March update! ;D

9:35 PM

Hi everyone! I know I haven't posted anything for the whole month of February and I'm really sorry about that. I've been very busy because of school as usual but the good news is my vacation will start on the third week of March so do expect a couple of reviews this month. Yay! Actually, I had some free time since the last week of Feb but I'll tell you about that later. lol 

Finally, I can post a review of all the things I bought last January. (look at my January haul post) Anyways, I've been trying to stop myself from buying anything since last month (will probably do so until June) because I'm trying to save up money for a concert that I really want to watch but I kinda failed a bit. Just couldn't stop myself from buying kawaii things and a couple of make up. Well, at least I only bought 4 beauty products and these aren't really that expensive. These only cost me around $31? I'm not sure..


Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color in PK002
This is a great product but I don't like how I have to use my fingers whenever I want to use it. I wish they included an applicator or something. Full review on this soon!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick

A tint lip balm/gloss that I absolutely adore! I love this so much to the point that I'm thinking of getting the other shades. Will write a review on this too.

Tonymoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner
I'm not an expert when in comes to applying an eyeliner! The main reason I purchased this is because I've seen reviews claiming that this is an awesome gel liner and it honestly didn't disappoint. Definitely recommended! Watch out for my review.

The Face Shop Make Me Star Gel Eyeliner

Yes, the product name is indeed MAKE ME STAR. 8D This is my very first product from the face shop. The Backstage eyeliner is easier to use but this one is really good too. The annoying part though is it is so hard to remove the glitters. =_= I'll also make a review on this one.

I want to buy all products from the Sweet Recipe line of Etude House but... I. MUST. RESIST. THE. TEMPTATION. ARGH! 

Btw, I have a confession to make. :O As i said earlier, my schedule isn't as tight as before but the other reason (reasons actually) why I haven't been active here is because.. *dugeun dugeun* I felt the need to catch up on The Walking Dead and I watched 2 animes. Tbh, I dropped quite a couple of animes but the ones that I liked are Kuruko no basket & Mondaiji ajshgdgasfdgasd, the title of the second one was too long it was nearly impossible to remember. LOLJK. Kuruko No Basket's ending was a total cliff hanger (not really) so i decided to read the manga version. YAY! lol As of now, the manga has 204 chapters and it ended on cliffhanger as well. =_= I hate/abhor/loathe cliffhangers. Don't you just hate it when your favorite drama/anime/manga/whatever ends on a cliffhanger (how many times did I say cliffhanger in this paragraph?) and you have to wait for like a whole week (or sometimes even longer than that) for the next episode? That's torture! Or maybe it's just me. OTL I sincerely apologize for my sidecomments. XD
But behold because the manga isn't the end of my reasons. OTL Elgard, that game is one of the culprits too. I've been playing that for 6 days straight. My character is Elementalist, currently at level 31.

Those are the reasons why I haven't been active here even though I have quite a lot of free time. Sorry! I started to have a lot of free time last week of February and i decided to do those stuffs because I haven't done that for so long that's all thanks to my school.
To make the long story short, I've been.. lazy.

Anyways, do you guys have Line? Kakaotalk? Twitter? Instagram?
If you guys are a kpop fan or a fan of korean cosmetics or korean dramas and you want to talk to me (does anyone of you even want that? lol) you can mention me on Twitter or message me on Kakaotalk or play this adorable game called Line Play with me.
I recently made a new instagram account, my username is floralpixie. It's fairly new so I don't have anything on it yet but I'm going to be active there. :D 
This blog will be active too starting this March! Hello summer vacation! 8D
So if you guys want to be updated about my oh-so-boring life, follow my SNS accounts. I will follow back in an instant. See the links below.

Twitter: @QueenOfAegyo
Instagram: floralpixie
Line: floralpixie
Line Play: Marxie
Elgard: rainkissed

Till my next post! :)

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  1. Nice post (, follwed you, would you like to show some support ?

  2. Really looking forward to the reviews, especially the TonyMoly eyeliner and that candy cane. I've got some TonyMoly reviews on my blog if you wanna check them out. That game looks just like Ragnarok, miss playing it!

    1. I'm not sure when I will post the reviews for the eyeliner and candy stick. OTL
      I will definitely check your reviews and yes, it does look like Ragnarok. :)

  3. Me too, I really look forward for your review on Tony Moly and Face shop eyeliner.
    I heard that tony moly gel liner is great
    anyway, new follower here :)

    1. the tonymoly gel liner is indeed great but for some reason I don't like the brush they included. OTL
      Thanks for following bb! :)

  4. Hi, i am new follower...your blog is really nice, congratulations!
    if you wanna with me, I'll wait!



  5. Could you do a swatch of the candy cane lipstick? I always see it around but I never see any swatches

  6. Precioso el loor de hoy estas muy bella me gustaría te pasarás por mi blog guapa besooos.


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