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Hello everyone! A few days ago, Etude has revealed a sneak peek to their newest make up collection which is said to be inspired by Sleeping Beauty and today, August 26, Etude House has officially released their new "& Rose Collection" for Fall 2013! I have seen a few post/swatches from other Korean beauty bloggers who attended Etude's Make Up Class and their swatches looks a bit different from promo pictures as usual. :P I am a bit disappointed that this collection only has 4 products, tint, eyeshadow palette, eyeliner and nail polish but who knows maybe Etude will release a few more items after a few days. :D 
ALL photos belong to Etude House and edited by me, I also translated the name of the shades so please do not repost. ask for permission first or else I will hunt you down. LOLJK, okay maybe I'm not kidding after all. LOL

& Rose Rosy Tint Lips - 8500 won ($7.63)
The main product of the & Rose Collection is the Rosy Tint Lips, it's a tint that comes with a cushion/sponge. When I read on Naver that it comes with a cushion, I thought it will be something like Aritaum's WannaBe Cushion Tint but I was wrong. It's similar to Clarins. XD
 Available in 8 colors. #1 and #8 is what Sulli used in the promo pics that was released last week. I will update this post with the photo so you guys will have an idea on how it looks like on her, just in case you haven't seen it yet.
This is how the actual product looks like.
Not even sure if my translation of the name of the colors are 100% correct. LOL I want Before Blossom and After Blossom. LOLJK I want everything. Haha! Innisfree also released a new set of lipsticks and lip lacquers last week and they also have a color like #8. So I guess Burgundy is the color for fall after all. /patiently waits for other brands to release their own burgundy colored products/
& Rose Flowering Eyes - 20,000 won ($17.96)
To be really honest, I'm not a fan of Etude's eyeshadows. /slapped/ lol Because their eyeshadows are either way too glittery or too sheer. However, I would like to try this palette because the colors are neutral and very wearable. Btw, this palette is limited edition! :O
I hope Falling is not way too glittery. XD
Because I can't show you guys a real swatch I tried doing swatches on photoshop. LMAO 
& Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil - 6,000 won ($5.39)
 New eyeliners! I think this is almost similar to color pop, I have the color pop eyeliner set but I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you guys what to expect in these eyeliners. But what I can tell you guys is I saw the make up artist in Etude's Beauty Class use the RD304 as a lip liner
 I really love the font they used in this collection. *o*
 For swatches of this creamy pencil go here (korean blog)

& Rose Flowering Nails - 6,000 won ($5.39)
2 nail polishes with lacey sticker(?) You can use Watery Rose to achieve gradient nails!

Those 4 are the products for the & Rose Collection. Before I end this post, I'm going to introduce another new product from Etude House which was released last week. It's the Precious Mineral Any Cushion:

 Precious Mineral Any Cushion 28,000 won ($20.65)
This is a cushion foundation. Available in 3 shades, N02, W13 and W24. I will be making a post about cushion foundations soon, maybe tomorrow, just in case you guy aren't familiar with what cushion foundations are. It's basically a cushion soaked in foundation and then  housed in a compact. Anyway watch out for my post about it. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion retails for 18,000 won, you can buy a refill for 8,000 won.
 If you're going to buy the compact and the refill, it will cost you 28,000 won but they are currently on sale for 23,000 won in Korea right now.

You can get these products at the sites below soon:

What do you think of Etude's new make up collection? Which product are you the most interested in? ^^

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  1. wow!! super love <3
    rosy tint lips looks great XD

  2. Omg I really want that palette!! :o but where could I buy it? I also want to buy these new lip tints and nail things :) I really like all of this!! So cute and pretty!!

  3. To be honest, I'm not feeling this collection at all solely because they made Sulli look STUPID in both looks. >...> I also am not sure how I feel about the bold reds for fall just because most girls can't pull off this look (even though I wear straight red all the time haha)...I think this collection makes her look old and not in a good way.

    Hopefully the products are better IRL than they're looking. I'm intrigued by the sponge applicator, and the full palette of eyeshadows. I'll still give them a try I suppose =)

  4. I want English garden!!!! Haha the color is the softer one compared to others. I also would love the nail polish they're lacy <3 thank you for the full details haha will be waiting for your reviews ^^ but I hope nobody would repost again or they'll face your wrath. The eyeshadow
    Pallette I'm sure I'm not gonna try. I know I will get the nail polish once it's out for sure ^^ <3

  5. I'd like to try the colors "tea rose" and "rose petal", if the colors really display like on the promotional pictures. also the nail polishes seem to have a nice color.

  6. aww, I really like the new products! I would love to try the liptint in 'Tea rose' and the eyeshadow plalette because the colors are super pretty *-* The any cushion sounds nice too it could be a nice Laneige cushion dupe,maybe? :D Anyways, I'm definitely going to buy the palette thre colors are really nice <3 Thanks for sharing this! I actually didn't know about the new collection till now lol


  7. The tint looks very promising. I hope it's as matte as it looks in the photo.

  8. I really like this new collection too. :)

  9. I really like how this collection looks! I'm especially looking forward to the Rosy Tint Lips, but I'm curious about those lacy nail things as well XD

  10. I really like the new eyeshadow palette. I just love the natural colors and I think they're perfect for the fall seasons. :) And those Lip Tints looks interesting hihih I guess I'm going to buy few of them

  11. The lip tints look amazing! Etude House really keeps coming out with great products that keep going on my wishlist!

  12. your swatches XD i really want after blossom too for fall :D

  13. Thanks for the translation! I really want to try the lip tints and eye shadows! Super pretty colours! I head the cushion foundations are getting really popular too, must try for me too. ^^

  14. Thanks for the post! ^.^
    Ooh.... everything's so pretty! I love the colours of the eyeshadow and the eyeliners, and the lip tints xD Cushion foundations are generally so expensive though :o I'll have to try this one :3


  15. Hey! Great post! I've purchased the flowering eyes palette, you can read the review on my blog hehe :D
    Here's the link :

    and I also do beauty review, fashion and anything about Korea (I'm currently living in Korea)
    So check them out!


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