Etude House: New Products for Spring 2013

2:35 AM

Hi everyone! I just want to share Etude House newly released products for Spring. They're on it again, they just keep on releasing new products. I'm gonna cry. ;_; Seriously, Etude House needs to calm down a bit. Anyways, are you guys ready? LOL

Let's start with the product that I wanted to try the most. :D

 Etude House Pink Pong Collagen Water for 1,700 won.
Isn't this too cheap for a CUTE bottle of COLLAGEN water? I wonder if this really works. they're going to release this in Korea today and it's on sale! 15,000 won for 20 bottles. 56% off! Yay! I need to move to Korea. OTL lol

Next is their newest skincare line: I'm Blooming

 The I'm Blooming Line has 3 different face mist, Essential Flower (Brightening Mist), Pure Green Tea (Sebum Control Mist) and Canola Honey (Deep Moisture Mist) for 9,500 won.
There are also 3 different cleansing products in this line; Clear Cleansing Water, Moisture Cleansing foam and Brightening Wash off Gel.

Etude also came up with this dual pad 

and you're supposed to use this along with their cleansing products. For the Clear Cleansing Water you will only need cotton padsss. :D
Here's how :
New set of cream blushers from Etude House. the Water Color Blusher in 4 colors, Pink, Coral, Apricot and Lilac. The lilac looks very.. unnatural (◎_◎;). The packaging is cute though.

Dear Girls Line:

Etude House Dear Girls Tint & Lip Balm (9000 won) in RD301 and PK001. So cute plus it's 2 in 1 but I don't think I'm gonna purchase this though because it looks like a little kid's make up. ( ̄∀ ̄;)

Dear Girls Lip Balm. The third one is very shimmery. Σ(゚д゚lll)

Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker (8500 won)

So far there's only 3 products in this line. Etude will most probably add some more in the following weeks. XD 

 Etude House Dear my blooming lips - Pink Talk

Etude added 5 new shades because the 24 shades in the Dear My Blooming lips isn't enough. lol

Krystal is so pretty. *o* I love PK011 the most but omg these are such pretty colors. I WANT ALL OF THEM. *o*

 Etude House Pink Prism Nails
 I like the 4th one. :D

 Etude House Precious Mineral BB cream Cotton Fit.
This has more coverage and this is supposed to be an upgraded version of the Bright Fit. Idk but I want to try this. lol

 Etude House CC Cream in Silky and Glow.
Almost all the cosmetic brands in Korea are releasing their very own cc cream. They said cc creams are skin care+make up. Haven't tried it yet though I heard that the most popular cc cream in Korea right now is the Hera cc cream. The Hera cc cream makes you look younger and givse your beautiful face a photoshop like effect.

What do you think of Etude's new products? Which one are you going to purchase?

Oh my poor wallet. Etude House, just stop and take all my money! LOLJK I'm on a make up ban. 8D

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lol I hope you guys enjoyed this post. XD
Bye! :))

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  1. EH is tempting my wallet again! Hahaha. And not to mention, those are ALL on SALE sa Korea ngayon! Sobra sila >.<

  2. wah so many new products *_*
    I really want to try the water color blusher, cc cream, facial mist, lip stick, and the eye bag thing xD Almost everything lol.
    thanks for this post =)

    1. they will probably release more by the end of the month. :/
      I heard their cc cream isn't that good. I want to try pink pong and the pink talk lipsticks!
      your welcome! :)

  3. OMG WATER COLOR BLUSHES! *adds to list*

  4. I want to try the new precious mineral bb cream!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ok, this newest product is REALLY too much *faint*

  7. These products are so interesting and cute!

  8. I literally want to buy every single thing now, omg T_T

  9. Where do you live? how do you keep up with all these trends?

  10. Hello Marxie. First off, you're so pretty!! And I love your blog layout and your blog overall lol so cute and adorable~ Étude House packaging is always so cuteeee but I wanna try their sebum control mist and other mists I just love to spray here and there lol. Anyway I just followed you on bloglovin :3 can't wait for your upcoming post ^^

  11. OMG! These products are so gorgeous and tempting. I especially want to try the liptint, lipstick, bb cream, and cc cream. Thanks for sharing ^_^


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