Review: Reskin V Lab System 7 Double Effect Cream

5:23 AM

Reskin is a European styled organic skincare cosmetics brand which encourages a healthy lifestyle, spiritual abundance, and modern sense. Our organic skincare products are highly dignified organic skincare that maximizes the skin´s self-renewal capability. Major ingredients include herb extracts with a natural aroma extracted from 100% of natural essential oil.
Each RESKIN product is rich with active ingredients and essential essences that are laboratory tested for effectiveness.
Reskin´s main mission is to treat each client as an individual by listening with respect and meeting each client’s specific needs. Client safety and comfort is always the top priority for coming back to us for more.
- Reskin V Lab System 7 Double Effect Cream -
Anti Wrinkle
Keeps skin resilient, healthy and soft
For all skin types
30 ml 
This product was sent to me by Bntnews for review purposes. 
Just in case some of you still doesn't know, BNTNEWS focuses on Kbeauty, Kfashion, Kpop and Korean entertainment in general. 
Don't forget to drop by their website, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Tumblr and subscribe to their Youtube channel. :D
Check out the other stuffs that was sent to me by Bntnews:
Reskin puts sticker on their products boxes to prove that it's authentic.
Ingredients list:
It has Methylparaben and Propylparaben. :O 

Product Info:

This product is composed of 3 product lines. A cleansing line that keeps skin hydrated and cottony after cleansing. A basic skin care line that moisturizes dry skin and keeps skin moisturized for a long time. An anti wrinkle special line that makes skin resilient.
This also contains 7 elements such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin F. Reskin's Secondary Line V Lab System Seven provides solution to a variety of skin troubles.

How to use:

Stop using this product if you experience red spots, swelling, itching, or irritation. Do not use this on parts where you have ascar, eczema or dermatitis.

Let's open the box now! lol

The product:

Tadah! The packaging is really unique. It looks quite expensive, right? Well, this is actually a bit expensive. If I remember correctly this costs around 50,000 won. lol You would think it's made of glass but it's actually plastic so it wouldn't break easily if you accidentally dropped it. 
Didn't bother to zoom in because same thing was written on the box. :P 
Manufacturing date and expiration date at the bottom. :D 
You need to twist it to the left for you to be able to pump it and get the product. Love it!
Can you guys see the difference? :D 
I don't use this everyday because I get small white bumps on my face and I also didn't notice any whitening. it's actually hard to tell for me if there's any whitening effect because like what I said earlier, I don't use this daily and I'm not really looking for any whitening product. I can't comment on the anti wrinkle either because I don't have wrinkles..yet. lol 
I use this whenever I feel that my skin is dry. Believe me, this is an amazing moisturizer! For example, you only use this on Monday, your skin will stay moisturized, soft and smooth until Wednesday or Thursday. I seriously love this. :D

Mild Scent
Very Moisturizing
Makes skin softer & smoother
Gives skin a healthy glow
Travel Friendly

Has paraben
Not locally available

Thank you so much to Bntnews for sending me this product!
Guys, I'm still alive! LOL 
I don't have class tomorrow! YAAAAAYYY! I can finally reply to emails and read blog posts from my favorite blogs. *o* I'll do that tomorrow though, for now I'll watch the latest ep of Running Man and Cyrano Dating Agency.. I can't recall the exact title of the kdrama. haha! but omg I need to watch because my baby Taemin is there. :D
kbye! :D
I might post a review of Tonymoly cc cream tomorrow! :D

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  1. Yay my baby is back! Haha I didn't even know school started for you xD anyway I seriously love reskin products packaging they look so simple and professional o_o haha but why paraben why??? XD it was so perfect until the word paraben is spotted lol! But the moisturizing effect sounds so great I bet it'll last a while before you use all the product xD yay can't wait for your tony moly cc cream review :3

    I just read your email btw haha <3 <3 I'm so
    Way behind running man now but I will catch up one day xD

  2. It really does look like a high end product with the packaging! Lovely <3

    Shame it has parabens in it though.

    Thank you for a lovely review xx

  3. It seems to be a great moisturizer ö_ö the packaging is really clean and simply, but elegant. I never heard of that brand before, though. :D Thanks for this nice review.:)

  4. I've never heard about this brand, the packaging looks unique and expensive, but not so girly.^^ Sad that it gives you small bumps.

    I love running man too. What episode are you watching now?^^

  5. Actually i have never tried it. Reskin products are always best. Especially in winter this lotion will help us to take care of our dry skin.
    Moisturizing Hand Lotion USA


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