Review: Tonymoly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact

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Hello everyone! I apologize I haven't posted anything for 4 days. I was so busy because we organized my birthday party lol I'm thinking of making a separate post about it but never mind. haha!
Anyway, I'm back with a review, it's another product from Tonymoly and this was sent to be by the awesome people of Bntnews, if you missed my post about the May package that Bntnews sent to me just click THIS. :D 
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Today's review is about Tonymoly's Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact Spf 25 pa++.

This is just 1 of the items in Tonymoly's Aqua Aura line and it comes in 3 shades. 
1 - Pure Beige 2 - Skin Beige 3 - Natural Beige

Mine is in number 1. (Thank you so much Joy for sending me the right shade! :D)

The box is so pretty *o*


Product Information:

Tonymoly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact is free of Paraben, GMO, Mineral Oil, Alcohol and Benzophenone.

The packaging is so pretty as well! The cover of the pact looks quite elegant because of it's color and it has the Aqua Aura logo on it too.

I love how they included a separate compartment for the puff. 

Here's a close up shot of the Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact. Sorry I couldn't capture the real color of it. It suddenly rained here OTL

The puff is really soft! i love touching it lol I don't really use this puff though, I prefer using a powder brush for a much more natural look. Again, I apologize for the poor lighting in this photo. :/

You can see the manufacturing date at the bottom of the packaging. Sometimes korean brands confuses me. lol Because most of the time they put the manufacturing date of the product instead of the expiry date, that's why sometimes I can't tell if the product is already expired or what =_= Someone please enlighten me. lol
I'm not sure why I did this again. Haha! Anyway, you need to press the ribbon to open it. Isn't it cute? :D

Coverage test:

lol typo. I kept on thinking of EH moistful products that I didn't even notice that I typed moistful here instead of Moist! Sorry about that. XD

 I used eyeliners and ip tint to see if it can cover dark spot and redness. I  used the puff on the right photo. I think the coverage is pretty decent.
I applied it using a powder brush. It looks more natural here and it still covered the redness. :D 

Has 3 shades
Very light scent
Nice packaging
Has SPF 25 PA++
Travel Friendly
Controls oil pretty well
Does the job in setting makeup
Good coverage
Doesn't cake up
Brightens complexion
Has a separate compartment for the puff
Good staying power 
Reasonable price

None? lol
can't really think of any

I listed a lot because I didn't really talk much in this post. Haha! I provided a lot of photos though lol 
Anyway, make sure to visit bntnews for some beauty tips. Click here to check their beauty related articles! :D

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See you all in my next post! :D

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  1. This compact looks really promising. I love the little detail with the bow on the packaging *_*

  2. haha you and rain XD happy (belated) birthday again to my baby!! <3 I actually love the aqua metallic ish color of the packaging, it looks icy and pretty <3 how long lasting is it? like for how many hours? haha great review though cause I was like D: when I see the pictures <3 love them~ you should post a birthday post too next time! ^^

  3. i really love this pact! the pretty blue colour and the finish is great! ^^

  4. Mate finish and has SPF, woaaah me waaanntt *O*

  5. I really want to try this after hearing some good reviews of it on youtube ! thanks for the review (: ^^

  6. Ph the package looks really cute!
    Sweetie I understand the another day I put in one of my post oh this is the expire date and no that was the manufavtured day is really confuse!

  7. oh the coverage seems really nice! And the packaging is cute, love the little bow detail :D
    Thanks for the review!

  8. I absolutely ADORE the packaging! Both colour and style. Great that it was a positive review =]

  9. the packaging is cute. :)
    nice review! :D

  10. I love the packaging and the blue color!
    The coverage seems awesome too.

    Dreamy Princess

  11. Love this compact powder!!! Makes my face looks clear!!!


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