Review: Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Sparkling Eye Shadow Duo + Announcement

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Ultra Shimmering Sparkling Eyeshadow
ES02 Romantic Purple

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I'm back with another review. :P I hate how the quality of the photo changes the moment I upload it here. =_= anyway, this was sent to me by Pinkicon. They have a wide variety of circle lenses. They also have wigs, falsies, instax mini and cosmetics. They have a few products from Stylenanda (omg stylenanda :O) Peripera, Banila Co and Tonymoly.
Check out their site HERE to see all the products that are currently available on their shop.
Back of the box.
Here's what's written on the box just in case you guys can't see it.
The eyeshadow combines the subtle iridescence of the diamond powder with the intense, long lasting color of eyeshadows.
Just sweep the brush 2X:
1. Sweep the lighter shade onto your lid.
2.  Blend the other darker shade into the crease of your eye.
LOL Okaaay.
Here's what's inside the box. 
It's still Romatic but hey at least they got the correct spelling of purple this time. XD
This is small so you can easily bring this anywhere. 
There's no english description on Pinkicon but I managed to find something, all thanks to everyone's bestie, Mr. Google.
"Jealousness Ultra Shimmering Sparkling Eye Shadow Duo has 2 shades in 1 container. The satin-like texture makes eye make-up that is perfectly attaching. With moisturizing factors, it gives vibrant colours and excellent spreading capacity. This lightweight eyeshadow naturally attaches to skin and will not come off the eye area. It contains particles like broken bits of diamond and gems. Together with nacreous lustre, it creates 3D effects of shade and shadow, showing multi-level refractions, for more glamorous eyes"
-taken from Sasa- 

applied once on the left side - applied thrice on the right
Indoors with flash
Indoors, applied using eyeshadow brush

You can't really see it in the photo but this product is very true to it's name "Ultra Shimmering Sparkling" lol It has way too much glitters on it. If you don't like glittery eyeshadows like me because it's so hard to remove, I'd suggest you to skip this one. The color is also very buildable though. It all depends on how you apply it. If you want it to be sheer, use your fingers to apply it and if you like the color to show up a bit more, use a primer and an eyeshadow brush. This is also powdery so it can be a bit messy. The smell isn't good either, it smells like.. watercolor? I don't know how to explain the scent of this eyeshadow, all I can say is it's not nice though it isn't really that noticeable. Overall, it's still a good eyeshadow, nice packaging, glides smoothly, travel friendly and affordable.

Where to buy:

 The product mentioned was sponsored by Pinkicon. I'm not getting paid for this review and opinions expressed are 100% honest.

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bye! :D

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  1. Yay first! The colors are so pretty <3 I don't like pinkish eye shadow though but packaging is so cute ^^ the picture quality is so fine what are you talking about lol! Thank you for the detailed review but what the heck with the spelling I thought its American product? Haha btw I missed you!!

  2. Thanks for sharing looks very pretty, the shades you chose. I hope to try it someday. :)

  3. The packaging with the heart is really nice! the shades look great, too! Beautiful pictures :D

  4. I love the packaging! But I don't like eye shadows with too much glitters! Anyway, you're back!!! YAyy!! (:

  5. The shades look great but I don't like glittery eye shadows..

  6. the color is so pretty! glittery eyeshadows are a bit of a meh for me though :o the packaging is still cute ^^

  7. Pretty!!! I love the pink one most. Not sure if the purple one will look good on me though =s But packaging is super cute :3

    Magazine subscription giveaway at:

  8. The pink one looks like it'll be a cute blush too :) Following you, hope you follow back!

  9. I didn't read the title at first and I thought it was a blush!! i've been eyeing purple blush but too bad it's not :<

    the color looks pretty though


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