there are really good reviews about this product out there. Maybe I was just wasn't lucky enough. XD

Recommended for:
Sensitive skin
Troubled skin
Oily skin
Dull skin
Dry skin
People who are concerned about acidity
Skin that is sensitive to chemicial substances

I'm so hungry rn. I just had to say that. lol More info about this product HERE
I forgot to put watermarks on the photos but that's fine. I'm too lazy to put watermarks on these photos anyway, the photos with a darker background is taken with the new cam that I'm using. It's not as good as the old one but it's still better than nothing. 

Get yours here:
The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse. I'm not getting paid to write a positive review. Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest.

Benton products are 20% off on Jolse until October 15. Ciracle, Missha and OST products are also on sale. Check them out here.

This is off topic but can you guys recommend some shows to watch? I like korean variety shows, kdramas, animes that are bloody (lol) and other shows like Teen Wolf and TWD. lol I type lol a lot. lololololol :|

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  1. A pitty it didn't work for you. I'm really curious about the benton products. I got some samples and I will definitively try them soon. Hopefully they'll work for me :)

  2. I'm scared to try this product because I don't wanna get more pimples xD but great review, I always love your photographies eheh~
    And you can watch 'You're the best Lee Soon Shin!" It's a comedy,romance,drama kdrama. Elfenlied for a bloody anime or Grimm for some fantasy series lol~


  3. I got the sample of this product and was excited to try this, but after reading the review i'm scared its gonna break me out >.< Great review though! So detailed ^^

  4. I've wanted this for a while know what? That's it, I'm done waiting, I'm getting it now! lol Shame it didn't work for you though.

    Beauty Challenged

  5. wow! this product sounds good.
    and the ingredients doesnt contain any harmful toxin.
    but, i dont think i can get it in my country. hm..

  6. Hello :)
    I also have started getting pimples from this product (and I don't usually have any pimples). I have been using it for 5 days so far and will continue to use it for at least 2 weeks to see if they pimples go away. I thought that perhaps I was the only one this happened to so I am glad to see that I'm not the only one. I am so sad that it hasn't given me the same result as most of the other bloggers out there.

  7. Aww, too bad it didn't work for you! I guess the effectiveness of skincare really depends on a person's skin type, since I have super acne-prone skin and this stuff was a lifesaver! This plus their steam cream completely brightened my skin and evened up my skintone <3 I did notice that this product doesn't seem to do much for people who don't actually have acne, so maybe it only works for acne prone skin? Or maybe it's causing you to purge since you don;t usually use acne products~


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