Review: Tonymoly Help Me Lip Balm

10:20 PM

 Tonymoly Help Me Lip Balm No.2 Wonder Tint Balm

A lip balm that does not only give moisture and color to your lips but can also provide protection.

▶ Main ingredients

: Mango butter, Shea butter, Cocoa butter

▶ Product description
 This contains mango butter, shea butter,and cocoa butter. So this makes your lips soft and moisturized.
 There is an alarm installed in the product, so you can walk safely during night time. 

When you are in emergency situation, take out the pin and there will be  loud siren.
 When you put the pin back, the siren stops.

Comes in 2 types:
Super Moisture
Wonder Tint Balm

The one that I got is No. 2, Wonder tint balm. I like lip balms that gives color to my lips because it makes my lips look more healthier and this lip balm can also provide moisture up to 6hrs. When you first apply it, it looks like a milky pink but the longer it stays on your lips the more intense the color becomes. I applied a lot when I first tried this and after about 3 minutes, the color of my lips became hot pink. lol The color is buildable. ^^ Most lip tints stay for about 3-4hours, this one can stay almost the whole day. 
Feels like jelly! I had to go out because the lighting in my room is horrible. lol

bottom of the packaging
Another thing that I like about this is that it has a built in alarm. Whenever you're in danger, just pull out the chain and you will hear the siren. This thing may be small but the sound it produces is no joke. It's really loud, I pulled it out once in my room just to try it and my cat got scared, he ran out of my room as fast as he could. XD
the product - swatch on my arm - on my lips after 4 hours

Here's a list of what I don't like about this product lol
- I have to use my fingers to apply it. =_=
- my fingers feel sticky after applying it on my lips =_=
- the color stays on my finger =_=


This is a new product from Tonymoly. I'm not sure if it's available outside Korea.
Here's a link to the product:
Price:  ₩11,80
On sale now for ₩8,260

Thank you so much to BNTnews for sending me this product! :)
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  1. That's really neat, I didn't expect to be called Help Me because of an actual function. Is the chain easy to pull out? I would be paranoid to for it to loosen after being in my bag and then give everyone around me a heart attack orz

    1. Hi Penelope! This has been on my bag for the past 2 weeks and it never happened so I don't think the chain will get pulled out accidentally so you don't have to worry about it. :D Thanks for reading! :))

    2. Ah I see. I might get it then, it seems super simple useful for walking at night. Thanks for the answer Marxie!

  2. The colour is gorgeous. I'd love to try this product.
    One reason I like Korean products is because of their cute packaging. Now they even have a function!x

    1. Indeed! You should give this product a try. :D
      Same! I'm a sucker for cute packaging. *o* i wonder what functions will they come up with in the future. Thanks for reading Carmen! :)

  3. I didn't expect a cute mini lip balm to have such alarm function. Definitely a must have. I will look around once it's available :D thank you for the review ^^

    1. Hi Misa! Yep, I agree, this is definitely a must have item! Thank you so much for reading! :)

  4. This is really an interesting product and the stain it gives looks nice, too. :)

    1. You should try this Fräulein! This will look good on you because you have fair skin also for extra protection. :D

  5. Oh sweetie , it's so cute :-)...I think we should follow on GFC and Facebook ? I'm following you!

    Kiss ♥
    BecomingTrendy | on Facebook

    1. Hi Mia! Thanks for following. I followed you back. :D

  6. Wow nice post!!:):)

  7. Maybe when you pull the alarm, you put on the lipbalm for when a handsome firefighter comes to rescue you!

  8. wow!!!!

    nice blog

    follow us

  9. The packaging looks so pretty and cute!

    1. IKR, plus it's super moisturizing and the stain stays on your lips for a whole day. :D

  10. che carinoooo! =)

  11. the idea seems so cool! it also looks very pigmented c:

    1. yep and it's also moisturizing. :) thanks for reading!

  12. popping by here at your lovely blog!
    omgosh the color looks really great! plus the packaging is so so adorable! <3

  13. I stumbled on your blog, and I must say: I absolutely LOVE your blog! Great design, helpful reviews, cute blogger ;D
    I can't wait for this lip balm to be available outside of Korea! *A* It's such cute and convenient packaging. xD The color looks nice too~
    Thank you for the review!

  14. This is such an interesting and cute product! I don't know how often you would be needing that alarm for though hahaha..



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