CC Cream Review: Etude House, The Face Shop and Banila Co

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 Hello everyone! I finally had the time to post this review, I actually have quite a lot of review coming up due to my hiatus. Please look forward to my future posts! :)
Today, I will be reviewing CC creams from Banila Co, The Face Shop and Etude House. Prepare yourselves because this is going to be a quite lengthy post. :P A lot of cosmetic brand has released their own cc cream which makes it even harder for people to choose which cc cream to buy but I'm hoping that I can help you all pick 1 among these 3 cc creams by the time you finish reading this post.
(These CC creams were sent to me by Ibuybeauti for review purposes. Check out all the cc creams that are available on their shop HERE. Read my Ibuybeauti shop review HERE)
 Let's start first with the packaging:
 Etude House CC Cream Silky 35g
8 in 1 
Multi Function
SPF 30 PA++
Anti Aging
Stress Relief
Sun Protection
Tone - Up
Smooth Texture
 Product Description:
Most part of the box are written in Hangul.
This multitasking, 8 in 1 formula hydrates, primes, conceals, treats and protects skin at an easy single step for a healthier complexion inside and outside.
It glides on with a silky finish.

It comes in a tube packaging with a pump dispenser. It looks simple yet it has a princessy feel to it. This is slimmer than Etude House bb creams.
Color Control
Product Description
Almost everything is written in Hangul except the front, I also see a bit of Japanese and Chinese. Even the ingredients are in Hangul. I promise to update this with the list of ingredients, I will ask my friend to translate it since she's Korean. :P
This cc cream has received non stop praises from Korean editors, click HERE for more info.

It comes in a simple tube packaging also with a pump. Nothing special with the packaging, it's just the same as Etude House. Etude House is just slightly taller and just a bit slimmer than Banila Co.
Wrinkle Care
Product Description 
Color Control Cream that creates radiant and clear make up appearance as if the skin is being spotlighted. 
Creates Radiant and brighter skin tone. Darkening proof formula (12 hr long lasting). Silver Vine Complex: skin brightening effect

It comes in a bulky light pink compact packaging with sponge and mirror which is great if you want to touch up.

You will need to press the button in order to dispense the product which is actually quite tricky for me because sometimes I accidentally get a lot of product, so you have to be extra careful when you push the button. It can be messy too and you have to clean/replace the sponge. What's great about this is that you can buy a refill.
Isn't it pretty? XD
I hate it when the pumps get messy. I don't really like whenever something I own gets dirty, I will always want to clean it even if I'm in a hurry. it rhymed. lol 
Sorry for posting a lot of photos.
Banila Co's CC cream only has one color which is off white, it's really easy to blend and matches my skin tone really well.
Etude House has 2 variants of CC cream, Silky and Glow. Silky is for those who wants silky/matte finish while Glow offers dewy finish. I got Etude House CC Cream in Silky which also matches my skin tone a bit. I also have the Glow one but I still haven't used it. I'm thinking of putting it on my giveaway along with a new Silky cc cream.
The Face Shop has 2 shades for their cc cream, 01 Radiant Beige and 02 Natural Beige. I chose 02  which is Natural Beige because someone on Youtube said it's actually light and the 01 might be way too lighter. Unfortunately, this one tends too look too yellow on me.
Now let's see how it looks
The only one that has color changing properties is Etude House. As you can see, Banila Co really brightened my skin and it looks the most glowy. I personally love Banila Co the most because it makes my dull skin look more healthy and radiant. You can't really see it much here because of the lighting but The Face Shop Natural Beige looks yellow on me. I have to be careful not to apply much of this one. As for Etude House, it gives the least glow and I think this color changing capsules is just a gimmick, however, it does match my skin tone once it oxidized.
Banila Co also feels like a moisturizer, it's so lightweight and makes my skin really soft and smooth. Etude House and The Face Shop cc creams are both creamy but TFS is thicker. Both feels light on the skin but not as light as Banila Co. 
The longevity of the cc creams depends on the weather. lol It wears off easily if it's hot/humid, I'd say maximum would be 3-4 hours. If it's not then cc cream stays for about 5-8 hours. I'm not really sure about oil control because my skin condition sort of change from being oily to normal. Yay!

Coverage Test
 First, let me just say that cc creams are not meant for coverage. Almost all CC creams only offers sheer to medium coverage so if you're looking for something that can provide coverage, I'd say stick to bb cream or foundation. However, you can mix this with your favorite bb cream or foundation to get some glowy effect.

See what I mean? It has sheer coverage and doesn't really cover up that much. You can build it up to medium coverage.
This one is the worst when it comes to coverage. Both EH and TFS cc cream has matte finish while this one is dewy. This a good base and I can use this alone because I really love the effect it gives on my skin. On some days when I don't feel lazy and want a bit of coverage, I  mix this with my favorite bb cream. 1:1 ratio.

Sorry for the lighting and some photos look blurry. It's rainy season here and I don't have a tripod and sometimes my hands shake causing the photos to be blurred. :/
This one wins the coverage area. The best among the other cc creams and you can build it up from medium to almost full. Great for covering some blemishes and acne scars. Be sure to pick the right shade though!

Oil Test

I was pretty amazed at the small amount of oil the Banila Co contains, I mean look at Etude House CC cream. Only 50 minutes passed and look at the result. I thought it will have the same result as Tonymoly CC cream but I was wrong, this one has more oil in it. The Face shop's cc has average amount? I already explained above about the oil control so I'm not going to explain it again here. lol 
I'm not sure if you guys liked this review or what. lol I want to be more detailed in this this review but I'm really sleepy now I don't even know what I'm saying. :D Maybe I should stop here. lol I really hope this helped you guys, somehow. Haha! If you don't want to read everything I said, just look at the photos and decide. :P 

Check out ibuybeauti for more cc creams from high end to low end brands and also other korean cosmetic/skincare products. I will be announcing the 10 giveaway winners SOON. :D

Get yours now!

 The product mentioned was sponsored by Ibuybeauti. I'm not getting paid for this review and opinions expressed are 100% honest.

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  1. Such a detailed review, great job! I was surprised that Etude House had the most oil in it, I could just imagine how much oil the Glow version would have....

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    thanks for the review!! pretty pics and really helpful :>

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  19. love your extremely detailed post
    totally love the Korean fashion and makeup, especially because I live in Korea
    I’ve been blogging about beauty and food of Korea here, please drop by ^.^

    oh and my friends always ask me where to get stuff and now there’s finally a website !

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    1. Oh sorry there is a link!
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  30. I am all time fond of reading the blog, when I reached to this blog I wondered to read such informative article, it inspired me a lot thanks.
    orogold cosmetics

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