Peripera Peri’s Tints Water Review

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Peripera Peri's Tint Water Cherry Juice
 Hey! :)
I hope you're not yet tired on seeing my blog posts. lol I'm trying to catch up with all these product reviews because I went on hiatus for quite a long time. XD Today's review is about another lip product! /throws confetti/ lol You will be seeing a lot of lip product reviews on September, sorry but I'm not sorry, please just bear with it. :D the lighting today is really nice. It finally stopped raining here! FINALLY.  Anyway, time flies, it's going to be September soon. Ber months! *o*

Product info: 
Peri's Tint Water No.1 Cherry Juice
 Vivid color and long listing effect
  No greasy Make your lips lovely and sexy with one touch!
 How to Use
Apply a proper amount with a tip.
- taken from Jolse -

Product description on the box.
There are five shades for this tint.
No. 1 Cherry Juice
No. 2 Pink Juice
No. 3 Orange Juice
No. 4 Mandarin Juice
No. 5 Candy Juice
Back of the box.
It comes in a small glass bottle that is almost the same size of nail polish.
You can see the manufacturing date on the bottom of the glass bottle.
I did this to save space. lol
If you guys are a fan of 2NE1, you will probably recognize the drawing in the cap of the tint. It is designed by Mari Kim, the same designer who worked with 2NE1 before.
It's made of a small glass bottle (i'm just repeating what I said earlier lol)with a short doe foot applicator. You can see the brand name on the side of the cap and the name of the product on the glass.
I really think this is cute and very efficient for traveling because of the size but since it's made of glass, you might want to be careful not to drop it or accidentally break it on your bag. XD
The first pic is blurry. Sorry about that. I really need to buy a tripod. orz As the product name says, Tint Water, this is just as runny as water and as you can see on the first photo, it pretty much spread on the lines(?) of my wrist real fast. I applied it once on the left side and thrice on the right. So far, I never had a problem applying it on my lips even if it's runny. :P I use lip tints whenever I go to school because they give the most natural effect, it's like your lips but better and also because I don't like the feeling of lipstick and lip gloss gives. XD I really like this because it looks natural, perfect for everyday use! It's affordable, you also get a lot of product and the lasting power is great too. This has a couple of downsides too, just like other lip tints, this can be drying on the lips but a lip balm can fix that and it will settle on the cracks of your lips if you have dry lips so you will need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips first before using.
I usually use Tonymoly's tony tint (catchu tint) and Etude's Fresh Cherry tint but I think I'll be using this one a lot more now. XD

Cute packaging
5 shades to choose from
Lasts for about 4-6hours
Natural, perfect for everyday use
A bit drying
Has the tendency to settle on the cracks of the lips

The product mentioned was sponsored by Jolse. I'm not getting paid to write a positive review. Opinions expressed are based on my own experience and 100% honest

Get yours here:
Peripera Peri's Tint Water $8.08  

Thanks a lot to Jolse for sending this product to me!  They're having a new event on their website "Weekly Discount Event" They have discounts for Tonymoly products this week. *o* 10% off on O.S.T products and they have Etude's & Rose Collection now. You can also see them on Facebook. CLICK HERE

Are you guys also a fan of lip tints? or do you prefer lipstick or lip gloss? What's your favorite lip product? I would love to know. :D

Bangtan is going to release something later, 12AM. So excited! /fangirl mode/ LOL

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  1. Oh sweetie the package is really pretty, really cute the intense color many thanks for your detailed review.xx

    I want invite you to Join to my Firmoo Giveaway for win 1 pair of Glasses. You choose the model!

  2. I have this in Pink Juice and I didn't like the texture, well, maybe it's just me, but it dried so fast, that I couldn't blend out or anything, lol :3 anyways, this is such a pretty color, thanks for your post! :D

  3. I love love love the packaging and the colour is really good, not at all what I was expecting xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  4. The gradient looks so pretty and the packaging is to die for!!
    Thanks for the review c:

    mind checking my blog? <3

  5. That is such a cute tint! I don't think I could use it because I would just want to keep the packaging pristine! x

  6. This looks amazing, the little cat on the packaging is stupidly cute! I think we have very similar make up tastes ;) I might have to try and avoid your blog for fear of spending money!

  7. I love the packaging but I would be afraid that it would somehow break :D But otherwise it's very cute! :)

  8. The package is really nice:) Your review is really nice written :o what edit programm do you use to edit these pics? >u< I think the color of this liptint is really cute! Do you like the tony moly catchu liptint more or this one for everyday use? :D

  9. Ooh I really want to try this! I like Makemania's Curvy Lip Silicone as it makes your lips fuller and gives it a wet look :D Thanks for the review!

  10. i love lip tints and this looks really pretty! i'm super excited for BTS's comeback too c:

  11. I really like the compilation picture that you made with the circles, it looks very professional. :)

  12. Interesting product! Thanks for the dry lip warning - I have dry lips and need to be better about exfoliating and moisturizing before I use tints!

  13. I love liptints, and this one looks great. By the way, the photos you took are great! Thanks for the review!

  14. Really pretty! Looks awesome on your lips

    Bella / everythingaboutbella

  15. It's nice to see there's so many shades available! Reaally tempted to try these! Btw, great review!

  16. you take really good product shots marxie! i also like the little designs that you added on the pics :)

  17. Thank you for sharing ms Marxie. This product looks tempting indeed. Although I prefer lip gloss but maybe will try this someday. By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can check out for more info here:

  18. I love Peripera tints! Their colours are really bright and vibrant like this one. So pretty on your lips, thanks for the review! :D

  19. Great review ♥


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