Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Pink Talk Review

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etude house dear my blooming lips talk pink talk
I'm back! I have another lip product review, it's from Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Pink Talk PK014 but before I start with the review, I want to share this to all of you first. LOL Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion commercial. LMAO Here's the link. Not sure if you guys have already seen it but if you haven't seen it yet then just click the link. It's pretty hilarious and I really enjoyed watching it because I love SHINee. Haha!

etude house dear my blooming lips talk pink talk
Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine.
Lipstick that creates vivid color on lips as it is.
Creates vivid lips with smooth and excellent coloring by Feather Creamy Gel. 
Spreads gently like cream and creates smooth lips.
Remains healthy lips with full of nutrition and moisture. 
 Top of the box.
etude house dear my blooming lips talk pink talk
How the box looks like. Even the box itself is so cute. ;_;

 It looks red here because the lighting is horrible. orz
Manufacturing date,product name, shade and other info can be found at the bottom of the lipstick case.
Ribbon! I've read some reviews that you can actually use this as a ring. I haven't tried taking it out yet because I'm quite afraid I might break it or something. lol
 This is how the bullet looks like. It's not hq because of the lighting. orz I also tried to make it bigger, as you can see there's a heart with a crown engraved on the bullet just like other Etude's dear my blooming lippies.
 taken outside.
etude house dear my blooming lips talk pink talk
I had quite a hard time capturing the real color  but I think these were pretty close. If you've tried some Etude House lipsticks before you probably know that some (if not most) of their lip products are very sheer when you swatch it, however, it's different with this one. The color stays the same as the color of the lipstick bullet and is also very pigmented and buildable. I'd say this is another dupe for what Yoon Eunhye wore in her drama "Missing you/I miss You" I really think this is similar. I haven't tried comparing it with my Ameli Rosebay(another dupe of what Eunhye wore in the drama) yet but I will let you guys know once I tested it out. It's very creamy and glides smoothly on the lips although this is again not recommended to those who has dry/chapped lips because it will accentuate the dry parts of your lips so it will not look good at you at all. You guys are most probably tired of me saying this but exfoliating and moisturizing is definitely required if you want this lipstick to look nice on you. It has matte finish, it settles on the lines of your lips and I don't really think it gives a moist shine just like what it says on the description. lol Staying power is just average but it leaves a tint so I think it's quite nice that it doesn't completely wear off. XD 
Almost forgot to say that the whole Dear My Blooming Lips-talk has 24 shades to choose from and they added 5 more shades (Pink Talk).
 I changed the font in my photos, what do you guys think?
Cute packaging
Wide variety of colors to choose from
Glides smoothly on the lips
A bit drying
Accentuates dry parts of the lips

The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse. I'm not getting paid to write a positive review. Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest

Get yours here:
Thanks a lot to Jolse for sending this product to me!  They're having a new event on their website "Weekly Discount Event" They have discounts for Innisfree products this week. *o* Still 10% off on O.S.T and Ciracle products and they have Etude's & Rose Collection and some other new products from other brands now. You can also see them on Facebook. CLICK HERE
Have you guys tried any shade from Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk?
Btw, Bangtan has a variety show now. The first episode was so funny. LOL Here's the link to the elevator prank (hidden camera) just in case some of you might be interested to watch it. I can't guarantee that you will laugh as much as I did because I'm not sure if you're familiar with them but if you guys have some time to spare, watch the video HERE. LOL They will also release their new MV on the 11th. So excited! *o*
I made gifs of my biases in Bangtan. LMAO

 Bias no.1 is the one in black and the other one is bias no.2 lol okay, I'm still not sure if he's no.2 because it's so hard to decide a second favorite. /FANGIRL PROBLEMS YO LOL/
okay, I should just end this now. lol
Bye! :D 

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  1. Oh the color of this liptick is really pretty dear, lovely package I have one lipstick of this collection and I fall in love with the package and the color.

  2. Haha i watched the commercial yesterday! It's so funny! Now that i wish I have my bias idols inside my makeup lol ~ Anyways, this is such a pretty color! I'd try it myself but honestly I can never lip sticks because it tend to peel my lips! Great review btw :D!

  3. I love the lipstick color :) I think it suits you well~!
    However its too violet for my liking o3o


  4. Love your review.

    I always think Etude Lipstick doesnt gives a very vibrant color, so I only tried one of their lipbalm in candy shape that changes ur lipcolor after applying.

  5. Oh my goodness that packaging is adorable! I'm really loving Korean cosmetics at the moment

  6. Kyaa bangtan! Where's my rapmon D: haha I love how you always complain about lighting and not HQ but to me those pics you posted always looks HHHHHD haha. Your lips me love! Thank you for the detailed review ^^ the color is pretty. Love the engraved heart on the Bullet

  7. What a cute packaging! Loving the details on lipstick itself....

  8. I watched the commercial already and they're so freaking adorable >u< omg I love how cute taemin looks in the one and how they're all wearing white omg I really wanna buy this cushions sjksdf *-*
    Do you think this one or the one by Laneige is better? :0
    And I love the color of the lipstick it's such a adorable pink but I honestly don't like wearing lipsticks qq
    But thanks for the review~! I'm really waiting for your answer ; u ;

  9. Love the color, love the packaging!

  10. I always love EH stuff, and this lipstick is no exception! I love Eun Hye's makeup in Missing You, and her lips were definitely a major point! :D

  11. i have this but in number 015 :D
    the color looks great on you, yes it's very similar to yoo eun hye's lip colour on missing you, her lips colour is so popular >.<
    and the font on your photo is pretty, i like it :D
    i just knew that the bow part can be used as a ring :O

    and btw i agree with misa, your photos are so clear and HD, nothing like bad lighting >.<

  12. The color is soo bright! I gotta get one of these. Thanks for the review! ;)

  13. love the packaging! x

  14. That is the cutest lipstick tube I've ever seen and the color is fabulous! Will def be buying this in the future! Thank you so much for sharing! love all the great pics! your blog is fabulous! xo xo

  15. Love that it's matte.

    It's hard to find cheap good matte lipsticks.

  16. I really love the packaging. so pretty!

  17. I have the same color! ^^ I was absolutely obsessed with this lipstick in spring, totally awesome and it would be just perfect if it wont be so drying. :)

  18. Oh my girls would love this, I'll have to show them. It's cute too :)

  19. The packaging is adorable! Wonderful review ♥

    New follower here. :) Please follow me as well ~

  20. Love the packaging for this, so pretty and the colour is really lovely, bit too bright for me xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk xx

  21. It really does look familiar to what Eun Hye wears on Missing You. I've actually been searching for this color ever since I saw her rocking it. Thank you so much for the review! :)

    PS: I LOVE BANGTAN BOYS OMGAHHHHH~ I can't choose who my bias is lol.. they're all so cute and derpy~ T-T <3

  22. super cute packaging :)

  23. These lippies are so cute!
    I also love the way you take your pictures and edit them!!

  24. The packaging is cute. Adorable gifs xx

  25. Amazing pics :) colour is gorgeous :)

  26. I just recently bought one of these lipsticks as well and I was surprised how good they are. I don't find them drying and love them a lot. ^^

  27. I am not too much of a fan of the colour fully on the lips. But the gradiant effect is gorgeous! Nice and honest review. :)


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