Reskin and Tonymoly Goodies from BNTnews!

8:22 PM


You guys are fully aware that I love almost everything that is related to Korea, right? From KPOP to korean dramas, korean cosmetics and kfashion. So today I'm going to introduce you to a website that I really like. 


BNTnews is an online newspaper that writes about k-pop, k-fashion, k-beauty and trends in South Korea. I first stumbled on BNTnews last 2011 cause I often see their quality airport fashion photos of korean idols on my dash in Tumblr as well as photos of actors and actresses from a particular event. They don't have an english website way back 2011 so it was quite difficult for me to navigate their site because I can't read Hangul OTL but luckily they have an international website now! They translate all the articles from their korean website to their international one. You will not only find articles about korean idols or actors but you will also find helpful tips about skin care and make up.
I was fortunate enough to be chosen to be a part of "BNT girls". We will be given products to review every month and Ms. Joy Kim, a bntnews reporter, even said that they are planning events and even tickets to Seoul for us. Isn't it exciting? YAY!

Please subscribe, like and follow BNTnews SNS accounts:

BNTnews will be having a giveaway next month on their Facebook fanpage. It's not officially opened yet but don't forget to click the like button and be the first one to know about the details of their giveaway! :)

here are the awesome products that BNTnews sent for the month of March.

Reskin Solution Mist

Reskin Double Effect Cream

Tonymoly Peach Hand Cream

Tonymoly Help Me Lipbalm

I got this last April 4 and I have already tested each one of them. I must say that I love everything in this March package, as each product works well with me. Tbh, I don't really have a skincare routine. lol I just can't seem to find a product that works with my skin and it's really frutrating so I don't really use creams because whenever I do I just always get tiny little bumps on my face. Surprisingly, after trying the Reskin double effect cream for 3 days I noticed that it is really nice. It moisturizes my skin so well and I feel like my skin has improved a bit. I will make a post about the Reskin products after using them for 2-3 weeks or maybe after a month so I can give a proper review. :) As for the tonymoly products, I have already taken the photos so expect a review within this week. I will start posting reviews of my January and March mini haul this month too so please watch out and I'm very sorry for the delay. OTL

Can you guys recommend me a really good product that can minimize pores? :|
Have a nice day everyone! :)

 I will be ending this post with group photos of Infinite, the Korean boy group that I really love. :)

These are their concept photos for their new album.
Watch their adorable Man In Love music video HERE.

Bye! :))

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  1. Omg I want that cute hand cream! Thanks for telling us about BNTnews :)

    1. It is really cute plus it smells like peach too.
      No problem, visit their site to find helpful tips in make up and skincare. :D

  2. i love Hoya <3 just followed you blog, i love kpop too ^^ <3

    1. I love him too but my bias is derpsoo. haha!
      Thanks for following! :))

  3. The guys are very cute <3


  4. love your posts!!

    and thank you for posting a comment to my blog.
    now I'm your new follower.
    would you follow me back???

    1. Hi! Thanks for following! Sure, I will follow you back. :)

  5. Hey missy, I hope to see reviews soon!

    For anyone interested, I'm holding a MAC giveaway on Friday!

  6. hey sweetie thanx for stopping by my blog,already following you
    would be glad if you'd follow me too xx
    and i nominated you for liebster award
    do chaeck details here xx

  7. Thanks for posting it!
    your blog it's so pretty!
    followed <3

  8. Oh really interesting products!
    Your blog is really cute!
    Now I´m following you I hope your follow me back.


  9. Yay, another inspirit! Thanks for the follow!
    I'm following you via GFC & BLOGLOVIN as well.

  10. You're quite the lucky girl :) I really like that handcream! Such adorable packaging!

    Mmmm...Inspirits unite? :)


    1. omg another Inspirit. *o*
      ikr :D really cute packaging and it smells like peach too. :)

  11. those look interesting..
    speaking of korea, have you seen/heard of this kiyomi craze on youtube? i just remembered it when i saw those boy group photos! hahaha!

    Click me for my blog!

    1. haha! Yep, Ilhoon, a member of BTOB, started the kiyomi craze. lol

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  13. Aww I want this hand cream so much! <3 The packaging is adorable! Great post! :))


  14. I love the packaging of the handcream it so adorable. ♥

  15. you are so lucky (:
    love everything you got there, hehe
    btw how did you got chosen as their international blogger ?
    it is like monthly Pink Box except it is not all Etude House, heeh (;
    thanks for sharing !~


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