TONYMOLY Kiss Lover Lip Stick OR03

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Hello everyone! I have already picked (randomly via rafflecopter lol) the winner of the Etude House CC Cream giveaway, I will announce the name of the winner on June 5 and I must admit that I was a bit disappointed because some people cheated. =_= You guys don't have to worry though because I double checked the entries so cheaters won't win. :D

Today I'm going review another lip product (lol), Tonymoly Kiss Lover Lipstick in OR03, Summer Orange.

This product was sent to me by BNTNEWS for review purposes. 
If you're interested in latest korean news, whether it be korean cosmetics, fashion or kpop. Just visit their website. My favorite part in their website is the Beauty section because they post some tips, new products from korean brands and product recommendations. Click HERE to see all beauty related articles by bntnews. :) 
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 TONYMOLY Kiss Lover Lip Stick OR03 (Summer Orange)
Capacity: 3.5g
 Product info:
*High Shine Effect- High shine polymer fills entire lips, make it look glossy and deep shine effect, moisturize your lips with moist protection.
*Soft Feel- contains vegetable oil ,melts at lip temperature ensuring soft application.
*Moisturizing Effect- Vitamin derivative ingredient gives moisturizing effect without drying.

It's another orange lipstick guys. XD

This is available in 15 shades. Candy Pink looks nice *o*
 The packaging is so simple, just like an ordinary lipstick. The box is prettier imo. :P As you all know(if you've been reading my product reviews), I really like cute and creative packaging so this one looks pretty boring to me. XD 

 There's also nothing special on the lipstick bullet. This is my second time posting this kind of photo and I really like it. *o*


L- 1 swipe R- 92836 swipes LOLJK I swiped it 6 times on the right.

I was disappointed the first time I swatched it because it's very sheer. However, I am not really into orange lipstick so after a few tries I learned to like how sheer it is. Also, I wouldn't really call this a lipstick, it's seems more like a tinted lip balm to me. 
It is also true to its claims, it glides on my lips smoothly, made my lips look glossy without being sticky and it's also moisturizing. I think this is quite similar to Dear My Jelly Lips-Talk although this one fades faster. I still recommend exfoliating your lips before using this because just like most lip products this can emphasize dry parts of your lips as well.

Has a wide variety of colors to choose from
Sheer (can also be a con)
Glides smoothly on the lips

Not long lasting

Thank you so much again to BNTNEWS for sending me this! :)
I forgot to take a photo but I received the Big Bang special edition album that I won from their giveaway. YAY!

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  1. the color is really nice :D
    OMG im really confused, i read a lot orange lipstick review from various brand today, dont know which one i should bought ><

  2. congrats unnie...I'm curious to who won the giveaway???

  3. beautiful this product, bye SILVIA

  4. Oh the color of his lipstick is really cute!
    Now I want an orange lipstick
    And this looks gorgeus!

  5. Orange lipstick is <3 I prefer it much more than red color lipstick all day :D your lips sooo voluptuous haha xD and for the nth time i gotta say your lips look good in any colors seriously!

  6. Yay orange lipstick! I think because it's so sheer, it'd be a good transitioning color. Thanks for the review! ^^

  7. The color is really nice, although I never dared to wear orange lipstick. I might change my mind :D

  8. Il colore è molto carino ma non so se starebbe bene sulle mie labbra!!!

    Chiara di Cioccolato e macarons

  9. ho visto tantissimi colori, l'arancio non l'ho mai osato

  10. it's so pretty! i think peony pink would look lovely too C:

  11. it's so pretty, but the color is not that pigmented as i expected, but anyways, maybe i'll try the other colors ^^
    thanks for the review, you have a really nice lip shape ! envy ;/;

  12. Your lips looks really nice! xD The colour looks very glossy and shiny, I think it looks really great on you!
    I really want to try a orange lippy, but don't know if I can pull it off haha
    Thanks for this review Marxie!

  13. Ooh what a pretty color! I want to check this out now :) I love orange orange!

  14. the color looks pretty scary on the lipstick but it is actually sheer enough! suits you very well :D


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