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Thanks to Chee, Misa, Gaeul and beautifukdokidoki for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award. :D Sorry it took me so long to post this. OTL

1. Thank the person who gave you this award
2. Include a link to their blog
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or followed.
4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things/facts about yourself.

7 Things about myself: 

1. I like animals SO MUCH. I wanted to own a zoo when I was a kid. lol

2. I like KPOP and my favorite group is Infinite. I think they're awesome. I will be an Inspirit as long as there is Infinite, they will forever be my precious OT7. Although I do like other groups as well, I'm not going to list them because it might take me about an hour to figure out which groups I really like. lol but there's a group that just debuted last June 12, Bangtan Boys or Bulletproof Boyscouts. I prefer calling them Bangtan Boys though. XD and I really like Jungkook. He's such a cutie pie, he can rap, dance and sing. I really love his vocals but he's so young. I'm a noona fan now and he's a jailbait. Let me cry in a corner. ;__; loljk (only kpop fans can relate haha)

3. The first ever make up that I owned was an Etude House BB cream, that was way back 2010. LOL I didn't really use it though. I just want to know how it looks like on me so I bought it, it was really nice but I just don't really use make up back then. LOL I started using bb cream and lip tint around late 2011, not everyday though, just when I feel like it. I only use powder everyday. >_<

4. I don't like copycats and liars. Liars, how do I even start with this, if you're already caught, don't lie or don't deny it. You're already caught, lying won't change it. :D Copycats. Who will like it when someone keeps on copying them? No one, right? Like, can't you have your own style? My friends say copycats are your fans. lol But honestly, I'd rather not have a fan if she'll just keep on copying me. Here I'll give you a dollar, buy some originality. I'm quite annoyed at this certain blogger who just keeps on copying/rephrasing my posts and others posts too. If only I know how to block an ip from visiting my blog I will gladly block her. =_= She's been caught once by the other blogger she copied and stole photos from and made a post about it but didn't mention her name, it wasn't just copying/rephrasing, she has a thing for giveaways too. XD you better be thankful I haven't made a post about you yet, it's not just me who knows about the things that you're doing. :D I know you're reading this so stop now before I reveal who you are. smh I sound mean, right? lol Reposters from Tumblr are really annoying too. I used to just ignore them but they keep on reposting my graphics/edits/gifs. OTL I have another one, I really hate it when people swallow, chew loudly when they eat. :/

5. I'm talkative. I may be shy at first but once we get to know each other and I  feel comfortable talking to you, I would probably annoy you because I'll start talking a lot. lol

6. Running Man is my favorite korean variety show Whenever I feel stressed or lonely, all I have to do is watch that and I will laugh like there's no tomorrow. Okay, that was exaggerated but bottom line is Running Man really makes me happy, it's hilarious and I love every member. They recently celebrated their 3rd year anniversary. :D

7. Heartless, that's what my friends call me when we watch a korean drama, movie, or just any love story movie with tragic scenes or ending because it doesn't make me cry. LOL The last movie we watched together was A Werewolf Boy and I feel like my friends has already cried a bucket of tears and then I haven't even shed a single tear. lol Idk, some parts were really sad but idk it just doesn't make me cry a bucket of tears. lol Although I always cry an ocean (lol) when it's about animals dying. I hate watching those kind of shows, it makes my heart (and my eyes) hurt. XD I remember when I watched Marley and Me on tv, I cried so hard my dad asked me if me and my boyfriend broke up. LOL I'm not the type of person who cries easily but just don't let me watch sad shows about animals because I will break down and die. XD

Sorry, this was really long. XD 

I nominate:
Chermaine -
Mhisha -
Laura -
Vi -
Natalie -
Mizu -
Coco -
Penelope -
Louise -
Frauleen -

That's it. See you in my next post. :D

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  1. Hahaha most of your facts are so Kpop related xD see we are opposites again cause I'm a crybaby haha I'll call you heartless too when we go watch a movie :D who likes copycats with no originality lol oooooh bangtan! ....ok I don't know who they are I just happened to see their updates once on omona when they debuted haha. Is that the guy gifs you sent me a while ago? (I swear I didn't know who he was xD)

  2. LOLOL number one is soo cute!! And I can agree with number four = _ =;; This isn't really related, but I hate people who think you're lying and say "I know you're lying. I can tell." Like wtf LOL?! In my mind, you look like a huge idiot because I know what I have or haven't done, so by saying that you know I'm a liar annoys the KAJLKFJDDFKL out of me ugh...especially if they're stubborn and won't believe you when you protest;;

  3. Aww thank you for the nomination love <3 I did this recently but I will mention you on my blog :)

    I am an INSPIRIT too!!!!!! Oh my goodness I am 6000% excited for their world tour haha!!! I will stop buying makeup for 3 years if I have to, just to go see them :D who is your favorite member???

    I always cry when animals die in movies too >...> but I don't care that much about the people. Idk if you like Harry Potter but I cried so much when Dobby died in the book and the movie omg! And I am Legend made me bawl cuz he had to kill his dawg >.......<

  4. Thank you very much for the nomination dear, is the fourth time someone nominates me. I was amused to read a lot about you. You know the copycats bothers me I think that's one of the reasons why tumblr is not my favorite. It is quite annoying to see how others copy the sentences you write on the blog and I say this because I personally happened and it bothers me a lot. People are like cockroaches lying just disgust. I'm a crybaby, just watching animes or dramas trailers I start to cry because I'm so sentimental.


  5. GAWDDD, I hate it when people chew loudly around me. And don't close their mouth when eating. And talk when they're eating. But anyways, I'm super interested about this crazy copycat blogger! *___* Lol I'm a curious person.

    Omg, I'm a sob when it comes to kdramas. I've watched so many, but the similar plot points always seem to stab a sad part in my kdrama heart ahaha. (Dads dying, etc. I hate it when dads die in kdramas.) But I totally didn't cry in Werewolf boy. I just got mad at the ending. -___-

    Thanks for the interesting post! *___*

  6. Hey there! I'm a new beauty blogger. If you're free, mind checking out my blog?

    Nice post btw! Love you blog~ I can't believe you don't cry in Korean Dramas. 0.o They're sooo freaking sad sometimes.

  7. I like kpop and running man too! RM is really entertaining.^^ We're quite different when it comes to animals and crying :)) I doesn't have a pet because I don't like cats and dogs coming and licking me. :( Seeing them without touching is okay. :)) And if you are heartless when it comes to sad movies, then I'm a cry baby :)) Tears fall down automatically in my case:)) This is an interesting post Marxie:) (btw I nominated you too, maybe you didn't see it^^)

  8. i LOVE kpop too!!! dont really dare to watch Running Man cos im so worry that i will be addicted to it haha :p


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