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 Hey everyone! :D Today's lighting is quite nice, however, the quality of the photos becomes low when uploaded on the internet. =_= Anyway, it's another lip product review, I will show you all the list of the 10 winners after the review. :D
If you guys are a Korean Drama/kdrama fan like me then I'm sure you've already heard or watched That Winter, The Wind Blows (TWTWB). It's a melodrama starring one of my favorite Korean actress, Song Hye Kyo and the ever so handsome, Jo Insung. I've been a fan of Song Hyekyo ever since Autumn in My Heart. Oh, you're probably wondering why I'm talking about Kdramas in this post. :P The product in this review was used by Song Hyekyo in the first episode of her drama, TWTWB. A lot of people researched about this lipstick right after the first episode aired and this particular shade was sold out in just one day. *o* This lipstick is also known as Song Hyekyo lipstick in Korea. There are only 18 shades before but because this became really popular, thanks to Hyekyo, Laneige decided to add 6 more shades.
 Photo credit: Laneige
edited by me
I forgot to add the 5 new shades. Sorry about that.
Here are the shades of the lipstick that Song Hyekyo used.
Photo credit: Laneige
SYR36 - Beige Chiffon, LR104 - Pink Garden, SR105 - Blonde Coral and SR102 - Glam Pink
I usually go for red or pink lip products because I look better on those than nude ones. This time I wasn't really sure which shade I should get, that's when Taisoon unnie recommended Beige Chiffon because it was the most popular shade out of all these. I think it's a pretty color but I was still a bit hesitant if it will look nice on me, decided to get it in the end though. LOL I fell in love with Flashlight too, it's one of the new shades that Laneige released. Just in case you guys are wondering, Song Hyekyo character in TWTWB is blind. I recommend that drama to all of you. If you haven't watched it yet, go watch it now! I'm not a fan of melodramas but I watched this one. :P Song Hyekyo and Jo Insung looks so good together. Okay, back to the review.. lol 

Everything is in Korean. ╥╥
 It looks simple yet it has an elegant feel to it. Not cutesy packaging like Etude House but I really like this. :D
 Product Info:
Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick
25000 won
Lipstick that demonstrates excellent adherence to the lips with luxurious touch and delivers clear and vivid colors

1) Absolute Weight Down Tech
Creates its chiffon films to deliver the excellent adherence

2) Air Crush Downsizing Technology
Downsize the size of its pigments by Air Crush Z-mill to enhance its adherence to the skin and create attractive lip makeup with just a touch.

3) Peptide
It's the ingredient that has water-familiar function. It provides immediate hydrating effect and moisturizing to the lips.

You'll also see the shade of your lipstick at the bottom. :D

This is how the bullet looks like indoors. It has glitters in it but it's not noticeable once you applied it.
Here's how the bullet looks like outside. 
Front, back and side of the bullet. LMAO sorry guys, I just really like taking photos. XD
This is how it looks like when swatched on paper. poor lippie got damaged a bit. :/
Another photo! LOL This one is my favorite photo in this review, it's the same with the main photo I just removed the box here and took a picture of it. lol
Now onto the swatches!
On arm: 1 swipe, 3 swipes and 5 swipes.
It's pretty sheer at first swipe but worry not because you can build up the color easily. 
You can go for nude beige and you can build it up to nude baby pink/opaque within a few coats. The scent of this product is absolutely amazing, it smells powdery? Okay I'm not even going to try to explain the scent because I suck at that. lol Trust me though, the scent is wonderful I can smell it all day if I can. Sometimes I just take out the cap and smell the lipstick because I really really love it. Haha! This is really moisturizing, creamy and just glides on smoothly on the lips although just like other lip products out there, this can accentuate dry parts of your lips so exfoliate! :D Can last up to 3-4hours. Another thing I like about this is it looks really natural when worn, perfect for everyday use!

Simple packaging
Has a wide variety of colors to choose from
Glides smoothly on the lips
Really nice scent
 Looks natural
accentuates dry parts of the lips
Get yours here:

 The product mentioned was sponsored by Twofacemall. I'm not getting paid to write a positive review and opinions expressed are 100% honest

Here are the prodcuts Song Hyekyo used in TWTWB episode one:

Thanks to Taisoon unnie for sending me this product! :)

Here's the list of the winners:

Congratulations and thank you so much for joining! :)
To those who didn't win, I still have one ongoing giveaway. It will end within 3 days so don't forget to submit your entries! :D

I hope you all liked this review and see you in my next post
Bye~! :)

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  1. omg!i love the color! imma find this one where it's easily available in again marxie! :)

  2. the color is so pretty! but i personally dont like nude/beige color because it will make me look so dead , lol, nice review anyways! :P Congrats to the winners~

  3. Oh sweetie congratulations to the winners!
    About th lipstick I love it the nuce colors because are perfect for everyday thanks for your review!

  4. omg I love the color it's really cute *-* It's really suitable for school :D
    Thanks for sharing this Lipstick :3

  5. I watched that drama and I love the lipstick she was wearing on episode 1 but was lazy enough too google and research though I know it's Laneige haha. The episode when he did makeover on her in the beauty salon or something is also all Laneige I want the blush too haha. And I love the last picture!! You have such pretty and full lips I envy you <3 love how it's sheet and not so scary pigmented :D great review and I always love your pictures as usual! So clear and HD <3

  6. such a pretty color :) congrats all winner ^_~

  7. it's my fav lipstick, marxie! and i love the scent :D

  8. Nice color lipstick :)
    and congratulations for the winners

  9. A pity that it accentuates dry lips. Nevertheless I would try it if I can get it somewhere cheaply :D

  10. The colours look so pretty and natural! I think the only downfall for me would be the price :/

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  11. Lovely colour - very natural!!!
    Congratulations to all the winners!!!

  12. Ohohho, love this colour! *_* So pretty. Congratulations to the 10 winners!

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  14. your blog is just lovely! followed !

    please check out my blog! :)


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