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Hello everyone! :D
Sorry I haven't posted anything for over a week. A lot of unexpected things happened so I've been extremely busy but I am back with a cc cream review, finally! LOL I have 5 cc creams right now but I decided to post about this one first, the Tonymoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream SPF 30 PA++. 

This product was sent to me by Bntnews for review purposes. 
Just in case some of you still doesn't know, BNTNEWS focuses on Kbeauty, Kfashion, Kpop and Korean entertainment in general. 
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Check out the other stuffs that was sent to me by Bntnews:

The meaning of CC in CC cream differs in every brand, for some it's Color Control, Correct and Care, Color Change, etc. This is supposed to be the upgraded version of BB cream because it's skincare + make up. BB creams has skincare properties too but CC creams are supposed to contain more. If you're looking for something that can provide a good coverage then I'd say CC creams are not for you. Might as well stick to your foundation or bb cream or maybe we can wait until Korean cosmetic companies release an EE cream, FF cream or even ZZ cream maybe those can provide even higher coverage. LOLJK If you have a nice skin that doesn't require much coverage and you're just being lazy and looking for something that can give your skin a nice glow then go grab some CC creams now. :P
Most cc creams has dewy finish but if you're not into that, don't worry, there are some CC cream that offers semi-matte or matte finish. :D
I'm pretty sure you guys are all aware now what cc creams are since it's been a really huge hit in Korea so I'm just going to start with the review now. :P I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, it's rainy season here, it just rains every single day so I can't take proper photos. D:

Tonymoly Luminous Pure Aura CC Cream
 Product Description
All in one effect with sunscreen + whitening + wrinkle repair + radiance + moisture + primer + base make-up.
 Capsule changes color matching to your own skin tone as soon as applied to offer innocent and gorgeous look to bare skin.
  Creates smooth and moisturizing skin.
 All in one cream that takes care of skin care and make-up at the same time with moisture that remains for hours.
 Pink flower complex delivers nutrition to skin to create gorgeous skin that is easy to be dull.
CC cream makes perfectly natural skin tone as providing natural color change and skin care effect with moist radiance.
Black/red/yellow color capsule pops and perfectly mixes up upon applying on skin to naturally conceals redness and imperfections.
7 Free - paraben, benzo phenon, talc, mineral oil, organic pigment, sulfate surfactant

Front and back of the box. The back was written in Korean. :P
As you can see (or maybe you can't lol), it's the ingredients list.
 7 Free - paraben, benzo phenon, talc, mineral oil, organic pigment, sulfate surfactant

It comes in a hard plastic bottle with a pump. Chic. This has got to be my most favorite packaging of all the 5 cc creams I currently have.

 The pump dispenser. Very hygienic and convenient although you have to be careful when you pump it because sometimes too much product comes out. I always wipe this after using because I don't like seeing my stuffs get dirty. XD
Manufacturing date at the bottom of the tube.
This is said to have Black, Red and Yellow color capsules which is really hard to see if you just look at it in real life but as I was browsing the photos I took I didn't really see red and yellow. More of black and brownish micro color capsules but once you started blending it in, the black and brownish color capsules will pop and mix with each other and you'll see the red and yellow as you blend it in your skin. This cc cream also claims that these micro color capsules will change according to your own skin color. I asked my friend who has a darker skin tone to try this and it's light on her. I'm not sure if she didn't blend it well but  it didn't match her skin tone at all. This is actually a bit dark when I swatched it on my wrist, it still looks a bit darker even when I blended it really well. It's not really that noticeable unless you look at it real close but that's on my wrist, good thing it matches well on my face. lol Do I even make sense here? Haha!

Did some oil test too. lol
That's a lot, right? Or maybe it's needed for the dewy effect? I didn't notice if it controls oil on my face because I wore this during summer and it's rainy season here now, what I noticed though is that this is not perfect for summer because it just melts when you sweat.

Here's how it looks on paper:
This is how the color changes on paper.

on skin
This is how the color changes on my skin, from white to off white to pinkish beige(?) to yellowish beige(?) As you can see, (if you can't, maybe tilt your screen a bit?) it really gave my skin a dewy glow and it's not sticky. It's very light and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing any make up. Perfect for the No Make up or just everyday look.

