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 Hello everyone!

Today's post is about circle lens sponsored by UNIQSO.

This is actually my first time wearing circle lenses but before i proceed with the circle lens review, let me first introduce UNIQSO.

UNIQSO is an amazing circle lens shop based in Malaysia. Unlike most online circle lens shops, Uniqso sells their lenses separately. They are also selling some cosmetics, face masks, falsies and nail polish. Their website is very easy to navigate. I must say that I'm very satisfied with the customer service. Don't be afraid to ask them stuffs about circle lenses because they will reply to you as soon as they've read your message. Believe me, it wouldn't take long for them to reply to you. The shop owner, Lee Lee, is very sweet and understanding. As for the shipping, it didn't take long for it to arrive. I think I only waited for like less than 2 weeks. So if you want to purchase circle lenses I highly recommend for you to buy in Uniqso, they have a lot of circle lenses there and they also offer discounts from time to time and some of their lenses are really cheap. Plus, they will give you a free lens case for every purchase.

Now moving on to the lenses, I got Barbie Sasha 3 Tone Brown. I picked this because I thought it was natural. Like I've said earlier, it's my first time wearing circle lenses so i think it would be practical to just choose something that would look very natural but hey, that's just me. XD Btw, please go to your optometrist first before wearing lenses, it's better safe than sorry. Our eyes are very important. Don't be like me, I didn't go to any optometrist. orz

The lenses came in a white envelope, inside the envelope was a cute box and free lens case. the lenses inside the box was safely packed in a bubble wrap.

 Item Details

The first time I got the lenses I was shocked because it looks different in real life.

Here's a photo from Uniqso's website:

Here's how it looks in real life:

The design isn't different, it's the color that's different.  I expected it to be.. darker. lol

If you're also a beginner in wearing lenses make sure to read these first:

1. All about circle lenses
2. How to choose  circle lenses
3. Important things to know about circle lenses 

 I got mine in plano.

Be careful when you open the vial because you might accidentally cut yourself.
taken out of the vial.
 soaked in solution. :D

Note the difference
 With flash
 Without flash
It looks very natural from afar. I apologize for my sad looking eyes. I couldn't provide a selca because I don't have make up on. (tbh I don't know how to use an eyeliner properly. LOL I need to practice. =_=)

My experience:
After reading facts about circle lenses and after watching some videos on Youtube, I thought it would be really easy to insert the circle lenses.
I failed miserably after more than 15 minutes of wanting to try the lenses.. so yeah, I eventually gave up and decided to just try it again on some other day. LOL
Luckily, I succeeded the next time I tried it. I was surprised that it felt so comfortable, sure you will tear up for the first 5 seconds but after that the feeling is like, you know it's there but you can barely feel it. I've seen some videos on youtube where the lenses moves everytime the person blinks but I didn't experienced that with these lenses. The design is really pretty and it looked natural although it wouldn't be hard for people to tell that your wearing lenses. As for the enlargement, it did enlarged my iris but I'm not sure if it's really 16.5mm? I'm not really after the enlargement so it's okay. :D The funny part is when I wanted to remove the lenses, I really had a hard time removing it! It felt like my eyes sucked the lenses and I couldn't get it out so I panicked a bit. LOL I was like "OMG OMG HOW DO I REMOVE THESE NOW" LOL sorry, I'm a first timer. XD It took me quite a while to have it removed and when I finally removed it I told myself... "I'm never wearing circle lenses again!"  but I wore it again.. because I have to post a review. LOL I accidentally deleted the photos I took the first time I wore it. =_= I've only worn it twice and it's so much easier the second time around. :D



I'm really happy with this pair of lenses and I'm really thankful for UNIQSO for sponsoring me this. :) 

If you're planning to purchase a pair of lens, make sure to check out UNIQSO.

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  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Joyce! You can get them at Uniqso. :))

  3. I'm really looking forward to trying out circle lens, but I need to pick a colour first. I'm leaning towards Black for the 'dolly' look ^^

    Thank you for the review, and may I ask.. Are you an INFINITE fan/Inspirit? I see INFINITE news on the side of your blog. I just want to say that I'm a hardcore Inspirit too! (If you are :))

    Sandy @ http://y-oonyee.blogspot.com.au

    1. Hi Sandy! Yes, I'm also a hardcore Inspirit. I love Infinite so much, they are a bunch of adorkable and talented boys. :D

  4. the lens so adorable .. but, the color not suit on me >,<
    btw.. your blog so cute ..
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    1. It actually looks pretty natural. I think it would suit you. :)
      Thanks for visiting my blog!

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    1. Hi Rini! Thanks for following me! I hope we can become good friends. :D


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