Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream Review

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Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream
Hello! How's everyone doing? :D It's time for me to make another review here! This was supposed to be posted last July OTL but I couldn't post it back then because I went on hiatus for almost 2 months? I have a lot of reviews to post tbh. I need to catch up real fast. XD I'm going to post another cc cream comparison review soon, also reviews of some cushion foundation. Please look forward to those reviews. ^^;;; I still have to finish something so this is just going to be a short review then I'll be back again tomorrow to post a *drum rolls* giveaway. Yay! I hope you guys will like it and join. :D

I know it says Illuminaiting on the tube ^^;;
[KLAIRS]Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream
Quick Overview:
-Natural coverage
-Anti irritation
-Sun Protection

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream
is Suitable for any skin type.
For dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin.

Brand : Klairs
All Skin Types
Volume : 40ml

4 main functions:
Wrinkle care
Sun protection
Sebum Control
Ingredients list

It comes in a long squeeze type tube which I really like because it's easier to control how much product you want to get and it's hygienic. The packaging is really simple and even if this is a korean brand, almost everything is written in English which is really helpful if you can't read Hangul. I'm pretty sure you also noticed the "Illuminaiting" in the tube. I'm not really sure if it's a typo error or if it was intentional, one thing I also noticed is their tag line "You look wonderful just the way you are" lol idk but I find it funny and somewhat sweet of them.
 Oil Test
That's quite a lot but the amount of oil in the blotting sheet stayed pretty much the same after 2 hours.
The coverage is buildable from sheer to medium. It can't cover dark spots that well, I'd suggest to cover the dark spots and other imperfections with your favorite concealer for full coverage. This bb cream has a slightly liquidy consistency which makes it easier to blend and not cake up, I think. It blends really well on my skin and gives an instant brightening effect. I really love products that has brightening effects because it makes my skin look healthier. lol This also gives a slightly dewy finish. This also contains hyaluronic acid so it's hydrating, perfect with those who has dry skin. I'm not really sure if this will be suitable for people who has darker skin tones. I'll make my friend try this and let you guys know what the result is. ^^

Get yours here:
Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream
$24.99 now $22.49

The product mentioned was sent to me by Wishtrend for review purposes.  I'm not getting paid to write a positive review. Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest

Just check the link to the product if you need more info. Thanks to Wishtrend for sending this to me. :)
I'll post a giveaway tomorrow. Thank you so much to all of my readers for still following this blog even if I don't update that much. I'm quite busy these past few days and my connection is so slow and it rains here every single day. It's kinda annoying really. XD Btw, I bought some products for another giveaway, it will be a "thank you giveaway" I'm not sure when I'll post it though because Infinite will be having a concert here, I'm going to save money for that concert first because omg my oppars are coming here /fangirl mode/ lol Maybe I'll post it when I reach a certain amount of followers, I will also add more products so it will be like a huge giveaway. *o*
Anyways, Bangtan (lol, is it obvious that I love Bangtan Boys so much?) has released their mini album last Wednesday. I love the Coffee and Luv in Skool so much. Jungkook's voice omg I can't asdjskjhfskjf I miss his old hair though.I'm so happy they have a variety show and they're currently promoting. 
Here's the link to their newest MV
Link to their concept trailer (love this so much, go watch it lol bias is the one in the middle, though you can't really see his face because it's dark but just look at him dance /cries/) I feel like I always mention Bangtan in my blog posts. lololol
(Hello Big Hit Entertainment, I'm promoting Bangtan in all of my sns accounts! LOL)

That's it for now. I will be replying to all the comments that I missed tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading and I'll be back again tomorrow. :D

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  1. hi..i can see its not really good for whom has spots or some redness....i can recomend the oreal cc cream..im liking them a lot...nice blog!!

  2. This looks really interesting, do they do one without the whiteners?

  3. I'd like something to cover my red cheeks in the winter lol x

  4. I´m not sure about this BB Cream, because I thinks is a bit expensive for the BB Creams than I usually purchase. Many thanks for your review!

    I want
    Invite you to my Firmoo Giveaway! You can win 1 pair of Glasses or
    Sunglasses. The winner choose the model!

  5. I like this BB cream but it's a lot mroe expensive than the products I usually buy and the oil control is a bit worse than my other bb creams but thank you for you lovely review! ^__^ ♡

    Mindy ♡

  6. I'm always happy when you put up a new review. You have such beautiful images always, which I could make mine look a bit better XD This one looks really interesting, although at the moment I have more than enough BB/CC creams. Have to use them up before trying anything new, haha.

  7. You remind me.... I haven't listened to bang tan new songs yet cause I just came back from vacation. Other than rapmon's drake cover haha. I died >_< haha anyway I've read a review about this product before and didn't really think I would wear it since I had scars and redness and tons of blemishes but somehow my skin is way better now and I consider this as one of the sheer bb cream I might need haha. Thank you for the review your pics are so fine as always <3 and I miss you T.T

    visit me while I write you long email haha


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