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Hello ladies! I'm back with another review. :D 

Reskin is a European styled organic skincare cosmetics brand which encourages a healthy lifestyle, spiritual abundance, and modern sense. Our organic skincare products are highly dignified organic skincare that maximizes the skin´s self-renewal capability. Major ingredients include herb extracts with a natural aroma extracted from 100% of natural essential oil.
Each RESKIN product is rich with active ingredients and essential essences that are laboratory tested for effectiveness.
Reskin´s main mission is to treat each client as an individual by listening with respect and meeting each client’s specific needs. Client safety and comfort is always the top priority for coming back to us for more.

Sebum Control 
Relax Skin
Skin moisturizing effect
For all skin Types
60 ml
This product was sent to me by Bntnews for review purposes. 
Just in case some of you still doesn't know, BNTNEWS focuses on Kbeauty, Kfashion, Kpop and Korean entertainment in general. 
Don't forget to drop by their website, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Tumblr and subscribe to their Youtube channel. :D
Check out the other stuffs that was sent to me by Bntnews:
If you guys haven't heard of Reskin yet, it is also a korean brand and according to Joy, a bntnews reporter, the brand Reskin is really popular in Korea online. This mist is one of their best sellers. The original price is 28,000 won and this is still currently on sale for 2,800 won! 90% off! They even have their own version of cc cream too! Check out Reskin's website HERE.

All the boxes of their products has a sticker to make sure that it hasn't been opened yet. (sorry for the crappy photo, this was taken last April. lol)

They also have their own sticker to make it easier for you to tell if the Reskin product that you bought is authentic.
Inside the box~ (this one was also taken last April lol)
Manufacturing and expiration date at the bottom of the box.
All the information that you need to know is all in the box (I cant find the other photos I took OTL)It is written in 2 languages, English and Korean.
It contains Paraben. orz

Product Info:
How to use:
I used a black background but it was too bright today so you can barely see it lol sorry.
I should learn how to take better before an after photos. XD
You guys can't probably see it but my skin looks much more hydrated in real life. I rarely use this because I'm not really into facial mists and because it has paraben. In fact, this is the very first mist that I have ever owned. LOL I expected it to have a really cooling effect because of the glacier stuff but it disappointed me. Maybe I should try putting it in the fridge first before using to get the cooling effect that i want. :P 
This is perfect during summer or to those who always goes out during a hot weather because it really can help in relaxing and calming your skin and this has also helped in making my bb cream stay much longer. Definitely moisturizing and made my skin much smoother right after it was fully absorbed. It also has a really mild scent but the scent doesn't stay for long. 

Mild scent
Makes skin smoother
Calms skin
Good sebum control
Helps make up last longer
 Travel friendly

Lacks in cooling effect
Not locally available
Has paraben

Thank you so much to Bntnews for sending me this product!

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  1. This product looks so good! Love the simple black and white packaging! Haha and you had me at sebum control xD does it last long hours? I have similar facial mist but it doesn't really work for me >_< but this one contains paraben, so how was it? Great review by the way and I love the picture of the spraying thing with black background :D


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