Sorry about the lighting. D:
Like what I said earlier, cc creams doesn't offer high coverage and so as you can see this one has a very sheer coverage. I'd say if you're not lazy just use this as a base then top it with your favorite bb cream or foundation. :D I tried mixing it with my favorite bb cream but my fave bb cream doesn't have much coverage as well so.. fail. lol
 No cc cream - partially blended - fully blended

Nice packaging
Has SPF 30 PA++
Feels light
Brightens skin and gives a nice glow
Able to make pores a bit less visible
Natural finish

Sheer coverage
Doesn't really match all skin tone
Not sweatproof
Not long lasting
Floral Scent (can be a pro too)
Dewy finish (can be a pro too)

Get yours here:
Ibuybeauti: $21.99
W2beauty: 21.75
F2plus1: $16.69
Cosmetic-Love: $16.19

Thanks again to Bntnews for sending me this cc cream.
I hope you like this review. See you in my next post! :D
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  1. Nice and detailled review as usual! Thanks for sharing!
    BTW: I tagged you in the Beauty Blogger Tag :) If you like, I'd be happy if you'd do it!:)

  2. Bellissimi questi prodotti :D

  3. Sembrano prodotti molto validi! Da provare!

  4. Mi incuriosisce, da provare!

  5. Nice review!

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  6. This is such a thorough, fantastic review! I like that you've added the acronym facts too. It's so important to know what you're reading.

  7. Oh really cool test about this CC Cream!
    I really love it this product because is xool for a natural and glowy makeup!

  8. :O I love this cc cream and found it to be long lasting for me. A subtle sort of dewy look by the end of the day and I have oily skin..

  9. Love this CC cream, thank you so much for the review! <3

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  10. very interesting :)

  11. Mi piacerebbe provarli! Sembrano ottimi


  12. I'm so annoyed cuz the 2 CC creams I have (one of which is the Tonymoly Luminous BRIGHT Aura CC cream) are really they suit my skin better than BB cream but by the end of the day I look like I washed my face with butter. :( I wonder if all CC creams are this way honestly. The swatch looks darker on this one than the one I have though! Hmm...

  13. What a great review! Love the pictures.
    Looks like a great product.

  14. Finally you posted this ^^ you conduct some nice detailed test. The oily test is all I need to know haha you know how silly my skin is xD I heard that this cc cream is more oily than étude cc cream so... Seems like it wasn't entirely wrong xD but how is it on your skin? Does it turn you to an oil mine lol and I posted my birthday posts!! XD

  15. This is a fabulously detailed review! So very helpful, thank you so much - I will definitely check this product out some more, as I haven't really started exploring the world of CC Creams, hehe. ^^
    Also, I'd just like to let you know that I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! It would be wonderful if you could have a look on my blog via the link below! :)
    Much Love, Minni xx

  16. Sembra interessante!



  17. I always wanted to try cc creams but I'm always worried that it will look oily instead of dewy :c This cc creams contains alot of oil :O I think it just isn't something for me because I already have oily skin.
    It's really interesting how it changes its color after blending it in haha :D Have you heard of the Mizon cc cream? I heard it should be the best on ibuybeauti but not sure. Have you tried it yet? :o

  18. Interessante, non conoscevo il marchio. grazie per questa review molto completa.

  19. I've heard a lot about their CC cream! It actually makes your skin look pretty radiant in the pics you took!

  20. Hello just wanna ask.. Is this tony moly CC Cream good for oily skin?
    Do you have any recommendation which CC Cream for oily skin? Thank you :D

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Thank you so much for the review! <3 love your posts, new follower here! :)

  23. I wish you could have a category link at the side of your website for easy navigation.
    For example, a reader wants to see all your tonymoly product reviews, etc :)
    Just a suggestion :)

  24. I have this CC Cream too! I reviewed it as well on my blog here ^^ hope you can check it out :) I really want to try TFS one but it's so expensive for 20ml worth of product ;_____;

  25. Not sure but it made your skin darker when it blended well ? Hmn 0-o

  26. Where can we purchase it? Is it good for oily skin?

    ~Pauline @Kallony

  27. It seems like another blogger copying some part of your text..
    take a look
    the part about the bottle is completely same with yours..

  28. Thanks for sharing! I have yet to try a CC cream and this particular one interests me. Hopefully I can buy it soon to try out.

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